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Monday, September 22, 2003
Updated: September 25, 10:22 PM ET
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Warren Sapp's hilarious booty dance on Sunday reminded us that a good end zone celebration is one of our favorite things in sports. We want to know which of the following celebrations turn SportsNation on. Read our Top 10 below, and vote in the poll to the left.

10. The Spike
No list of touchdown celebrations is complete without mention of the classic spike. Homer Jones, a wide receiver for the New York Giants, is credited with the first spike, in 1965.

Deion Sanders
You either loved Deion's high-stepping ... or hated it.

9. The Fun Bunch
These Redskins changed the rules -- in 1984, the NFL responded to the Fun Bunch's choreographed group celebration by disallowing "excessive celebration." The NFL's reaction caused critics to dub it the "No-Fun League," and in 1991 commissioner Paul Tagliabue once again allowed Fun Bunch-type celebrations.

8. The Primetime High Step
Deion Sanders always looked like he was struttin' to his own beat, but when he got close to the end zone he really let his freak flag fly, with a high-stepping approach followed by a soft-shoe hip-hop jam all his own.

7. Warren's Wiggle
On Sunday, Warren Sapp celebrated his first offensive TD with a hippity-hop dance he claims to have borrowed from Beyonce Knowles' "Crazy in Love" video. A nation was amused by Sapp's rump-shaking, even if Tampa Bay's opponents, the Falcons, weren't.

Feeling a mile high after scoring, the Broncos salute themselves.

6. The Mile High Salute
Terrell Davis brought his Broncos teammates to attention -- "Ten-hut!" -- and brought attention to himself when he incorporated the military salute, appropriate to football's war theme, into his end zone celebration in the late 1990s.

5. The Dirty Bird
The Falcons' amazing run in 1998 is best remembered for this dance, in which O.J. Santiago, Jamal Anderson and teammates hopped around flapping their wings. The Falcons' surprise success made even strait-laced coach Dan Reeves giddy enough to flap a little.

4.The Ickey Shuffle
In 1988, the Bengals' Ickey Woods became all the rage with his hulking touchdown dance, in which he heavily shuffled from foot to foot, passing the ball back and forth from hand to hand. The NFL banned the Ickey Shuffle as "unprofessional demonstration," but Ickey kept the Shuffle going on the sidelines on the orders of Bengals owner Paul Brown.

Terrell Owens
Sign of the times: Terrell Owens looking for a new way to embarrass his opponents.

3. The Sharpie
On Monday Night Football, Oct. 14, 2002, the 49ers' Terrell Owens packed a Sharpie in his sock, and waited for his moment. He caught a TD pass in the fourth quarter, pulled out the Sharpie, signed the ball, and handed it to his financial adviser in the stands. Some thought it was unacceptable behavior, while others thought it was hilarious.

2. The Lambeau Leap
Starting in 1993, LeRoy Butler and his Packers teammates brought stage-diving to the football field by jumping into the eager hands of the Packers fans in the front row of end zone seats, creating the most populist TD celebration in football.

1. The Funky Chicken
Billy "White Shoes" Johnson is the man who started it all -- his end zone dances of the '70s, especially the Funky Chicken, still set the standard. Johnson, a punt returner (and receiver) par excellence, began his NFL dancing career in 1974, but he had actually started his routine at Division III Widener College, where he scored 62 TDs in three seasons.