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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Solich's job future not divulged yet

Associated Press

OMAHA, Neb. -- Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson said on statewide radio Tuesday night that he has never discussed the status of football coach Frank Solich with any boosters.

Pederson used his weekly radio show on the Pinnacle Sports Network as his forum to make his first public comments about the Sunday Lincoln Journal Star report that Pederson would force out Solich after Friday's game at Colorado.

Pederson said he was disappointed with the article and the firestorm that has followed. The Journal Star cited three anonymous sources identified only as boosters.

Pederson characterized those boosters as people "who think they know something."

"I don't want to chastise all Nebraskans for a very little group that has created a controversy here," Pederson said. "First of all, I would call those people myself if I knew who they were and talk to them."

Pederson said he would never discuss his plans with boosters.

"We've never let boosters inside our program, and we're not about to now," Pederson said. "We'll make decisions that we see fit. They will not be influenced by anybody, whether somebody wants to give money or doesn't want to give money."

Pederson said the people who talked to the Journal Star did nothing but hurt the program.

"We'll get through it," he said. "We've built too much over the last 40 years for the last 72 hours to destroy. When we're talking about anonymous people, that right away to most Nebraskans takes away most of the belief."

Pederson said he knows that Cornhusker fans are anxious about the situation. Still, he said he has not considered divulging his plans for the football program before the season ends.

"I didn't create this story," he said.

Two callers told Pederson that his silence was creating uncertainty among prospective recruits, thus damaging the program.

Pederson, a former football recruiting coordinator at Nebraska, Ohio State and Tennessee, said, "I know these things are never great when they are surfacing in recruiting, but these things can go away as fast as they rise up."