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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Chat wrap: Tommie Harris


Harris always gets his man.
Welcome to's moderated chat room. On Friday, March 26, former Oklahoma defensive tackle and NFL Draft prospect Tommie Harris dropped by to take your questions in chat.

Mel Kiper on Harris: "Harris has been a fixture on the defensive line for the Sooners since his freshman year. He played through injury in 2002 and was not as effective as the year before, yet he was still able to occupy blockers and free his teammates to make plays. Harris is not a guy who will dominate with brute force, but what makes him effective is his quickness off the ball and ability to shed blocks and get into the backfield."

Harris chatted about sack dances, playing different positions and what his plans are when his playing days are over.

The following is a transcript from the March 26 chat:

Matt Nashville: Who is Tommie Harris? Bring on Eli.

Tommie Harris: Who is your team?

Jason, Stamford CT: Tommie Harris = playmaker on the DL boy!! Get it right!! What DT do you most resemble in the NFL?

Tommie Harris: Appreciate that, Jason. Bryant Young and LaRoi Glover.

Brandon Ontario: What's up Tommie? Have much did you enjoy whipping my Longhorns the last few years?

Tommie Harris: Boomer Sooner!

Jared, Boston: What's the story, Tommie? Any place you really want to end up next year?

Tommie Harris: Wherever there is a pigskin!

Tom Detroit: Tommie, have you worked out a sack dance yet?

Tommie Harris: Everyday! The Boogie!

Anders, Sundsvall (Sweden): Which NFL DT would you most wanna line up next to?

Tommie Harris: Booger McFarland.

Chris, Chicago: Did you grow up a fan of any particular team?

Tommie Harris: Nope.

Matt, Houston: What do you see as your biggest strength? Though I'm a Fins fan by heart, I'm a Texan backer by geography and we could really use a stud on the d-line like you. Any chance you'll drop to 10, in your mind?

Tommie Harris: I hope I don't drop to 10. My strength is Jesus.

Tommie Harris
Kevin Oxford: Seriously, wouldn't you love to play for my Redskins?

Tommie Harris: Yes, I would. Tell them to draft me!

matt, plainview: Do you think any guard can stop you in the NFL?

Tommie Harris: Don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

Ernie (Baton Rouge, LA): You do know that McFarland went to LSU, don't you?

Tommie Harris: Yeah, he's my friend.

Jerod,Crandon: Would you like to try out a few plays at tight end and maybe catch a few passes?

Tommie Harris: That would work.

marcus(tempe): Tommie, I really think there is a good chance you might go to zona, we need a stud up front. What do you think?

Tommie Harris: I would LOVE to go to Arizona. I think Phoenix is the cleanest place on earth.

Brandon (Ontario, NY): Is your TD dance better than Sapps?

Tommie Harris: Yeah, I'm going to dunk the ball over the goalpost after I dance.

Matt Mpls, MN: Being a high draft pick, does it bother you that most likely you'll end up on a losing team?

Tommie Harris: It's not how you start, it's how you finish.

Tommie Harris
Drew, Sarasota: How high is your vert?

Tommie Harris: 36.

Rudy, Oklahoma: Thanks for playing at OU. You are a great person as well as player. Do you think you might be moved to DE?

Tommie Harris: I might play both.

Cory (Minot): Why would you want to dance? Isn't it your job to sack?

Tommie Harris: Don't you have fun at your job? It's people like you that make this chat boring.

Randy, Nickerson, NE: Tommie will you miss the Nebraska-OU rivalry??

Tommie Harris: Yeah.

clint (texarkana): How many reps did you get at the combine?

Tommie Harris: They gave me 35.

Rudy, Oklahoma: What is the first thing you going to buy with all the bling bling?

Tommie Harris: Bling bling is jewelry not cash!

Jason (Louisville): Have you ever peed your pants?

Tommie Harris: A couple times.

nate, tulsa: What is your main goal your first year in the NFL?

Tommie Harris: To get my first sack.

Eric, Erie, PA: Well, what are you going to buy with all the cash?

Tommie Harris: A house for my mother.

Mitch Hallstead: What do you want to do after your playing days are over?

Tommie Harris: Preaching.

Drew, Sarasota: Do you ever get nervous on the field?

Tommie Harris: All the time. When I'm nervous that means I'm ready.

Eric, Cincinnati: Do you consider yourself a better pass rusher or run stopper, at this point in your developement?

Tommie Harris: Both.

chris (tx): Tommie I am looking for a new friend with a ton of money. Would you like to be my friend?

Tommie Harris: Money doesn't buy friends.

Matt, Houston: Who's the best O-lineman you faced this past year at OU?

Tommie Harris: Jamal Brown.

clint (texarkana): What would you think if the Cowboys got you somehow and you played opposite LaRoi Glover?

Tommie Harris: I would love that. II would also get to play with Roy Williams.

Bernie, Redskins Park VA: What do say to the scouts that feel you may be undersized?

Tommie Harris: It's not the size of your body, it's your heart.

ryan, madison: $$$$$$$ isn't everything. Play for free and prove how much you love the game!? Possible?

Tommie Harris: Would you work for free?

Shawn, ohio: If you had the first overall pick in the draft who would you pick? (youself not included)

Tommie Harris: I would pick Mark Clayton. He should have come out.


Tommie Harris: Who knows! They are haters.

Todd, Iowa City: Is there anything that intimidates you going into your rookie season in the NFL?

Tommie Harris: The fear of failure.

K. Gilly (stoughton, MA): Tommie, Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry???

Tommie Harris: Halle Berry. No question.

Rudy, Oklahoma: So did Bob Stoops tell you to go ahead and leave early or did he try to get you stay one more year and go for #8?

Tommie Harris: We weighed the pros and cons and the pros outweighed the negatives.

chris - Htown.: Can I kick it with you and Halle?

Tommie Harris: Yeah, hook it up!

Adam, Norman: Are you glad not to be in spring practice right now?

Tommie Harris: In a way, but I do miss my teammates.

Tommie Harris: I have to run. Thanks for the questions.