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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Updated: February 12, 1:45 PM ET
Readers Nominate More Page 2 Hottest Female Athletes


You've seen Page 2's 24 hottest female athletes. Those girls may be scintillating, but we asked you if we missed any. Many of you responded with nominations. Here are the most popular ones:

Heli Koivula
J.T. Helsinki, Finland:
You guys missed the hottest athlete who is Finnish triple jumper Heli Koivula.

Maria Sharapova
Dan W, Newbury, Ohio:
How could you leave Maria Sharapova off the tennis page? I like Hantuchova to be sure, but Sharapova shot past her on the tennis scene.

Shawn, Florida:
Maria Sharapova. Not only is she beautiful, she wins. She was the youngest winner on the WTA last year.

Rayray, SF:
Dudes, you missed out on Maria Sharapova. She could take more than half of these babes with one hand tied behind her back.

Dean, Boston:
You missed the hottest tennis star, Maria Sharapova.

Cat Reddick
Randy, Dayton, Ohio:
Two words: Cat Reddick. You want a winner? She's a National Player of the Year, an NCAA Champion and started in the World Cup. She had her number retired at UNC. Also, she has the looks to back it up.

Anna Rawson
Duncan, Duluth, Ga.:
You forgot Anna Rawson, golfer at Southern Cal. She is incredibly hot. Check her out at usc's website:

Colt , Ma.:
You missed Anna Rawson. Golfer for USC Trojans from Australia. Learned about her from one of Jeff Merron's articles.

Alisa Camplin
Chris Wester:
Remember 2002 Winter Olympian Alisa Camplin? She won the gold medal in Women's Freestyle Aerial Skiing, and she is SMOKIN!

Emmanuelle Gagliardi
W.T. Johnson, Houston:
Emmanuelle Gagliardi is on the WTA tour. She's a gorgeous swede who regularly gets bounced in the second or third round of tourneys. But, hey, it worked for Anna!

Niki Gudex
E. Barnes, Boulder, Col:.
You missed Niki Gudex, MTN biker and model from Australia. Check out her website.

Jenny Maastricht
Sidney Bagley, Madison, Wisc.:
You forgot Jenny Maastricht, former U of Wisconsin volleyballer and now playing Pro Beach. She is the reason I started going to the games, and now I'm hooked on the sport.

Mia Hamm
Jen, Westminster, Ma.:
I was happy to see the diversity in the list. And I would say I recognized most of the names. However, as an avid WNT fan I was extremely disappointed not seeing Mia Hamm under the list. And I don't want to hear she's old news. I saw athletes who were extremely over rated, such as Anna K. on the list. I agreed with Jim Caple in his column, athletic women who can play and dominate in their sport, look damn good. Champions look good. Mia looks even more attractive now that she has Nomar by her side. She looks great, happy and she's been playing the best soccer of her career. Now that is sexy.

Natalie Coughlin
Steve, San Francisco:
I think a worthy candidate is Cal's and U.S. National Team swimmer Natalie Coughlin. She's gorgeous AND one of the best swimmers in the world.

Tanith Belbin
Roy, Omaha, Neb.:
The most glaring omission on this list is the better half of the current U.S. Ice Dancing champions, Tanith Belbin. She would be a finalist in this contest if she were in it. She might be the hottest female athlete of all time!

Veronica Kay
Sam, Austin, Texas:
Guys! How can you forget someone like Veronica Kay? I mean, seriously! She's the epitome of the California surfer girl we've all grown to love. And she has loads more talent than Anna K.

Brian, NYC:
I noticed a glaring omission from the hottest 24 women in sport list - surfer Veronica Kay. How could VK get overlooked?

Kerri Walsh
Los Gatos, Calif.:
You missed the U.S. Beach Volleyball Player and No. 1 ranked player in the world, Kerri Walsh.

Mike, Boston:
How about any of the women athletes in the WWE? Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler or Miss Jacki?

Danica Patrick
C.C., Toronto:
I'm female so I don't want to go on date with any of the ladies. Now male athletes, yes. But you forgot a female athlete. Up-and-coming open wheeled driver Danica Patrick. She was in FHM last year about Indy 500 time. She is a very nice and humble Midwestern girl from Ohio that likes fast cars and is gorgeous.

Stacy Dragilia
If you're going to go with someone from Track & Field, you can't possibly pass up Stacy Dragilia.

Suzy Favor-Hamilton
Scott LaForce, Santa Cruz, Calif:
You missed middle distance runner Suzy Favor-Hamilton. Check out her site and tell me I'm wrong.

Evelyn Ng
Pete C., Pittsburgh:
Evelyn Ng from the World Poker Tour should definitely be on your who's hottest list. Rowr!

Malia Jones
Luis Garcia, Anaheim, Calif.:
How did you miss Malia Jones, professional surfer in your top 24 hottest female athletes? Was she even nominated by ESPN before the top 24 were announced? I hope someone over there did some research.

Kali Kullberg
Peter, St. Paul, Minn:
I think you missed Indiana University point guard, Kali Kullberg. Give her a look.

Craig, Maple Plain, Minn.:
Kali Kullberg from Indiana University is possibly the hottest college athlete. She's got my vote.