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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Updated: June 10, 4:41 PM ET
Chat wrap: Eli Manning


Eli would rather not face Peyton twice in one season.
Welcome to's moderated chat room. On Friday, March 26, former Ole Miss quarterback and NFL Draft prospect Eli Manning dropped by to take your questions in chat.

Mel Kiper on Manning: "Manning has an outstanding arm and possesses tremendous pocket awareness. He has stepped up his intensity in the huddle as well as his leadership on and off the field. He's accurate, poised and intelligent."

Manning chatted about hitting the town with his brother Peyton, which type of offense he likes best, music and much more.

The following is a transcript from the March 26 chat:

Eli Manning: Hello everyone!

Alex (Telluride, Colorado): Eli: What team would you most like to go to?

Eli Manning: Really doesn't matter to me. Whatever team thinks I can help them out the most.

Tariq (NYC): What type of offense do you feel most comfertable in?

Eli Manning: In college we were in a two back, 3 receiver offense but it really doesn't matter to me. I just like to throw the ball a lot!

Eli Manning
Shawn, Tecumseh: Eli, what would be better for your development, a 1000 yard reciever or a 1500 yard rusher?

Eli Manning: Having a good RB always takes a lot of pressure off a young QB.

Bob, Rochester: Would you like to be in the same division as your brother?

Eli Manning: It really doesn't matter. It would be tough playing against Peyton twice a year.

Robert, Washington DC: What kind of advice has your brother given you as you're about to enter the NFL?

Eli Manning: He told me just to get the playbook and learn it as fast as possible before going into minicamp and practices.

John, San Diego: What do you feel makes you the best propsect in the draft?

Eli Manning: I think the fact I played in the SEC helped out. Speed-wise it's the closest thing to the NFL.

Jay, NY: Do you feel any extra pressure of doing well in the NFL because of the name "Manning"?

Eli Manning: I've been dealing with the pressure of following in Peyton and my fathers footsteps so long that it's no longer an issue.

Tom, Spokane: What is it like when you, Archie and Peyton go out on the town together?

Eli Manning: We usually like going someplace quiet where we don't get much attention. We don't get to see each other that often.

Nick Springboro Ohio: How's your bracket doing?

Eli Manning: I started off real hot and I've gotten real cold ever since.

Will the Chargers miss out on another QB named Manning?
Rod, Maryland: Where do you feel more comfortable, in the pocket or scramming outside the pocket?

Eli Manning: I'm not very fast so I feel comfortable inside the pocket, throwing.

Barin, Baton Rouge: Are you still going to participate in the Manning Passing Academy in Hammond?

Eli Manning: Yes, I will be at the Passing Academy with Peyton and the rest of my family.

Mike, Philadelphia: Did you see the St. Joe's game last night and do you think they will beat Oklahoma State?

Eli Manning: No, I was on my way here to ESPN.

Justin, Lansing: Which do you think would help your development more: knowing you're the starter going into the preseason or having to fight for it on the playing field?

Eli Manning: I think going in and playing early helps your development. You learn faster and you can correct your mistakes easier.

David, Charlottetown, Canada: Who was your favorite NFL team growing up?

Eli Manning: I grew up in New Orlean so the Saints were always my favorite team.

Zirus- Columbus: What is your favorite music?

Eli Manning: 80s music.

Jamie, Austin: What is your best strength as far as passing goes? Deep balls, out routes, quick short passes?

Eli Manning: I'd say throwing the intermediate balls.

Cory, Austin: 80s music? Like boy-band Poison and Motley Crue or Billy Ocean and Lionel Richie?

Eli Manning: Poison and Motley Crue.

Ray in Upton Wyoming: Do you have any pets Eli??

Eli Manning: No pets.

Jimbo, Cherry Hill: Who gets more ladies, Peyton or yourself?

Eli Manning: Peyton is married so I guess I do.

Diddy (Iowa City): What kind of posse will you have?

Eli Manning: I'm a one-man posse.

Joe NY: Who is your favorite actor?

Eli Manning: Ben Stiller.

tyler Stone/ Tatamagouche Nova Scotia Canada!: Have you ever wanted to play another positon in football?

Eli Manning: I've always been a QB. It's all I ever wanted to play.

Andy, Albany: What is your workout routine like Eli? Do you hit the weights a lot?

Eli Manning: I lift weights a lot and do a lot of running to stay in shape.

Rocky Oxford, MS: Hey E, Oxford or Orleans, where have you had the best time?

Eli Manning: Lately I've had a better time in Oxford. All my friends are still there.

Jackson, Indianapolis: What do you get a guy like Peyton Manning for Christmas?

Eli Manning: Golf balls. He loses a lot of them.

Thanks for the questions. It's been fun.