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Monday, June 21, 2004
Flashback: Rhode Island

The X Games is turning 10. Hard to believe, right? For even the most diehard of X Games fan, the thought of the early-August contest conjurs mental images of LOVE Park in Philly, the San Francisco Pier and the L.A. Coliseum. You think skateboarding, BMX and Moto X.

But travel back 10 years, and much farther north, to a very different setting. The X Games we know today is many shades removed from those first two years of Sky Surfing, Street Luge and Sport Climbing.

Take a trip with us now, back to the days when surfers fell from the sky and waterskiiers didn't need skis. Travel with us to Rhode Island, home of the first two X Games and home to Reunion X, a celebration of a decade of X Games history. The X Games, the event that changed not only the face of these sports, but the way we spell them.

X Games I (Actually called the Extreme Games)
When: June 24-July 1, 1995
Where: Newport, Providence and Middletown, RI / Mt. Snow, VT
Sports: Skateboard, Inline Skating, BMX, Sport Climbing, Sky Surfing, Street Luge, Barefoot Waterski Jumping, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, X Venture Race, Kiteskiing, Windsurfing

Memory Lane ...
  • The X Venture Race, an eco-challenge style race, sent five-person teams on a 250-mile race of mountain climbing, kayaking, rafting, power hiking and sailing from Maine to Newport. All five team members were required to travel—and cross the finish line—together. Team Thredbo from Australia won the debut event in 1995. The X Venture Race was removed from the lineup after three years.

  • Barefoot jumper Justin Sears wins the first X Games gold medal. His sport is only part of the X Games for four years.

  • Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, 27, comes out of his first retirement to compete in the Extreme Games. He retires again in 2003, after winning Vert Best Trick with his second 900.

    X Games II (The Exteme Games are renamed The X Games)

    When: June 24-30, 1996
    Where: Newport, RI
    Sports: Skateboard, Inline Skating, BMX, Sport Climbing, Sky Surfing, Street Luge, Barefoot Waterski Jumping, Wakeboarding, Bungee Jumping, X Venture Race

    Memory Lane ...
  • Dave Mirra wins his first X Games gold medal in Bike Stunt Street. He wins at least one gold medal in each of the next six X Games.

  • Of the nine X Games Tony Hawk competes in, this is the only year he does not win a gold medal. He settles for silver in Vert.

  • Andy MacDonald beats Tony Hawk in Skateboard Vert. This is Andy's first and only gold medal in Skateboard Vert. Together with Hawk, he wins six Vert Doubles golds.