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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Updated: January 11, 3:49 PM ET
Knights claim Bottom 10 crown

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The Bottom inspirational thought of the week:

I tried to find myself
For a very long time
Somewhere I lost myself
It's so hard to find my way back home
My body's roaming all day long
Feels like a real bad dream
I try so hard to break free
And even though I try
Something else is got a hold on me

Will I ever be in control of me
So when will I wake up
Escape from this crazy dream
Maybe tomorrow
I'll find a better dream for me

-- Los Lonely Boys, "Crazy Dream"

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Even though Army's two-year Bottom 10 reign is officially over, the Bottom 10 still is a Knight's tale. The dream of a three-peat for the Black Knights of the Hudson ended with back-to-back wins in October, but the Bottom 10 dream lives on in Army's worthy successor, the Golden Knights from Central Florida.

Central Florida capped off a perfect season with a 41-24 loss to Kent State to secure the No. 1 spot in the the final 2004 Bottom 10 ranking. While the Golden Knights didn't play enough games to match the Black Knights' record-setting 0-13 mark in 2003, their 0-11 season certainly adheres to Bottom 10 standards.

Several teams made a good run at the final highly coveted No. 5 spot. Missouri failed to live up to the preseason hype. Nebraska suffered its first losing season in 43 years and failed to qualify for a bowl appearance for the first time in 35 years. JoePa's Penn State squad suffered through another losing season too. Minnesota collapsed again after an impressive start.

However, the final No. 5 spot has to go to the BCS. The system has created far more questions than answers. Will Auburn, Oklahoma or USC be left out of the title game? Do undefeated Utah and Boise State deserve to be in a BCS game? Should they also have a shot at the title game? Does Cal or Texas deserve an at-large berth? Or both?

Los Lonely Boys, a favorite of Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Paul McCartney, will guide this sad collection of teams in the Bottom 10's 2004 swan song.

With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10:'s Bottom 10
 RankTeam2004 Rec.Comment
1.Central Florida0-11"Nobody Else" The Golden Knights are the only Division I-A team not to win a game this season.
2.Western Michigan1-10"Tell Me Why" The Broncos' lone win was in the season opener against Division I-AA Tennessee Martin.
3.Washington1-10"Onda" The Huskies rode the wave of a winless Pac-10 campaign to the highest final ranking ever for a BCS team.
4.Ball State2-9"Velvet Sky" The only time these Cardinals were fit for flight was against Central Florida and Western Michigan.
5.BCS0-2"Crazy Dream" Maybe the next round of tweaks to the BCS formula will finally fix the system.
6.Buffalo2-9"Heaven" Any Bottom 10 including the Bulls is pretty close to perfection.
7.East Carolina2-9"Hollywood" Think someone in Tinsel Town would be interested in a script about a group of outcasts led by Pirates and Knights?
8.San Jose State2-9"Los Lonely Boys" Frustrated Fitz Hill resigned as coach of the Spartans to become an instructor at Central Florida. No joke.
9.UNLV2-9"More Than Love" Sure, the Rebels could use some TLC, but a new coach and good recruiting class are more pressing needs.
10.Temple2-9"Real Emotions" With their final Big East season over, this could be the end of the Owls in Division I-A.

Waiting list: Arkansas State (3-8), Army (2-8), Baylor (3-8), Duke (2-9), Idaho (3-9), Illinois (3-8), Indiana (3-8), Houston (3-8) Kentucky (2-9), Rice (3-7), SMU (3-8), Utah State (3-8) and Vanderbilt (2-9).