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Friday, March 12, 2004
Updated: March 18, 12:02 PM ET
Q&A: Mississippi State's Jenna


Jenna isn't looking to go pro.
As part of's Cheerleader Challenge, we set out to talk to cheerleaders around the country and find out what it's like to do their thing in front of thousands of crazy sports fans.

We recently caught up with Jenna from Mississippi State University who talked about a typical day in the life of a cheerleader, the toughest opposing arena to cheer at and which famous woman would make the best cheerleader.

Stayed logged onto Cheerleader Challenge for more interviews with cheerleaders around the country.

SportsNation: What is the best thing about being a cheerleader?
The best thing about being a cheerleader is being able to be put on ESPN!!! Haha

SN: What is a typical day for a cheerleader?
A typical day for a cheerleader consists of waking up, getting all cute for class, coming home, sleeping, going to practice, working out, and then having a good ole time!

SN: What is the hardest thing about being a cheerleader?
The hardest thing about being a cheerleader is keeping you and the crowd motivated when the team is doing poorly.

SN: Is cheerleading a sport?
Cheerleading is a sport because it consists of being flexible, athletic, having stamina, and we have more injuries than any other sport.

SN: What is your most embarrassing moment as a cheerleader?
Bouncing off of my partners' chest out of a cradle and landing face down with my skirt over my head and my butt in the crowd's face during a football game.

SN: What is your best moment as a cheerleader?
Every game when the crowd gets into it and is screaming. Then we win and we get to do my favorite cheer ... "We just beat the HELL out of you, Maroon, White, Fight dawgs Fight, Mississippi State & whoooo ... YA DAMN RIGHT!"

SN: What is the toughest opposing stadium to cheer at?
University of Tennessee because their fans are bleeding ORANGE!

SN: What is the toughest opposing arena to cheer at?
The toughest opposing arena to cheer at is still Tennessee.

SN: Do you have professional cheerleading aspirations?
No, because professional cheerleaders do more dancing than cheering.

SN: What famous woman or movie star would make the best cheerleader?
Cameron Diaz would make the best cheerleader because she is always happy and spunky!

SN: What does it feel like to cheer in front of 100,000 fans?
Cheering in front of 100,000 fans feels like nothing I can describe. You would have to find that out for yourself.