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Wednesday, July 9, 2003
Updated: July 10, 9:59 AM ET
Worst sports commercials ever

SportsNation chimes in on the worst sports commercials ever seen on TV.
Page 2 recently published its list of the worst sports commercials ever made. We thought 15 would cut it, but we opened up the floor up to SportsNation just in case we missed one of your personal pet peeves. Sure enough, we received hundreds of responses. Who'd have thought a 30 second spot could get you folks all riled up?

Here are a few of our favorite complaints. Read 'em and weep!

Just For Men
My all time favorite sports commercial stars Keith Hernandez, and a very believable Walt Frazier. The product? Just For Men hair color gel. ... They are in a bar, doing the play-by-play of a guy picking up a girl. Then came the memorable tag line ... "Ohhh! Reee-ject-ed! That's gotta hurt. No play for mister gray!"
Ryan McAuley
Rutherford, New Jersey

Arm and Hammer deodorant
"It never hurts to have a little extra muscle." It also wouldn't hurt to have a little acting talent, Giambi! Sporting a butt cut and a suit, Giambi knocks out baseballs and underarm odor with Arm & Hammer deodorant, but the fresh scent can't overpower the stink of his Mr. Roboto acting. Domo arigato, Arm & Hammer, for pulling this commercial from circulation.
Matt Schindler
Charlotte, NC

Ball Park franks
Michael Jordan should never be affiliated with anything that has such strong links (ha!) to baseball! (When he took that goofy bite at the end commercial -- c'mon!) I'm thinking His Airness's hot dog days ended when he signed his first Nike contract.
Mesa, Ariz.

Slim Fast
Tommy LaSorda for Slim Fast. Those spots should be re-aired today with "before," "after" and "clearly no longer a paid endorser" photos.
Brian Ashe
Quincy, Mass.

Zest body wash
Remember "Iron-head" Hayward's Zest soap ad with the loofah? Bet he took some heat for that one ... "But Iron-head, what's with this thingy?"
Matt Conboy
St. Louis

By far, the worst commercial ever is the Rafael Palmeiro's Viagra plug! "I field the ball. I hit home runs. (I read from a cue card.) I take Viagra. You must be desperate to take this kind of endorsement exposure!
Brett Amidan
Kennewick, Wash.

Ellio's Pizza
The Rafael Palmiero ads for Viagra are pretty bad (can you put a price tag on dignity?!), but I think the worst all time was Eric Lindros, Pelle Eklund, and Mark Recchi for Ellio's Frozen Pizza in the early 1990's.
Brendan Isard

Preparation H
If there is one thing more uncomfortable to me then Rafael Palmiero using Viagra, it would have to be Don Zimmer shilling Preparation H. It's not just the fact that it's hemorrhoid cream, it's that look on his face after he's used it and he's sitting on the bench. *shiver*
Jason Higdon
Benton, Ky

The Pocket Fisherman
How could you leave out the worst of all time: The Pocket Fisherman? Ron Popeil is a genius with painted-on hair!
Chris Lefevre
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Nobody Beats the Wiz
For Nobody Beats the Wiz - circa 1994. The New York Knicks (Ewing, Oakley, Johnson, etc.) sit around an undersized poker table, in their warm-ups playing poker with "Wiz Bucks" instead of chips ("I see your twenty Wiz Bucks, and I raise you twenty Wiz Bucks"), before chiming in "Nobody Beats the Wiz!"
New York, NY

Cannon Rebel Camera
Andre Agassi's Cannon Rebel Camera commercials. These were horrible! Is he an amateur photographer or something? And then that stupid tagline -- "Image is everything." I'm sure this did wonders for his. It wasn't until he disassociated his game and attitude from this lame motto that he finally started winning Grand Slams.
Jared S.

The Perfect Club
What about "The Perfect Club" guy?! With the corny lines about high, resounding shots and perfect green shattering balls, this commercial is one that's gotta make the list. Could that pitchman be any more enthusiastic?? "The perfect club, I promise, it's perfect." Scary.
Jerry Sprouse

Remember Nolan Ryan's Advil ad -- throwing heaters to his wife in the backyard ... "ready to go another nine innings." ... Well, I'm just going to make a blanket statement and say that I abhor any and all commercials that use those generic sports uniforms. Seeing The Express pitch (the product) with "NR" on his hat is a piece of work.
Boxboro, Mass.

Slim Jim
"Art Thou Bored? Snap into it!" After seeing Randy "Macho Man" Savage try his hand at the Bard, I firmly realized there was little else for me to accomplish on this wonderful planet.
Steve Marchese
New York, NY