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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Chat wrap: Bill Simmons

Did you miss The Sports Guy's live chat on Thursday, July 19? No problem. Here it is:

Bill Simmons: (2:03 PM ET ) Hi guys, sorry i'm late

Bill Simmons: (2:04 PM ET ) I just swung a major roto BB trade - Rich Harden for Aubrey Huff and all 320 pounds of Bartolo Colon

Bill Simmons: (2:04 PM ET ) Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian will have complete reactions on Baseball Tonight at 10:00 EST

tyler guntersvile: what is the latest on kobe

Kobe Bryant
Sports Guy on Kobe: ''He's a prima donna and an egomaniac''.
Bill Simmons: (2:06 PM ET ) Here's my theory on the Kobe situation - i don't think he ever had any intention of playing for the Clips, Bulls or anyone else - I think he's doing this whole thing to secure the maximum deal from LA (which he would have gotten from them anyway), and more importantly, to upstage the Shaq trade.

Bill Simmons: (2:07 PM ET ) I think it's been pretty much established at this point that he's a prima donna and an egomaniac.

Joseph El Monte: yeah but do you think the Clippers are a better fit? and if the clips don't get Kobe...what would they do with Q..he says he doesn't wanna come back....if we got his BF think he'll change his mind?

Bill Simmons: (2:09 PM ET ) I think the Clips are a better fit, yes, but he's too worried about what everyone thinks. If he stabs the Lakers and their fans in the back - after orchestrating the departures of Jackson and Shaq, and after everything they did for him last year as he was flying back and forth to his preliminary trials and hearings - he would come off horribly.

Bill Simmons: (2:10 PM ET ) I think Kobe cares about this stuff. But you're right, the Clips would give him a better chance to win right away, even if their point guard is 12 years-old.

DC, Tucson: do you think dampier is going to make a difference at all to whoever gets him?

Bill Simmons: (2:11 PM ET ) No. I think he busted his butt last year to get a new contract. he sleepwalked thru the previous 4 seasons. he's your classic example of everything that's wrong with free agency in any sport - you can try hard for a year, then get rewarded for the next six.

Joe Detroit: Do you think your beloved Red Sox will swing the deal for the Unit? Will you be dancing in the streets? I just pray its not the Yankees. Rooting for the Yanks is like rooting for the tanks in Tianamen Square.

Bill Simmons: (2:11 PM ET ) No... I don't think they're ready to give up on Nomar yet, they need his bat too much. They're #1 in the league in ERA right now - they need Nomar's bat more than they need Unit's arm.

Jeremy (Louisiana): Who can the Heat surround Shaq with to make them a legit contender? Also, have you heard who they might realistically pursue??

Bill Simmons: (2:13 PM ET ) I haven't read enough about this right now - as things stand, they have Shaq, Wade, E. Jones, Haslem, R. Butler, M. Allen, the high schooler, Doleac, Crockett and Tubbs. They have Doleach 4 years and $12 million, which was idiotic considering he was waived last year. I think they still have their smaller exemption ($1.6M) and half of their mid-level (something that starts at $2.5-3.0M), so they could realistically get two veterans.

Bill Simmons: (2:15 PM ET ) FYI: Last month they were 50-1 to win the title. Last night they were 12-1. Right now they're 10-1. If they were able to bring in two more role players - a veteran PG and another rebounder - I think they will be at 5-to-1 by the time the season starts.

Tyler, Little Rock: Any chance of Derek Fisher joining Shaq in Miami?

Bill Simmons: (2:15 PM ET ) I don't think so - he could get the full mid-level from a contender like Houston I think.

Scott, Cinci: Everyone acts like the Heat are instant champs, but are they even as good as the Lakers last year?

Bill Simmons: (2:17 PM ET ) On paper, not yet. I think Wade is much better than people realize. Eddie Jones is better than GP. They don't have anyone to compare to a healthy Mailman. And their 5-12 guys aren't as good yet as LA's last spring, which is pretty sad since that crew was below-average. But let's see what they do. I also think you have to factor in A) Angry Shaq, and B) Happy Shaq.

Tim, Limerick, PA: Who's in a better position now? Kobe or Shaq?

Bill Simmons: (2:18 PM ET ) Shaq. I think I would rather be the guy who isn't on trial for sexual assault. That's just me.

Bill (Jersey): Any chance that there's anyone left who will still believe Bruce Ratner's not trying to relive the days of the "Secaucus 7" if he lets K-Mart walk and only gets draft picks in return?

Bill Simmons: (2:21 PM ET ) Yeah, nobody's talking about this... how do you let KMart go? unbelievable. why even buy the team? I said this last year - they knew Jefferson and KMart were coming up for extensions, why not trade Kidd to SA for Parker and picks and build the team around Parker, KMart and RJ? Kidd has a TON of miles on him. Seriously, is there an NBA GM who really has any idea what they're doing? Other than maybe Joe D?

Jeff, Palo Alto: How do you think Lakers fans in LA will treat Kobe if he leaves for the Clippers? Will they treat him as the star guard who brought them 3 championships or as a traitor?

Bill Simmons: (2:22 PM ET ) Traitor. This will be like Clemens with the Red Sox, but 10X worse because Clemens never destroyed the franchise on his way out the door.

Dan. Exeter. NH: Off the subject: who are the Celtics more likely to get Erick Dampier or Stromile Swift?

Bill Simmons: (2:22 PM ET ) Swift.

Patrick (Boulder, CO): Is K-Mart really worth three draft picks? These picks could be lottery (especially the Wiz and the Clips). Are the Nugs panicking to keep pace with the rest of the conference?

Bill Simmons: (2:23 PM ET ) I never understood the logic to signing someone to a max deal AND giving up picks. Then again, I don't understand anything about the NBA anymore - teams are just plain dumb. There's NO WAY the Nets will match that offer. Kiki is panicking.

Scott - Cleveland: Boozer inserts a knife in our back the same week we get voted "most tortured sports city" by ESPN. Can someone make this stop.......please !!!!

Bill Simmons: (2:26 PM ET ) Yes, I've been meaning to write about this. This was terrible. Why isn't anyone mentioning that Boozer didn't just stab the Cavs in the back, he did it to Gordon Gund, one of the nicest owners in any spot. The guy is BLIND for God's sake! He stabbed a blind guy in the back! And yes, it's easy to make the "Well, that's easy for you to say - you're not the one who would have passed up $28 million" argument. I just feel like the Karma Gods catch up with you for decisions like that.

Bill Simmons: (2:28 PM ET ) In the words of Tony Montana, Boozer sold out one of the 2 things he has in life: his word. He also stabbed a blind guy in the back. And he gave up the chance to play with the Next Great Guy. I know he basically doubled his salary, but after you get over the $25 million mark, does it really even matter anymore? How big of a house can you buy? How many cars can you have? Arrrrrrrrrgh.

Nick-Philadelphia: Wasn't any agreement that Boozer might've made with the Cavs against the CBA though?

Bill Simmons: (2:29 PM ET ) Yes, which is why the Cans - in a way - deserved what they got. They were trying to get a deal on Boozer by circumventing the rules, which seems pretty illegal to me. Then again, they were putting their trust that Boozer and his agent wouldn't jam a knife into a blind guy's back, so it seemed like a pretty fair leap of faith.

Adam Birmingham, AL: I think Boozer's career will mimick that of Marbury, and I hope one day he has to play on an Isiah Thomas run team.

Bill Simmons: (2:30 PM ET ) Me, too. I hope his chest hair falls off. Derrick (Denver): Do you really have an intern, or is he just a character you have created in your own little Sports Guy World?

Bill Simmons: (2:30 PM ET ) I really do... he's already overworked, underpaid and disgruntled. And he's only beenm out of college for 2 months. Welcome to the real world!

Chris (Valencia): Where would you like to see Vince Carter end up?

Bill Simmons: (2:31 PM ET ) The Detroit Shock.

Micah(Orange County): Don't you think that in two years the Jazz will be regretting giving Boozer that much money, he's been playing against the east the last two years, that isn't the same as playing against, Duncan, KG, Webber, Dirk and the rest of the West with Okur as yor center

Bill Simmons: (2:35 PM ET ) People don't realize this: The Jazz HAVE TO OVERPAY FOR GUYS. They're in Utah! Who the hell would want to play in Utah? I'm not saying it's a beautiful place, and that there's not a ton of stuff to do... but... I mean... well, read between the lines.

Charles, Hattiesburg, MS: I know Ginobili plays with wreckless abandon, an has endless energy off the bench, but is he really worth all the money the Spurs are paying him?

Bill Simmons: (2:37 PM ET ) No. He's a good guy to have on your team, just like Brian Cardinal and Rafer Alston. He's definitely a starter. On the right team, he's very valuable. But he's also 27, and I think he is what he is at this point. He's making about $20 million more than he should. Then again, you could say that about anybody.

Bryan (Chicago): If Boozer were going to the Celtics, you'd be dancing in the streets and the happiest man alive. You'd defend him until the day you died.

Bill Simmons: (2:37 PM ET ) Are you talking about Vin Baker?

Billy Mutch (San Francisco): You think Cardinal and Rafer were good signings for that money? Are you taking crazy pills?

Bill Simmons: (2:38 PM ET ) No... I think they doubled their actual value. i like both of those guys. The fact that they're making a combined $70 million tells you where we are with the NBA right now.

Ben, Montreal: Assuming Carter stays, what move do you think the Raps need to make in order to improve the team?

Bill Simmons: (2:39 PM ET ) Buy him some testosterone.

Bubba (Colorado State Prison): I am looking forward to Kobe being my "lady" in a couple of months

Bill Simmons: (2:39 PM ET ) Thank you bubba!

Dan (Gainesville): With all the hype that Isiah got for turning around the Knicks last season, don't you love seeing them burdened wth all of these long-term un-tradeable contracts?

Bill Simmons: (2:42 PM ET ) Yes... although by the time the summer ends, I think they will have 2-3 more long-term untradeable contracts. Isiah could potentially top his work with the CBA and the Pacers by the time this summer is over.

Sergio (Toronto): What do you think of the Raptors drafting Araujo?

Bill Simmons: (2:43 PM ET ) I think he will get in at least 3 phenomenal fights next season. He's the Spanish Laimbeer. I like him. He shouldn't have gone 8th though. The Raptors GM makes Jim Paxson look like Stephen Hawking.

Jordan (Houston): How is Mark Cuban considered such a personal genius? Every big name he's pursued has gone somewhere else. And now to save face for losing Shaq, he's going after Vince Carter, who should fit nicely in Dallas since he underachieves but looks great doing it? Am I the only one who's noticed this?

Bill Simmons: (2:45 PM ET ) I agree. He's had the worst summer out of anybody. That Jamison trade was awful. Letting Steve Nash go was awful. Not trading for Shaq was awful. I think he's spending a little too much time on... "The Benefactor, coming this fall to ABC!"

Kyle, Boston: Yo what do you think of Tony Allen and Delonte

Bill Simmons: (2:48 PM ET ) I couldn't be more excited about them and Jefferson. it's not possible. I'll have more on this next week. This could be - potentially - the best Celtics draft in 50 years. Watch them tonight on NBATV - 7:30PM. You will be very surprised when you see Jefferson. He's ready NOW to play 25 mins a game. He's like a cross between Cedric Maxwell and Kenyon Marton. They lucked out. Plain and simple. You don't know how good someone is from a small place like Mississippi until he's thrown out there with the big boys. There's just no way to tell.

Bill Simmons: (2:52 PM ET ) I think the Celts could surprise some people next year... they still have 1 trade to make because they have to move Ricky Davis to open up PT for Tony Allen, who was the steal of the draft. I don't think you'll see Ricky on the team in 3 weeks. Or Chucky Atkins.

My ideal trade: Ricky to New Orleans, Mashburn to Boston, and Chucky goes to Houston for their trade exemption and a No. 1. I think this even works. But I'd like to see them do something like that - package them both for either a small forward who can score or a low-post guy.

Harry,Sante Fe NM: Is there going to be a Mitch Kupchak Face by the time this afternoon is over?

Bill Simmons: (2:52 PM ET ) He's been working on that for months. It always looks like he just bumped his head.

Scott, St Petersburg FL: If Cheryl Miller shaved her head, again, and pretended to be her brother for one game, how many points would she score?

Bill Simmons: (2:53 PM ET ) What do you mean, "if"?

Jries Philly: Delonte West = Joe Forte undersize SG trying to become a PG.... out of the league in 3

Bill Simmons: (2:54 PM ET ) See, that's wrong. Delonte IS a point guard. He was playing out of position at St. Joe's for 3 years because they had Nelson. He's not a 2-guard. He's already the best point guard on the Celtics. Marcus Banks will never be anything more than 1 of those change-of-pace Robert pack guys.

San Diego: Your take on Maria Sherapova vs Anna K in a mud wrestling contest?

Bill Simmons: (2:54 PM ET ) I think everyone wins.

Doug, Atlanta, GA: What recourse, if any, would the Clippers or Lakers have if Kobe were convicted? Would they be on the hook for the full $100 mil?

Bill Simmons: (2:55 PM ET ) Nobody is talking about this. You would think it's relevant. I'm hoping for some sort of "Jericho Mile"-type resolution where they would actually play all the home games in the prison.

Jazz, Boston: What are the chances of seeing Bill Simmons on Around the Horn?

Bill Simmons: (2:57 PM ET ) What are the chances of hell freezing over? You will not see me yelling at someone in a split-screen in this lifetime. Unless there's a gun being held to my head.

Mike, Boston: What are the chances of seeing Bill Simmons in a 'USA Up All Night' movie?

Bill Simmons: (2:58 PM ET ) Considerably better than "Around the Horn." I could play the pizza guy or something of that ilk. "Did anyone order a large pepperoni?"

Ali (Stoney Creek, ON): do u take the Sports Gal when you go to the events u cover like the Super Bowl or the All Star game?

Bill Simmons: (2:59 PM ET ) No. I'm not that fun to be with... travelling with a guy who's up until 4AM writing columns isn't exactly the definiton of good times.

Justin, LA: Did you attend the ESPYs?

Bill Simmons: (2:59 PM ET ) Yes. I will have some stories tomorrow. Seeing Diana Taurasi walking around in high heels was the highlight of my year.

Lynnley Whiteford (New York): Myself being a Laker fan and you being a Celtics fan who is worse Danny Ainge or Mitch Kupchak?

Bill Simmons: (3:00 PM ET ) Kupchak. Danny actually knows talent. he's just impetuous and can't control himself from tinkering with the team. Kupchak hasn't done one thing to prove that he knows anything.

Alex ( Miami ): What are the chances Jerry Buss walks up to the podium, rips up a slip of paper , and says "Kobe Stays"

Bill Simmons: (3:01 PM ET ) Okay, that would be the highlight of my year.

Matt, Boston: Why does ESPN have against the Pats and Tom Brady? Why didn't they win the best team and why didn't Brady win best athlete ?

Bill Simmons: (3:02 PM ET ) Honestly, I feel like they're trying to hurt me personally.

Dan, Minneapolis: Make it WWE style and then have Kobe walk in in a Lakers Jersey, rip that offf throw on a Clippers jersey as the announcers yell NOOOOO

Bill Simmons: (3:04 PM ET ) I would love that. He could even hit Jerry Buss over the head with a steel chair, knocking his toupee into reporters. This would be the greatest moment in the history of sports.

James (Garwood, NJ): Do you think Tara Reid's recent "chest augmentation" was an attempt to get Tom Brady back? and if she was able to, would that ruin your year?

Bill Simmons: (3:04 PM ET ) Yes and yes.

Evan (Los Angeles): It's 12:04pm where is Kobe playing?????

Bill Simmons: (3:05 PM ET ) Kobe just pulled a Kelly Taylor - he thanked the Clips and Lakers for their interest, then he said, "I choose me." He's starting his own team.

Shawn (Las Vegas): Tori "Donna Martin" Spelling recently got hitched. Did you send a gift?

Bill Simmons: (3:08 PM ET ) I was very upset that she didn't invite me, So no. Luke Perry didn't go either. I think they were afraid that he was going to reenact his performance at Donna Martin's debutante party, when he put his feet on the table and berated Brandon. That was ugly, Bad times.

Bill Simmons: (3:10 PM ET ) According to ESPN News, Kobe is STAYING with the Lakers. Seriously. So there you go. Gee, I can't believe he orchestrated this whole thing to upstage the Shaq Trade! I only told you that was exactly what would happen 1 hour ago!

Bill Simmons: (3:11 PM ET ) Could somebody wake Elgin Baylor up from his 3PM nap and tell him that Kobe isn't coming to the Clippers?

Bill (Birmingham, MI): Dear Lamar, Welcome Back, Sincerely, Your friend Mary Jane

Jon (Ann Arbor, MI): Now the Clips just gave away Ely and House for absoluetly nothing... Did they REALLY think they were getting Kobe???

Bill Simmons: (3:14 PM ET ) Classic Clippers. Just classic. They're the best. Then again, they have cap money now to reunite D-Miles and Q-Tip, which would have been the highlight of my year if I didn't see Diana Taurasi walking around in high heels last night.

Tom (New City, NY): Is it ok to bring your girlfriend to vegas bachelor party? My buddy who got our rooms comped is trying to orchestrate it...

Bill Simmons: (3:15 PM ET ) No. it's illegal.

Dave (Baltimore): NBA DRAFT BREAKING NEWS: Welcome back to the Lottery Mr. Baylor

Bill Simmons: (3:15 PM ET ) That's why he was once described as "veteran on the NBA lottery process" Elgin Baylor.

Geoff (Syracuse, NY): Why aren't you on any of those VH1 specials like I Love the 90s or Best Week Ever?

Bill Simmons: (3:16 PM ET ) I'm in the sequel. I couldn't get over to tape something for the 1st one because of my schedule with Jimmy's show. Also, Joel Stein slashed my tires on the day I was supposed to drive over there.

Brian, Ann Arbor, MI: What now for the clippers? Do they try to pull the carpet from under Kobe by signing Derek Fisher and Horace Grant?

Bill Simmons: (3:17 PM ET ) Boy, that would turn things upside down.

Barry Bonds (AnswerMyQuestionville, SF, CA): BILL!!!! Do you think Kobe made the right choice? Is he going to be known for carrying the Lakers or for decimating a dynasty?

Bill Simmons: (3:18 PM ET ) It was never a choice. he was never going to the Clippers. It was never happening. He was trying to upstage the Shaq Trade. Nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

Tremayne ( outerpace, Milkway): The Clippers can still sign some vetrans to help thier youth and make some noise in the west. Bob Sura would be a solid short term Pick up at point and Reberca would be a solid back up 5. Giving them depth and a different look .

Bill Simmons: (3:18 PM ET ) I agree. I would throw in D-Miles as well. That's a fun team if they make 2-3 nice low-budget signings.

Al(New Orleans): Doesnt this now leave the west wide open?? Prediction: Lakers dont even make the playoffs next year

Bill Simmons: (3:19 PM ET ) Not a bad prediction.

Dre (philly): Will stern make a kobe-shaq final happen? Shouldn't the tagline to that be "Good teammates; Better Enemies" ala WWE

Bill Simmons: (3:20 PM ET ) I agree. That's a great idea. They should have Vince McMahon produce all the NBA telecasts this year.

Denny, Houston: Are you kidding me? The Lakers will still be a powerhouse. C' Mon! Kobe is still the best player in the league no matter what anyone else says.

Bill Simmons: (3:21 PM ET ) If he's in the league next year.

Anuj (Chicago): If Kobe never wins another championship without Shaq, what do you think his legacy will be? One of the greatest players of all time? Or will people start dumping on him, a la Scottie Pippen (who always gets ripped undeservedly)?

Bill Simmons: (3:22 PM ET ) Tarnished. And yes, Pippen gets ripped undeservedly. As would Kobe. He's still one of the better playoff performers of the past 20 years. Nothing that happens over the next 6 years should change that.

Bill Buffalo: What is the next breaking news going to be..Water is wet? Teenagers drink?

Bill Simmons: (3:23 PM ET ) I know... can you believe how much time and energy was wasted on ESPN for Coach K, Kobe-Clips and the Shaq trade? Will we ever get those 4 weeks back?

Bill Simmons: (3:24 PM ET ) Okay, I'm wrapping this up... thanks to everyone who took the time to write in, this was fun as always.