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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Golf, anyone?

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What's your favorite sporting activity in the offseason?
Golf 15 (50%)
Fishing 6 (20%)
Tennis 4 (13%)
Badminton 1 (3%)
Basketball 1 (3%)
Biking 1 (3%)
Croquet 1 (3%)
Pool 1 (3%)
Anaheim: Niclas Havelid - Golf "I love to play golf, and I love to watch soccer. (I'd rather) watch soccer. I follow all the European leagues, especially England."

Atlanta: Ilya Kovalchuk - Pool "Volleyball, soccer and pool. Pool is my favorite. I've only played a couple of years, but I'm not bad. It's Russian pool, which is different from here. Big table, small holes. You have to shoot really good. There's no numbers on the balls and when you score eight, you win."

Boston: Sergei Samsonov - Golf "Usually, it's golf."

Buffalo: Brian Campbell - Golf

Calgary: Jarome Iginla - Golf

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Carolina: Ryan Bayda - Fishing "Fishing. It's just relaxing being out on a boat -- and pretty exciting."

Chicago: Anonymous - Golf

Colorado: Milan Hejduk - Tennis "Tennis. I love to play."

Columbus: Tyler Wright - Fly-fishing "Yes, it is a sport."

Dallas: Ron Tugnutt - Golf

Detroit: Henrik Zetterberg - Tennis "I grew up with a tennis court 20 minutes from my house. I always played tennis. It's fun."

Edmonton: Jason Chimera - Golf "I think that's what most guys do in the offseason."

Florida: Kristian Huselius - Tennis

Los Angeles: Anonymous - Golf

Minnesota: Jason Marshall - Mountain biking

Montreal: - Basketball "Basketball. I'm not a golfer, and it takes too long to play. In basketball, you work harder and sweat more."

Nashville: Mark Eaton - Golf "Probably the same as everybody else. During the week, you schedule your workouts in the morning so you can play golf in the afternoon, weather-permitting."

New Jersey: Scott Stevens - Fishing "Fresh water fishing. I do it a couple of times a week. The kids like it, too, so it's become a family activity."

N.Y. Islanders: Anonymous - Fishing "Fishing, definitely. We live near the water in Massachusetts and always have done a lot of it. Me and my buddies usually charter a boat once or twice a summer and get out there in the serious waters for the big guys."

N.Y. Rangers: Mark Messier - Deep-sea fishing

Ottawa: Anonymous - Golf

Philadelphia: Marty Murray - Golf "I'm about an eight handicap. It's a good way to relax."

Phoenix: Todd Simpson - Croquet "I play it all the time. Honest."

Pittsburgh: Johan Hedberg - Badminton "It mimics a lot of the movements in goaltending."

St. Louis: Jeff Finley - Golf

San Jose: Brad Stuart - Golf

Tampa Bay: Anonymous - Golf

Toronto: Anonymous - Golf

Vancouver: Mattias Ohlund - Tennis "Tennis mainly, then a little bit of golf."

Washington: Anonymous - Fishing

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