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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Updated: March 18, 11:50 AM ET
Q&A: Texas' Summer


Summer could teach Halle Berry a thing or two about cheerleading.
As part of's Cheerleader Challenge, we set out to talk to cheerleaders around the country and find out what it's like to do their thing in front of thousands of crazy sports fans.

We recently caught up with Summer from the University of Texas who talked about a typical day as a cheerleader, the toughest stadium in cheer at and which famous woman would make the best cheerleader.

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SN: What is the best thing about being a cheerleader?
Being able to cheer in front of 85,000 fans at football games and leading them in a cheer called "Texas Fight."

SN: What is a typical day for a cheerleader?
Going to practice after class or work and getting in a hard workout of stunting, tumbling and working on other skills we need.

SN: What is the hardest thing about being a cheerleader?
The huge time commitment. Unlike most college students, I work, cheer and go to school.

SN: What is your most embarrassing moment as a cheerleader?
Holding a sign upside down at a football game in front of 85,000 fans.

SN: What is the toughest stadium to cheer at?
Texas A & M Stadium. It is three layers of screaming Aggies.

SN: What is your favorite cheer?
Texas Fight.

SN: Do you have professional cheerleading aspirations?
I do not have any professional aspirations to cheer. In the pros, it is really a different kind of cheering and I think some squads lose the athleticism.

SN: Any thoughts on your uniforms?
I love our football and basketball uniforms. Our football uniform is very traditional and has been the same way for many, many years. We are probably the only squad that has kept our uniforms the exact same since the first squad of Texas cheerleaders.

SN: Which famous woman or movie star would make the best cheerleader?
I think Halle Berry would make the perfect Texas cheerleader. She has such an explosive personality.

SN: What is it like to cheer in front of so many fans?
Cheering in front of 85,000 fans is incredible. You feel like you are on top of the world. There is nothing else like it.