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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Updated: November 19, 9:54 AM ET
A bad idea? Depends on who you ask

Michelle Wie

SportsNation is nearly split down the middle when it comes to whether 14-year-old Michelle Wie should tee it up in the PGA Tour's Sony Open.

Just over half of the more than 2,000 people who e-mailed us thought she was getting in over her head by accepting a sponsor's exemption, while the rest thought it was a fun idea. Here's a sampling of the respnses from both camps.

No way should she play

Only David Blaine in a glass box is a more obvious publicity stunt.
Bill Schueneman, Mich.

The thing that bothers me is that this young lady is being allowed opportunities that no one else would be privy to. She is getting to play in a tournament she didn't qualify for. If she wants to play with the men as she has stated previously, then she needs to go the same route as the men and qualify for the tournament, not compete on some invitation just to drum up some publicity.
Jerry Eppolito
Suffolk, Va.

Look, I think the Big Weisy is as talented as they come -- but the cross-gender-invitational deal should end with Annika at Colonial, and then let's move. If Michelle Wie qualifies from the same set of tees (do you hear me, Suzy?) as everyone else, then great. But no more invites (and the false sense of entitlement that comes with them).
Gary Popovich
Glen Allen, Va.

Are you kidding? While she probably has a great career golfing vs. girls in front of her, this is All-Pro quality publicity! She can't really think she'll compete -- Annika nearly finished dead last herself, and isn't she supposed to rule the LPGA? Don't get me wrong -- women are great -- but let's be realistic!
Jim Falcone
Orlando, Fla.

Come on...are you serious? Tell her to go back to living a normal life and give it another shot in 5 years or so.

She should NOT be playing in a PGA Tour tournament at all. I think it is something you earn and she has not even come close to earning it. Annika DID earn the chance to see what she could do against the men. This girl needs to grow up and get a grip on her EGO. The PGA Tour should not allow this. She is just a kid.

Enough already. Why does the media continue to give these ladies their 15 seconds of fame? Those who think women around the country would not protest if a man tried to play on the LPGA, are blind. The bottom line is that the women have their own tour and until they have a player good enough to play a whole year with the men, or maybe get a top-15 finish, they should stay out of PGA Tour events. The women should stay in the LPGA and I for one am 110 percent in favor of making the PGA, the MPGA.
Charlie Keady
Sparks Nev.

I'm confused, how does she pronounce her last name? Is it "Wie" as in "Wie is she doing this? She's going to be humiliated"? Or "Wie" as in: "How are all these grown men going to feel after beating up on a wie little girl?"
San Diego

Good for you, Michelle ...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She should play in whatever tournament she is eligible for.
Dolores David, Bronx

Is it a publicity stunt? Sure it is. But then again, every professional sporting event is a publicity stunt. What amazes me is professional athletes who lose sight of the fact they are just playing a game. Why are they paid insane amounts of money? It's so advertisers can get to audiences and sell their products. ... Somebody wake up Vijay and the others and tell them they are part of a publicity stunt, nothing more. If you don't believe it, take advertising out of professional sports and see what happens. Pay the players on gate receipts only (Can you imagine a golf event where the purse is gate receipts? And by the way, I love golf, I'm a 9 handicapper). Next week they all will want to get involved in a publicity stunt! Is she in over her head? ... Who cares? It's really not about who wins the tournament anyway. It's about selling products and the people underwriting that purse think she can help them sell product. There are simply too many professional athletes that just don't get it. I'd rather watch a high school or college event any day. At least it's about the game.
Doug Manning
Clayton, N.C.

Absolutely she should play. The men keep saying that the PGA Tour is the tour that represents the best players in the world. I can't understand how any of them could have an issue with her playing. She is competing on a sponsor's exemption so the argument that she is taking money out of the pockets of men who have earned a spot on the tour and that do this for their lively hood is a farce. If it weren't for the sponsors, they wouldn't be making money playing golf anyway. The last time I checked, golf was a professional sport, which is categorized as entertainment. If people want to pay money to see her play, and it doesn't violate any rules, then there is no reason that she should not be allowed to play.
Salina, Kan.

It doesn't really matter if she's in over her head or if she wins or loses. The viewers have a right to see their favorite players and to see how they stack up. This isn't a question of right and wrong or good or bad. Rather it's a matter of the preference of the people and in the democratic spirit of the nation it's time to give the people what they want to see. Go Wie Go! And never look back!
Eric J Alexander
Vineyard Haven, Mass.

I go to the same high school as Michelle Wie. She's a nice girl and extremely humble. I don't think she is over her head by wanting to play in her home state. Also, having Michelle play could make it interesting for the Hawaiian viewers. Michelle has always destroyed the competition at her age level. It's about time she moves up with the real pros and gets treated as a pro also. Countless high-schoolers have had the chance to make it in the big time, c'mon, give the girl a chance.
Michael Gill

Hey, I say, let her play. I'm sure she'll be able then to tell if she's ready for it. Besides, it can only help young females who want to succeed later on in life to look at her as an example. I think it's pretty incredible what she can do, and for her to get national exposure is great. Hopefully she'll make the best of it.
Mike Langer
Lynn, Mass.

I think if this gal is as excellent of a golfer as she sounds ... it's GREAT that she is in!! It wouldn't matter to me if it was a male or female just so they can golf as good as the rest. I don't feel that its a publicity stunt on her part ... maybe on the people sponsoring the event. But if it's truly that, then they (the sponsors) are the losers, not Michelle Wie. I send her my BEST wishes and prayers for a super tournament! :)
Winona Payne
Dayton, Ohio

I believe this girl is an amazing talent as a 14-year-old, but she is still a 14-year-old and is unable to handle the pressure of professional anything. She needs to enjoy her high school years and come into the game at 18 or 19 even better than she is now.
Walker, La.

Whether or not Ms. Wie is ready is hard to say, I've never seen her play. But it seems to me that corporate sponsors, Tour officials, and the media in general always want something to stir up interest in an event. I don't think, however, that anyone is really concerned with the kind of damage a poor performance in front of the world may have on this young girl's career.
Moline, Ill.