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Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Updated: April 26, 11:44 AM ET
ESPN25: The Season of the Fan

Mailbag: Your Favorite Traditions

I have no concept of what goes on in "The Real World" during the first two days of the NCAA Tournament. I have never gone to school or work during those days in my entire life!!
-Bill (Philadelphia)

The Running of Ralphie The Buffalo at the CU football Games!
-Sean (Colorado Springs)

I have been to every Mississippi State home football game since 1999, and I hope to continue this tradition till I get old. I mean I'm only 15!! And I have stuck through the thick and the thin with my Bulldogs of MSU.This is just like the media to get controversy pumped up before the season. The media hates bonds -- always has, always will.
-Zach (Picayune, Mississippi)

My father and I always sneak in a round of golf before TV coverage the Sundays of majors, except for the British Open when we play afterward.
Eric (Cincinnati)
When you grow up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you don't have much to go on when it comes to big-time sports. For one Saturday in Novermber, though, it seems as if the whole city comes together. Now named the Uteck Bowl (after former Saint Mary's University head coach Larry Uteck, who lost a battle to Lou Gehrig's disease a few years ago) the Atlantic Bowl amounts to a national semi-final in Canadian University football. It's held at Huskies Stadium on the SMU campus in the south end of Halifax...The Stadium gets so packed for these games that fans sit on the track that rings the playing field. I attended every Atlantic Bowl from 1987 until 1995 when I moved away from Halifax.
-Jamie MacQueen (Calgary)

Every time the Yankees have been down in a post-season series, me and my father put up a shrine of all our Yankee memoribilia around the TV. We almost always watch the game on that TV. Since we started in 1996, the Yankees are 15-3. We didn't put it up in 1997, so we were yelling at ourselves, saying that we should have put up the shrine liek the previous year, so we started to put it up again in 1998.
-Bobby Johnson (Hillsdale)

The "Dog Walk" has to be one of my most favorite sports traditions. The UGA faithful line up behind the stadium and create a walkway for the football players to enter through into Sanford Stadium. The buses pull up and the players get out...and the whole place goes nuts. The perfect way to get amped up before a big game at Sanford Stadium.
-Baiju (Atlanta)

Being at Three Rivers Stadium with 60,000 fans waving their Terrible Towels and cheering on the Steelers! The Terrible Towel Tradition!
-M. Wodowski (Blairsville, PA)

Either in person or talking on the phone with my Dad at the end of every Nebraska football game for 28 years.
-Steve (Shillington, PA)

Comiskey Park
"Real" White Sox fans miss "The Real" Comiskey.
Being a lifelong White Sox fan, I thought the real Comiskey Park was a wonderful venue for baseball and vastly underrated. Now that I work just a few blocks from the site of Comiskey, I drive past it every day. Once in a while, I get out of my car and check out the area that denotes where home plate was at the real Comiskey...I also stand at the site sometimes and think of the players who crossed the plate and all the Sox games I attended with my Dad, whose fault it is for my becoming a White Sox fan.
-Mike Walsh

The best sports tradition is the midnight yell at Texas A & A for home home football games. It is crazy--about 40,000 attend a pep rally the night before the game. It's unreal.
-Jeremy (Houston)

Mailbag: Craziest Superstitions

Do you believe in your mojo? At last year's Final Four, the group us Syracuse fans were desperate enough to do anything to vanquish our many misfortunes in New Orleans. So our buddies bought a bag of "mojo" from one of the voodoo shops on Bourbon Street and made each one of us touch it for good luck. Well, the rest is history, as we exorcised all our previous demons and became National Champions.
-Richard (Liverpool, NY)

Ever since '94, I always have the same breakfast on Saturdays during Nebraska Cornhusker football season. (Cheerios, toast w/butter, sugar and cinnamon, and a Pepsi)! Roll with "Husker Nation.
Steve (Shillington, PA)

Whenever the Cubbies win three or more in a row, I will not take a shower until they lose their next game. I also wear the same shirt I was wearing the day they won their third game.
-Brandon (Indianapolis)

Take a picture of your team and put it in a freezer and they will win.

For Miami Dolphins games, the #13 Marino Jersey must be put on during the opening kickoff. While on defense, I must be sitting. While on offense, I must be pacing...spinning my official Wilson NFL ball in my hands, or throwing it into the cushions of the couch.
-Jamie MacQueen (Calgary)

Before every one of my sports games (baseball, basketball, and football), me, my dad, and anyone else who is in the car on the way there takes a certain number of sprays from spearmint flavored Binaca.
-Bob Johnson (Hillsdale)

During the 2003 FSU-UF game, I took my left sock off and we completed the 4th and 13. So now whenever my team is down I take my left sock off.
-Nick (Panama City)

Whenever my Irish play on TV, not only do I have to be wearing my jersey, lucky boxers & my Fightin' Irish slippers, but I put a "lucky bandana" on my dog.
-Brad (Cartersville, GA)

During the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, I had a Brutus the Buckeye bobble head doll on display. After Ohio State went down 7-0, I removed him from the display counter and began to bobble his head for luck with the bobbles becoming more forceful as the game moved forward. On the final play, when Dorsey's pass hit the ground, Brutus lost his head--popping off the body and falling to the ground. Unlike Dorsey, the bobble head was glued together and is 100 percent healthy.
-Eric (Cincinnati)

My family always goes bowling on Fridays before a Packer game. If you get a split and you throw your next ball right down the middle the field goal is good...and the Packers will win!

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