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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
THE PULSE: Nation expects Tenacious D for Pats-Cats


Oddsmakers have put the Super Bowl over/under line at 38, and it's stayed there all week. In other words, about half of bettors think the Patriots and Panthers combined will score "over" 38 points in Super Bowl XXXVIII, and half think they'll score "under."

The fans are SportsNation are a little less optimistic that we'll see the Pats and Cats put up lots of points.

In polling, 72 percent of SportsNation says that the Patriots and Panthers will combine for fewer than 38 points. Only 28 percent of SportsNation is optimistic enough to expect the teams to score more than 38 combined.

Will D-fense rule, or can the offenses break through? To predict how many points you expect to see on Super Sunday, vote in the poll to the left.

SportsNation polling projects Patriots parade
Based on our exit polling from Iowa, New Hampshire, and the rest of SportsNation, we're ready to declare a winner -- with 61 percent of the vote, the Nation has selected the New England Patriots to return to Super Bowl penthouse.

The Carolina Panthers have waged a valiant campaign, but ultimately have come up short, according to SportsNation, receiving only 39 percent of the vote.

Vote: Belichick or Fox? Brady or Delhomme? | Results

SportsNation sounds off:
Andy (Connecticut): The Panthers do remind me of the Pats two years ago, but there's still too many differences:
  • The Pats' secondary is much more experienced, wiser and game-tested. Rodney Harrison brings more intensity and emotion to a game then anyone on the Panthers, period.
  • Tom Brady is a borderline superstar QB who makes quick, smart decisions that will never ever hurt you, whereas Delhomme has been playing well but he hasn't faced the Pats yet and the pressure of the big game vs. the second best defense ever (behind the '85-'86 Bears).
  • Bill Belichick is in no way matched in any game preparation, especially w/ two weeks.
    The simple fact is the Pats are for real, tried and true 14 games in a row, and all they do is win, baby! Score: Pats 27, Panthers 10.

    Danny (Radford): They Pats are strong, but let's face it, the Colts had no D. The Cats play a better defensive battle which gives them they edge in close games. You all know the stats with the Cats OT winning %, and I think this game may just go to OT. If it does, look for an upset in the Super Bowl. Every dog has his day, but Cats always land on their feet.

    Sound Off: Panthers prowl or Patriots' Day?

    Nation's nightmare comes true: Pats & Cats in Super Bowl
    Before Sunday's games, we asked SportsNation what Super Bowl matchup they would want to see.

    We received more than 250,000 votes from SportsNation: Most were hoping to see Donovan McNabb and the Eagles finally reach the Super Bowl, and most were hoping Peyton Manning and the Colts would be there to face them.

    Meanwhile, only 10.3 percent of the Nation was hoping for a Brady-Delhomme, Patriots-Panthers matchup.

    Also last week . . . only 23.4 percent of SportsNation was rooting for the Pats to win it all, with even fewer -- just 16.8 percent -- pulling for the Panthers.

    It's numbers like that may have CBS, this year's Super Bowl network, wishing the NFL would replay Sunday's games.

    SportsNation's collective wisdom continue to outpace ESPN's picks
    Last week, the NFL fans in SportsNation held a narrow lead over ESPN's panel of experts in playoff prediction accuracy.

    This week, the Nation widened its lead over the experts.

    After a perfect opening weekend, SportsNation had its second consecutive 50-50 week. Fans picked the Patriots and the Eagles decisively, but the Panthers had other plans.

    The 1-1 week gives SportsNation a collective record of 7-3, or 70 percent, outpacing the ESPN experts' 65.8 percent accuracy rate.

    Now, the Nation is picking the Pats to win it all, and that pick isn't likely to change. If that holds, the experts can come back and beat SportsNation only if at least four of the eight experts pick the Panthers . . . and if the Panthers indeed do win.

    Week 1 predictions: Experts | SportsNation
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    Wie wows Nation; most see her as another Tiger
    Michelle Wie's stunning success at the PGA Sony Open last week has SportsNation projecting a very sunny future for the 14-year-old. Her maturity impressed the Nation greatly, and about half think she'll win on the women's tour this year. What's more, 71.4 percent expect her to become the Tiger Woods of the LPGA.

    Vote: Where will Wie go from here? | Results

    Selig brewed success? 11 percent say yes
    With the news that Bud Selig and his family are selling the Milwaukee Brewers, after nearly 35 years of ownership, we asked SportsNation to judge Selig's tenure in Milwaukee.

    SportsNation's judgment was swift but not merciful. Asked to describe Selig's tenure, 89 percent said it was "unsuccessful" or "disastrous." Almost half of SportsNation said that the Brewers should get a taste of Selig's own medicine, with 43 percent saying the Brewers should be contracted. And most do not expect the Brewers to stay in Milwaukee long enough to fulfill their Miller Park lease.

    Bud may soon join Dubya among baseball's former owners, but don't expect to see Selig running for president of SportsNation anytime soon.

    Vote: What is Selig's legacy in Milwaukee? Who else should sell their team? | Results

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