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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Updated: March 18, 11:26 AM ET
Q&A: LSU's Amy


Amy is used to those mean Gator fans.
As part of's Cheerleader Challenge, we set out to talk to cheerleaders around the country and find out what it's like to do their thing in front of thousands of crazy sports fans.

We recently caught up with Amy from LSU, who talked about her best moments as a cheerleader, the toughest stadiums to cheer at and why she doesn't have professional cheerleading aspirations.

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SportsNation: What's the best thing about being a cheerleader?
The games. Hanging out with all those people who want the same thing as you (A WIN!!) and watching incredible athletes is so much fun!! Plus all the great people I have met -- being a cheerleader has given me endless opportunities and friendships that I am very thankful for.

SN: What is a typical day for a cheerleader?
Waking up early, working out, and going to school, practicing, and more than likely cheering on the Tigers at a game. Hopefully there is time for a little fun at the end!

SN: Is cheerleading a sport?
Cheerleaders are athletes. We may only compete once a year, but we are dedicated, hardworking, and inspiring people who work hard for a mutual goal. Our skills are specialized and we train year-round.

SN: What is your most embarrassing moment as a cheerleader?
When I was cutting up during the middle of a game, I jumped up, landed on my partner's megaphone and then fell to my knees. Several students saw and picked on me the rest of the game. I was terrified, but everyone else thought it was hilarious!

SN: What has been your best moment as a cheerleader?
Watching the Tigers win the SUGAR BOWL! But any win is awesome when you can see the fans celebrating alongside the team.

SN: What is the toughest opposing stadium to cheer at?
Probably Florida. Their fans are as mean as ours!

SN: What is the toughest opposing arena to cheer at?
The Georgia Dome. It was filled with fans from every SEC team, and with this competitive a conference that was pretty intimidating.

SN: What is the best all-time cheer?
Go TIGERS Go, because everyone knows it.

SN: Do you have professional cheerleading aspirations?
No, I could never love and truly support another team or organization as much as LSU!

SN: Any second thoughts about those uniforms?
I love them because of what they represent, but sometimes the two pieces make me feel a little uncomfortable. At least ours are all very modern -- you won't find any old sailor dresses or Catholic school skirts here.

SN: What famous woman or movie star would make the best cheerleader?
I think Cameron Diaz would probably be great, except for her height. She's so spunky and enthusiastic. She also seems willing to try anything and she's very athletic. Look at the stuff cheerleaders do -- you can't be scared, you have to be creative and fun and you have to be athletic. I think she would be great!

SN: What is it like to cheer in front of 100,000 fans?
Unbelievable!!! That many people all cheering for the same thing is very hard to find. And to be in the middle of it all, helping to lead the cheering is awesome!