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Monday, July 21, 2003
Updated: July 26, 1:44 PM ET
Historical Classic repetitions

By Brian Lynn associate editor — July 21, 2003

When fantasy baseball, football, basketball and NASCAR owners set their rosters, venues, match-ups and players with a hot hand get top billing.

Football owners may elect to bench a top-tier running back when that back's team faces the league's number one defense. And, as home runs tend to come in bunches, average players in the middle of a power-hitting spree may be left in lineup against a pitcher with the lowest ERA in the land.

Kevin VanDam
Kevin VanDam has one of the best fantasy records on the Louisiana Delta.
However, venue location may be one of the most important aspects of setting a fantasy lineup regardless of the sport. While Barry Bonds is capable of hitting a home run in any park, off any pitcher, for the mere mortal swinging the lumber, knocking a ball into the bleacher seats is an easier feat in Colorado's Coors Field than in Seattle's Safeco Field. Likewise, some athletes just perform better in certain parks or types of playing fields.

In no other sport does the venue play a bigger role than in bass fishing. The playing field is literally the athletes' opponent. Sure, they're competing against other anglers for the victory, but penetrating a lake's, and bass', defenses are the keys to victory.

And while a NASCAR driver may run faster at Talladega Superspeedway or a baseball player may hit for power or higher average at Pac Bell Park, so do anglers perform better on different waters.

This year's CITGO Bassmaster Classic takes place on the Louisiana Delta, and looking at top performers from past tournaments can reveal the anglers that have a knack for plying the waters of this tidal-based fishery.

  Delta history
Bassmasters Classic 2001
1. Kevin Vandam
4. Harold Allen
5. Todd Faircloth
5. Gerald Swindle
8. Skeet Reese
14. Bud Pruitt
15. Roland Martin
23. Mark Davis
26. Takahiro Omori
29. Jay Yelas
30. Kelly Jordon
32. Curt Lytle
35. Peter E. Thliveros
36. Mike Wurm
39. Mark Menendez
40. Tim Horton
40. Alton Jones
42. Randy Howell

Bassmasters Classic 1999
1. Davy Hite, Prosperity, S.C.
4. Gary Klein, Weatherford, Texas
5. Ron Shuffield, Bismarch, Ark.
6. Michael Iaconelli, Woodbury Heights, N.J.
8. Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, Mich.
9. Jack L. Wade, Knoxville, Tenn.
11. Randy Howell, Trussville, Ala.
12. Brent Chapman, Shawnee, Kansas
13. Peter E. Thliveros, Jacksonville, Fla.
16. Dustin Wilks, Raleigh, N.C.
21. Mark Davis, Mount Ida, Ark.
22. Jay Yelas, Tyler, Texas
26. Zell Rowland, Montgomery, Texas
29. Alton Jones, Waco, Texas
34. Todd Auten, Lake Wylie, S.C.
39. Gerald Swindle, Hayden, Ala.
45. Mike Reynolds, Modesto, Calif.

2000 Top 150
3. Mike Wurm, Hot Springs, Ark.
4. Takahiro Omori, Emory, Texas
10. Kevin Vandam, Kalamazoo, Mich.
12. Randy Howell, Trussville, Ala.
14. Harold Allen, Shelbyville, Texas
16. Edwin Evers, Mannsville, Okla.
18. Mark Davis, Mount Ida, Ark.
20. Bud Pruitt, Spring, Texas
23. Todd Faircloth, Jasper, Texas
25. Peter Thliveros, Jacksonville, Fla.

1998 Top 150
1.Kenyon Hill, Norman, Okla.
2. Jay Yelas, Tyler, Texas
4. Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, Mich.
9. Mark Menendez, Paducah, Ky.
10. Gary Klein, Weatherford, Texas
12. Peter E. Thliveros, Jacksonville, Fla.
14. Randy Howell, Trussville, Ala.
17. Mark Davis, Mount Ida, Ark.
18. Roland Martin, Clewiston, Fla.
25. Zell Rowland, Montgomery, Texas
There have been four tournaments held on the Delta. The Top 150 Pro Tournament was held there in both 1998 and 2000, and the Classic took place on these waters in 1999 and 2001.

Kevin VanDam — The "Michael Jordan" of bass fishing has one of the best fantasy records on the Delta that an owner could hope to see from an angler.

In the four tournaments held on the Delta, VanDam has fished and finished in the top ten in all four. In the '98 Top 150, he finished fourth and in the same tournament two years later he finished tenth. And most impressively, in both Classics on the Delta, VanDam finished in the top ten. He took eighth in '99 and won the whole thing for his first Classic victory in 2001.

Obviously, if you're looking for an angler that knows how to catch fish on the Delta, VanDam is the man for your roster. With a market value of 15 points, he'll take a chunk of your salary, but plenty of room will remain under your cap to sign other top performers to your roster — such as the next two anglers.

Randy Howell — A quiet fantasy angler, Howell can easily sneak up and be overlooked by fantasy owners. He places behind only VanDam, from a fantasy perspective, when looking at finishes on the Delta.

While VanDam has four top-ten finishes to his credit, Howell has three top-fifteen finishes. In the Top 150 tournament, Howell took 14th in '98 and 12th in 2000. In the '99 Classic, Howell had his highest finish on the Delta at 11th place.

The one black mark on Howell's Delta record is from the 2001 Classic. The Trussville, Ala., native boated just over 4 pounds of bass on his way to a 42nd-place finish.

Howell's 12.5 salary is a bit steep for finishing the fantasy season in 27th place and his latest performance on the Delta may scare some fantasy owners, but his three top-fifteen finishes on the Delta could make him worthy of a roster spot.

Jay Yelas — With the third highest salary (15.5), Yelas will hurt your ability to put more than one or two other quality anglers on your team — but his hot hand and history on the Delta may be worth the risk.

Yelas is the defending Classic champ, won the Busch BASS Angler of the Year award and has two top-25 finishes on the Delta to his credit — including a second-place finish in the '98 Top 150.

As with Howell, Yelas didn't fair well on the Delta in the 2001 Classic — he finished 29th out of a 45-angler field.

By putting Yelas, VanDam and Howell on your fantasy team, you'll have a formidable lineup from three anglers with strong finishes on the temperamental Louisiana Delta. However, by taking those three players from the free agent list, you'll be reduced to spending a measly seven points on your final two anglers — which means you'll be welcoming Lee Bailey Jr. of Erie, Penn., and David LeFebre of Amston, Conn. to your team — a big liability to say the least.

If, however, you happened to grab VanDam, Yelas or Howell earlier in the season and retained them as their value rose, you should be able to sign higher quality anglers than those from the Great White North.

If you just can't fit those three, historically productive anglers onto your roster — or are unwilling to fill-out your roster with Bailey and LeFebre — there are other anglers that cost less while performing well on the Delta.

Gary Klein — The Weatherford, Texas, angler has two top-ten finishes on the Louisiana tidal waters — including a fourth-place finish in the '99 Classic.

With a salary of 13 points, Klein may actually be more attractive to some fantasy owners than the hot-handed Yelas.

Peter Thliveros — Thliveros has two top-15 finishes and a top-25 finish. In the '98 Top 150, Peter T. finished in twelfth place and in the 2000 Top 150 he had his lowest finish at 25th. In the '99 Classic, the burly Peter T. finished 13th. As with Howell and Yelas, Thliveros struggled in the 2001 Classic, finishing 35th with only 8 pounds of bass.

A bargain-buy at 11.2 points, especially when compared to the likes of Mark Davis (16.7), Davy Hite (15.8), Yelas (15.5), Timmy Horton (15.1), Roland Martin (15), Kevin Wirth (15) and VanDam (15), Peter T. could easily make the jump from a top-ten bubble angler to a leaderboard front-runner.