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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Updated: March 17, 3:49 PM ET
Q&A: Seton Hall's Justine


Justine, coming to an NBA arena near you?
As part of's Cheerleader Challenge, we set out to talk to cheerleaders around the country and find out what it's like to do their thing in front of thousands of crazy sports fans.

We recently caught up with Justine from Seton Hall who talked about her best moments as a cheerleader, which NBA team she would like to cheer for and which famous woman would make the best cheerleader.

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SportsNation: What is the best thing about being a cheerleader?
Great teammates, it keeps you in shape, and it gives you a reason to be crazy and loud.

SN: What is a typical day for a cheerleader?
Wake up early; go to the gym, classes, practice, tumbling and sometimes games.

SN: What is the hardest thing about being a cheerleader?
Time! You have to manage a course load, practice and go to games.

SN: Is cheerleading a sport?
Cheerleading is a sport because we practice long hours and must be in good physical shape. We are athletes because we work out three days a week, go to tumbling classes and practice nine hours a week.

SN: What is your most embarrassing moment as a cheerleader?
When we were throwing out Seton Hall t-shirts and I got hit in the head with one.

SN: What is your best moment as a cheerleader?
I was in a car accident that required back surgery and I was told I couldn't cheer again. But I worked hard and I did.

SN: What is the toughest arena to cheer at?
Rutgers (The Rac).

SN: What is your favorite cheer?
Blue and White-Let's Fight.

SN: What is your least favorite cheer?

SN: Do you have professional cheerleading aspirations?
Yes, I would love to be a Knick dancer.

SN: What famous woman or movie star would make the best cheerleader?
Cameron Diaz because she is hyper, beautiful and energetic.

SN: What does it feel like to cheer in front of 100,000 fans?
Awesome! It pumps you up!