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Wednesday, January 7, 2004
Updated: May 14, 5:19 PM ET
Hot Streaks: Caleb Wyatt and Sarah Burke

Did you guys know you'd be doing the only coed shoot?
CW: They told me they were doing a story on streaking, but I didn't know Sarah was involved until a couple days before the shoot.

SB: When I found out, I thought it'd be a lot of fun because we interact with a lot of skiers, but not with a lot of other athletes, like the motocross guys. I was excited to meet him.
Did it take any convincing?
CW: I was just in a towel, so it was no big deal. Sarah was the one who had her butt hanging out. I coulda been in better shape, but I'm recovering from wrist surgery, so I was a little skinnier than I usually am. And as soon as I got the phone call, I got attacked by a million zits. That's happened every time I've done a photo shoot. So it sucked, but they had a makeup artist.

Did you have any preconceived notions?
CW: I figured we'd be in some trench coats with our backs to the camera, holding them open with someone acting like they see me or her naked. I figured we'd be mostly covered up.

SB: I didn't think it was going to be as naked as it was. I kept an open mind, but when it started, I was a little uncomfortable. I'm naked. Everyone there was a man except for the makeup artist.

Was it harder for Sarah to strip in front of all those men?
CW: Yeah, but she's hot. She's a good-looking girl and has a nice body, so she shouldn't have any complex.

SB: I think a lot of girls would like to have seen it reversed, but I it's a male-dominated magazine, so it's understandable.
So Caleb got to cover up?
CW: I had a towel around my waist and she had a towel underneath her arms. It covered most of her butt, but I was yanking that off, so I got the full visual of her behind. I'm all, "Nice to meet you. Now I'm going to rip your towel off." It was embarrassing. I'm blushing like crazy in the picture.

SB: I think we were both a bit uncomforatble. I hadn't known him long, and he was looking at my butt.

What did your wife and boyfriend think about the shoot?
CW: She doesn't mind at all. It's hard work. It's not like we're shooting a porno.

SB: Caleb kept saying, "Your boyfriend's going to kill me when he sees these pictures."
Was it cool to represent your sport in this context?
CW: Yeah. It's not like a dirtbike magazine where it's only bikers. You're up there with some big name people in different sports. It totally helps us out. I don't keep up on any of the other sports, but you know how everybody's real serious like, "I'm gonna tackle your ass." "I'm gonna hit a home run." It portrays our sport as being fun and relaxed and a good time.

SB: Everyone's smiling and having a good time. That's what all our sports are about. It's not about training a thousand hours a week and being really strict about everything. It's about having fun and being yourself.