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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Updated: October 15, 4:01 PM ET
State of Skate -- 09.23.03

By Keith Eric Davidson

  • Mystery ... or is it? While many companies have gone out to pasture in the last couple months, Jamie Thomas' Black Box Distribution, which coincidentally handles Zero and Innes clothing, is introducing a new board company aptly titled Mystery. Depending on who you ask, current riders slipping over from the Zero camp include Matt Mumford, Lindsey Robertson and Ryan Smith, and possibly Alex "Trainwreck" Gall, who has been board sponsor-less for quite a while.

  • In other Zero news, John Allie was given the green light for a pro model. In other Jaimie Thomas news, Fallen Footwear is the new shoe company out of D.C. Jamie started after parting ways with his former shoe sponsor Circa. No word on who will be joining Jaimie in his latest venture.

    Wanna turn pro? First, blast the media. Second, crush the contests. Third, frontside flip at will. Finally, report to Ed Templeton for review -- Billy Marx made the leap and is now pro for Toy Machine.
  • Other noteworthy shoe news has the Osiris team putting the finishing touches on their newest video extravaganza. Osiris hasn't reared its wicked techy head since "The Storm" came out five years ago and the company has had a drastic fresh-to-hesh makeover since new team manager Chris "Dune" Pastras took over the helm. Newly added team riders Louie Barletta, Diego "The Butcher" Bucchieri and Jay Adams, along with Jerry Hsu and the rest of the team, should put out an amazing video. Go to for more info.

  • Speaking of "The Storm", ex-Osiris team rider Chad Fernandez recently was crowned owner of the prestigious Longest Skateboard Rail Grind title by Guinness World Records with a whopping 36 feet, 9 inches. The stunt was performed on the Today Show and is in the same league as sports entries such as Longest Wife Carrier and Fastest Butt Boarder. Check the details at

  • Coincidentally, Chad's current shoe sponsor Globe hired ex-Illenium team rider Al Partenan as their newest skate team manager.

    Dairy Pool backside smith grinder and ex-Illenium team rider, Al Partenan, was hired by Globe as their new skate team manager.
  • D.C. shoes, in conjunction with team rider extraordinaire Rob Dyrdek, formed the Rob Dyrdek/D.C. Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation in an effort to help cities build more street-oriented skate facilities. Instead of the run-of-the-mill transition-style skate parks that are currently cropping up in a lot of cities, Rob is presenting the notion that city designers could provide skateboard plazas/parks that more resemble traditional urban settings such as the now defunct legendary Love Park. Instead of building skate parks, Rob wants parks you can skate, including all the elements of the real streets. For more info, head to

  • After a brief spell of board sponsorship limbo, Mike Vallely was recruited to the Element Skateboards team following the defection of Reese Forbes to DLX's Rasa Libre.

  • Following an onslaught of media (both magazine and video) exposure and contest crushing, Ed Templeton's Toy Machine decided to turn Uber Am and Corona, CA, legend Billy Marx pro.

    Kreper Trucks premiered it's new video at the "Pink Motel" showcasing their well-rounded team, including Chris Swanson, shown here lipsliding in Covina, CA.
  • Other new pros in the mix include long-time Think Skateboards' Am Danny Fuenzalida and Expedition One's Ryan Gallant. Both are long overdue in receiving pro models.

  • Real Skateboards turned Darrell Stanton and Peter Ramondetta pro, as well. The two, along with Real am Ernie Torres recently won Thrasher Magazine's "King of The Road" scavenger hunt/contest, which pitted four teams (DLX, Tum Yeto, Volcom and Es) against one another on a cross-country race/scavenger hunt/point-earning extravaganza which will be featured in an entire Thrasher issue and video.

  • Quicksilver is holding a contest and giving away a bunch of used crap as prizes. Well, it's not crap as much as it is stuff discarded (or so they say) by their team riders like Tony Hawk and Reese Forbes. Their "Junk in the Trunk" contest gives you the opportunity to win discarded skateboards, shoes and possibly — underwear. For entry details, go to

    Long-time Think Skateboards' Am Danny Fuenzalida was just given his first pro model, and he's damn happy about it -- nollie heels in Denver, CO.
  • Everyone's favorite scary truck company "Kreper" held its video premiere at the "Pink Motel", home to one of the most famous backyard pools in skateboard history. Skateboard legends past and present were on hand to soak up the sun, suds and free BBQ, and skate the pool while listening to the soothing sounds of skate rockers "The Cliftons", "Skatanic Rednecks" and "3 inches of Blood". The video showcased the well-rounded Kreper Truck team and featured standouts Chris Swanson, Kyle Haggerty and Pee Wee doing their thing.