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Monday, January 19, 2004
Users: We want more Wie!

We asked whether Michelle Wie should accept another sponsor's exemption to a PGA Tour event based on her performance at the Sony Open, and SportsNation responded in droves.

Michelle Wie

Most of you want to see more Wie on the PGA Tour, though there's a loud contingent against it as well. A sampling of your responses:

Wie deserves another shot

As a sports fan, I am incurably drawn to root for the underdog. It sends chills throughout my body to see an athlete step up to any daunting challenge, but to see Michelle handle herself with such poise and, more importantly, enjoy the thrill of competition amidst such odds ... well, it left me wanting more. Sometimes, you can just TELL that someone was born to rise above predetermined limitations. I think we are witnessing someone capable of changing perception, capable of changing a sport.

Michelle should appear again this year on the PGA Tour. She has earned the spot with her performance. Actually, a little-known event without Tiger Woods would instantly become a major draw if Michelle were given a sponsor's exemption. Hey sponsors, get with it!
David Miller
San Francisco

Alright, this one is easy. Why play against the toughest competition in the world when you could make twice as much hustling doctors and CEOs at golf courses nationwide. You could even call it the Michelle 'Wie're gonna take your money' tour. But that's just me.
Danny Wilder
Biloxi, Miss.

I thought Michelle's performance was superb, both on the course and in interviews on camera. She is and will be a great representative for the sport, and can only enhance an event by her presence. The significance of Michelle Wie is that it blurs the line between men's and women's performance to such a degree that exclusionary rules should no longer apply.
Martin Wirt
Chandler, Ariz.

Most certainly, Michelle Wie deserves another exemption in Honolulu. She exemplified sportsmanship and is very personable. She is a new credit to the world of golf.
Andy Stetz
Kingston, Pa.

Yes, she has earned another shot at playing in a PGA Tour event. She has proven that she can play with the big boys. Whether she could actually ever win an event on the PGA Tour is highly doubtful, but I believe she could make some cuts. She will dominate the LPGA!!!
Tom Tiernan
Deferiet, N.Y.

As a golf fan, I want to see the best players possible in every tournament. If Michelle Wie is one of the best players, I want to see her play against the best players. It doesn't matter if a golfer is a man or a woman ... the best players should play on the tour. Obviously, Wie was deserving of her spot in the Sony Open this weekend. She outplayed many of the men. I don't want to see Wie take a man's spot if he is a better golfer just to give the PGA Tour some publicity, but that didn't appear to be the case this weekend.
Lake Forest, Calif.

I think Wie has definitely earned her right to some sponsor's exemptions. When you consider the buzz and media frenzy created by a 14-year-old girl being able to actually compete with the best golfers in the world it would seem insane not to invite her to play. The higher the TV ratings the more money they make, and IF, only IF, Wie could be in contention come late Saturday or Sunday ... I know I'd be watching. I don't know how much of a long shot that IF is yet, but that is why she needs to have the opportunity to play another PGA Tour event or two.
Sean Merryman

Hold on, Michelle ...

I think she needs to play some junior events and try to win those first. She hasn't even won on the LPGA yet, so I don't know why she is trying to play with the men. I think people are getting ahead themselves if they think that she can compete at any other event on tour.
Long Beach

I'd like to see Michelle concentrate on her LPGA events and her amateur events now. Don't spoil an excellent PGA Tour debut by playing in another one and potentially flopping ... it'll be hard to play any better, so she should just ride her Sony Open performance and not play in another PGA Tour event for a while. Plus, she has her varsity golf team to think about, too! :)
Esparto, Calif.

I think she is a fabulous player, but I am not convinced that she could go to any other PGA Tour event and play as well. She had been practicing on the Waialae course for a couple of months which I'm sure had a great influence. If she had the two or three days of practice on a course like the PGA Tour players get each week, I don't think she would have scored quite as well. I have to agree with Tiger on this one, she needs to go out and beat some people and win some tournaments. I think her high school season will be a joke, but good for her at the same time. She knows how to battle back to try and win or make the cut, but she will have to learn to play when she is out in front. She is going to need it in the future with all her talent. I don't think skipping the U.S. Girls' Junior is the right move. That is a tournament that she should win, but it wouldn't be given to her. It would be a nice challenge with a good chance for her to win something relatively important! I applaud her performance and I do believe she has the tools and the commitment to try and play with the men on the PGA Tour and I wouldn't be surprised if she did it in the future. Good luck to her in whatever path she chooses to follow; she is going to be an amazing golfer for years to come.
Eugene, Ore.

No, I do not think Michelle Wie should have another chance just yet. This is a special thing she did this week, but let's not forget about what she had going for her. She has played this course many times, and she knows everything about it. If she goes out and plays a course she is not familiar with, I believe she will only spoil her tournament she had this week, and may not play as well.

She's amazing. Still, this was her home course. As such, her familiarity was likely advantageous. Not sure she'll be able to play an unknown course as well with any regularity. But she is a force that likely will have to be reckoned with for a long time.
Steve Davis
Lincoln, Neb.