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Monday, October 25, 2004
Links of the day

By The Intern
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Stacy -- If Rick Pitino isn't walking through that door at your next corporate event, how about Stacy from "The Apprentice"? I'm sure "Don't Take No For An Answer" would be worth hearing, considering how well it worked out with the dog costumes. You could also get "Dating Tips for Young Professionals." I'm guessing "Don't take no for an answer" is one of them.

E! Online (10/24) -- As a result of a clogged toilet, an insurance company is after Lenny Kravtiz for $333,849.77. How is this even possible? The first night of college, my suitemate passed out in the shower, causing four floors of water damage. A van pulled up with a huge hose that sucked water out of the building all day, and it only cost three grand worth of damage. Who's handling the reconstruction of this apartment, Halliburton?

Daily Telegraph (10/24) -- Mark Philippoussis, fresh off four hours of surfing, tells the media, "If you look after me, I will look after you." Did his use this line on Paris Hilton?

Rocky Mountain News (10/22) -- Carmelo Anthony, fresh off a marijuana misdemeanor, tells the media, "Damn, it's not a murder case." This is what happens when you with associate with guys named Slim. When I studied in Italy, I got a cell phone and there was only one number programmed in: Slim. Two weeks later, a guy in a Yankees coat tried to sell me hashish outside a cathedral. His name was Slim. There's no connection here, but I just wanted to feel like J Peterman for a minute.

Yahoo! News (10/24)

-- "What can I say folks? Live TV!" Um, no, not exactly, Jude. It's frustrating to think 15 years ago, Ashlee Simpson's career could have been ruined by this. Now she's singing live again tonight. I haven't found a clip of this on any site I'm allowed to link to, but I'll keep looking. The "exaggerated hopping dance moves" are all they're cracked up to be. All that's missing is Jimmy Fallon on guitar, biting his lip.

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