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Thursday, September 9, 2004
Users respond to's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about Baylor, Syracuse, team fashions, Hawaii and many other teams from across the country.

Here's what you had to say about the Week 1 rankings:

Some good old Baylor lines

Wow! Last spring, Baylor wins its first ever national championship (in men's tennis). A few weeks ago, a Baylor junior won Olympic gold in the 400 meters. And now our football team ascends to the top of the Bottom 10. Oh yeah, things are looking up in Waco!

Chuck (Waco, Texas)

Baylor No. 1 on the Bottom 10? Come on. Now they are bad but there are many teams far worse. If they lose to Texas State this weekend, I'm inclined to agree. But for now they don't deserve the #1 ranking.

Jon (Houston)

Here's one Baptist who went straight to the bar after Baylor's defeat at the hands of UAB. I don't know what's worse; giving UAB its largest win (points wise) in the history of its D-I athletics program, or having to listen to the windbags on the call in show claiming Baylor should drop out of D-I. Don't blame it on the coaching staff, Morriss is in a no-win situation; it takes time and heart to get out of the bottom of the toughest division in DI football (Big XII South).

Love the Bottom 10, go Army, Sic 'em Bears.

Jeff (Waco)

As much as I hate to admit it, you were dead on in putting Baylor at the #1 spot. I was one of the few unfortunate fools that made the trip to Birmingham, Ala. I can't believe you left out the part where we spiked it on 4th down! That alone would be worthy of the #1 spot.

Ryan (Dallas)

Granted Baylor is a lower-tier team in the Big 12, but ranking them at #1 for losing to UAB??? Watson Brown has steadily built a team that competes well in Conference USA. Could this not be more of a reflection that UAB is a better team than some outside of C-USA expected rather than Baylor is so aweful???

Eric (Norfolk)

This Baylor team is worse than the Bears who went 3-28 from 1969-1971. When will the agony end?

Nashville, Tenn

Fashion police

Virginia Tech's uniforms and school colors have to be the worst in the nation. Lets give the Pokes a break for at least one week.

Dan (Sheridan, Wyo.)

As a guy that grew up in Wyo you are killing me with the uniform comments. Brown and Gold isn't great but did you see the Iowa uni's last weekend. Even WYO doesn't look that bad. But a 53-7 win over a I-AA makes us look a little better.

Jeremy (Denver)

The consistent hacking on Wyoming's uniforms has got to stop! We are Cowboys! Not Beavers nor Bruins, not suited for lavendar, orange or some other color only 6-year-old girls would wear. We are a football team, not beauty contestants. Keep an eye out for Wyoming's Brown and Gold mixed with opponents blood this fall. We're back.

Paul (Cheyenne)

You still don't love the UW Brown and Prarie Gold?? It's got pizazz, it's original and on top of that, it is dead sexy!!

J Halley

Editor's note: Thanks to J Halley's dead funny e-mail, Wyoming's uniforms will not be on the Bottom 10 -- well, at least for one week anyway.

Split decision

After reading your first few Bottom 10 polls, I am a bit shocked and awed over your selections. I do not understand what Army has to do to be a competitor on this poll. I am an alum of the prestigious United States Military Academy and saw first hand the level of ineptitude displayed by our football team. Don't take that the wrong way -- most of the players there are there for different reasons, but there is no denying their skills (or lack thereof) on the football field. Please reconsider and make Army No. 1. They are, after all, the two-time defending champion. Three-peat! Three-peat! Three-peat!

Big Mike (Afghanistan)

I am not a fan of the Army football team. But, considering what their student athletes and students do for our country after graduating should warrant the football team exclusion from the Bottom 10. Just a thought, please consider.

Colleen (Kingston)

Taking a knee

It sure is nice to be a team with a 13 game losing streak and somehow manage to stay off this list!!! Mike Leach is classless and his offense is a joke. I can't wait to see Trailer Trash University, which many people outside of Lubbock like to call it, on your list as soon as Big 12 juggernauts like the number one team this week give them a run for their money. Texas Tech would be better led by their class act of a coach, Mister Bobby Knight himself, and maybe they could get choked into having some respect for the game.

Matt Bragman (Dallas)

I'm not here to defend Mike Leach but there is no way you can put Leach on the list without including Phil Bennett. He could have acted like a man and voiced his complaints after the game to the media...instead, he chose to act like a child, run across the field to attack Leach, and nearly started an all-out brawl that could have resulted in injuries. Really, how is that good coaching etiquette?

Danny (Lubbock, Texas)

First off, I am an SMU student, and bravo for taking them off of the Bottom 10. They played Texas Tech very tough, and while in the end the better team won, they appear on the way to a good 4 or 5 wins this year. As for Mike Leach, I see he is on the waiting list, but I think a man who feels the need to run up the score on a team who, the year before, went winless, spent time at No. 1 on the Bottom 10, and finished Number 2, deserves the No. 5 spot. Hawaii was terrible, but what Leach did was inexcusable and he definately deserves a spot.

Daniel Garcia (Dallas)

Color me blue (and orange)

Yes I would like you to place Syracuse as the worst team in Division 1 next week. If you could help me out with that, I can forward the link to the school's AD, and maybe, just maybe he will fire our coach's butt. If you can't do that though, could you see about having a columnist for write an article called "why Syracuse needs a new coach". Thanks for your time.

Eric (Syracuse)

Syracuse #10?, man that's rough.

Santa Clara, Calif.

Syracuse in the Bottom 10? Purdue has a great offense, and its just one game. They have a top ten back in Walter Reyes. There are plenty of worse teams.

Ian, Atlanta

U. of KY is terrible, as is "Old Man" Brooks. How can they not be No. 1 with a bullet?

James (Lexington, Ky.)

How about Kentucky? I mean they did cross the 50 yeard line once during an offensive drive. Don't worry there will be more 'offensive' Rich Brooks football to come.

Josh (Lexington)

And the nominees are ...

How about Notre Dame? This is a crew that made BYU's 'D' conjure up images of the '92 Bama, '85 Sooner and 2003 LSU squads. Neuter Dame to the Big Ten? I hear the Sun Belt's looking?!

Erik (Vermillion, S.D.)

How could you forget UH, as in the University of Houston. After winning 7 games last year, they came into the year with HIGH hopes for an improvement. Instead, they totally show up lame and lose to perennial powerhouse Rice in the season opener, losing 10-7, with the touchdown coming in the final seconds.

Mark (Sugar Land, Texas)

"Directional Michigan Schools" should be life time Bottom 10 members!

Matt (Burr Oak, Mich.)

I REALLY think that Michigan St. should be in the Bottom 10 after losing to Rutgers for goodness sakes. Come on now!

Leland (Roanoke)

Go tell Texas fans to go buy their Holiday Bowl tickets. $60 Million football budget and 0 National Titles in 30 years. That's worth a Bottom 10 somewhere.

Judd (Fort Worth)

How did the Utah State Aggies not get on the list of top ten worst teams. Our football program is a disgrace. We are by far the worst team in the country.

Mike (Logan)

What about the Oregon State kicker? I don't know that he really needs any more harrassment but 0-for-3 in extra points probably should get you at least mentioned as an also ran.


Why is North Carolina on the Bottom 10 waiting list? They won the season opener. In fact, all of the other candidates lost this past weekend. I'm not saying that UNC is a great football team, but they don't deserve to be on the waiting list, yet. UNC will probably lose against UVa, but that would put them at .500 which is better than Syracuse, Notre Dame, or UCLA. Put those sorry football teams on that list.

Robert Smith (San Diego)

Nomination for Pillow Fight of the Week II: Wyoming's unis v. the unit formerly known as the Wrecking Crew. Who will prevail?????????

Clay (Midland, Texas)