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Wednesday, January 7, 2004
Rose: Yes or no for the Hall?

Pete Rose has finally admitted he bet on baseball. The next question is, if Rose is reinstated, will he get elected to the Hall of Fame? has its own stable of Hall of Fame voters. Here's what they say they'd do if Rose is ever included on a Hall of Fame ballot:

In Or Out?
Yes No
Seven Three

Jayson Stark, senior writer: If Rose is ever reinstated and appears on the ballot, I would vote for him -- because that would be tantamount to baseball saying to me, as a voter, that I should just vote on him as a player, because they'd resolved all that other stuff. And if I'm just voting on Rose the player, how could I not vote for the man with the most hits in the history of the sport?

Peter Gammons, ESPN baseball analyst: What has transpired over the last two days with Rose has made me rethink my initial decision to vote for him. Until Pete Rose proves to me that he cares about something other than Pete Rose, he does not have my vote.

Jim Caple, senior writer: If Rose is put on the ballot, I would vote for him because I see the Hall of Fame and his participation in baseball as separate issues. As a player once told me, the Hall of Fame is for good players, heaven is for good people. But I would be tempted to withhold my vote the first year as a show of my disgust at his behavior the past 15 years.

Buster Olney, ESPN The Magazine: You can't not vote for Rose, if he's ever on the ballot. You might not feel good about him being on the ballot, but if he's there I'd definitely have to vote for him.

Tim Kurkjian, ESPN The Magazine: I would vote for Rose because I would consider what he did as a player, not a manager. And I believe he played every game to win.

Jerry Crasnick, ESPN Insider: I would vote for Rose to be in the Hall of Fame. He is the all-time hits leader and he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He bet on baseball while he was a manager. If there's ever proof that comes out he bet on baseball as a player, that would then force me to perhaps reconsider my decision.

Michael Knisley, Page 2 editor: Yes, I would vote for Rose. Character flaws and all -- and that includes the bad lies, the bad hair, the bad gold chains, the bad Hit King paraphernalia, the bad baseball grammar (which, incidentally, I love), the bad and unseemly self-promotion and the bad leisure suits in addition to the bad gambling -- one damn good number overrides everything else: 4,256.

Phil Rogers, contributor: Yes, I would vote for Rose. He's on the short list of great hitters -- he batted .335 in 1968, the Year of the Pitcher -- and has already paid a huge price for betting (not throwing) games.

Bob Klapisch, contributor: I believe Rose should be re-instated ... the day after his death.

Sean McAdam, contributor: I'm troubled by the crass nature in which Rose has finally confessed to betting on baseball, and at this point would not vote for him to be in the Hall of Fame. His confession in the way of a book seems to be just another money-making endeavor, and he hasn't shown even a bit of remorse for what he's done.