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Friday, December 24, 2004
Updated: January 7, 4:00 PM ET
Girls Gone Wild

By Heidi "Ritz" Fitzgerald

Sunday, December 5, at a recently completed bowl in an undisclosed location in Hawaii, a group of top female skateboarders, yours truly included, unleashed havoc as the All-Girl Skate Jam returned with a twist: no vert, no street, just bowls and pool coping. Ten girls received invitations to the AGSJ and were flown to Hawaii, and an additional 10 girls found their own way to the island, some with the help of sponsors, to ride in the Jam.

The weekend kicked off with Friday night's oceanfront Luau at Turtle Bay, where we ate Hawaiian dinners while being serenaded by native music and walked around barefoot as the sand caressed our feet. It rained sunny showers on and off throughout most of the next day, so many of the girls had a chance to surf and relax at the beach.
The girls gathered in Hawaii for the 2004 All-Girl Skate Jam.
Sunday morning started with the sound of barking pool coping, and the girls were ready to tear it up. The organizers made a last-minute decision to make the event a demo instead of a contest so we could just skate and have fun. The pressure was off and the day was perfect. Even the boys who showed up had a chance to ride. Tony Alva (the event emcee), Jimmy The Greek, Benji Galloway and a few local rippers all dropped in, inspiring us to ride even harder.

Cara-Beth charged, throwing down big indy airs with smooth style and a sweet backside roll-in. Mimi Knoop powered threw the bowl and pushed up a few nice inverts. Amber Cangilose skated with pure style and sick frontside carve grinds and 50-50's. Jessica Starkweather and Nicole Zuck skated aggressively with high-speed frontside and backside grinds and airs.

Kim Petersen tore up the coping with the most powerful grinds of the day and a few nice frontside airs. Canaan Omer dished out mean frontside carve grinds and 50-50's in the bonus pocket. April Woodcock, Caylen Dakin and Annie Sullivan, all new riders to the scene, heated up the bowl with a new-school flavor. Young local ripper Cody Peer had mad mini-ramp skills and lots of speed to cruise with the big girls in the bowl. Watch out for her in the near future.
Elissa Steamer relaxes after a long day of riding in the sun.
The Roster: Cara-Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, Heidi Fitzgerald, Kim Petersen, Amber Cangliose, Jessica Starkweather, Nicole Zuck, Canaan Omer, Heidi Kreis, Caylen Dakin, April Woodcock, Isabelle Caudle, Annie Sullivan, Juawels Bauer and local rider Cody Peer. Street ripper Elissa Steamer even threw down some grinds.

The Injury Report: I started off the day by getting socked in the face with my board and left the first blood in the bowl. But an energy drink and a brief break and I was quickly back on my board. Heidi Kreis rolled into the bowl, twice slamming so hard on her hip it echoed, but she just brushed the dust off and rode away. Amber, Jessica, Kim, and Nicole all took a few for the team, but hey, hippers and swellbows are to be expected.

Guest Stars: Pro surfers Rochelle Ballard and Melanie Bartels, who star in the new surf DVD "A Girl's Surf Addiction" by O'Neill, stopped by to check out the skating, and snowboarder Tina Basich and GKA TV dropped by to support the girls.
Mimi Knoop.
AGSJ Sponsors: Royal Order, Cholos Restaurant, Happy Campers, FlowLab, Chorus, Gravity Skateboards, Independent, Hawaiian Tropics, Ogio backpacks. All the girls would like to thank Jay Adams for the use of your house and Steve Ellis for making our dreams come true. Everyone left with the feeling of satisfaction and thinking of the next day to grind. Mahalo!


CB Burnside: "Best Trick"

Apryl Woodcock: "Best Up and Comer"

Nicole Zuch: "Best Flow"

Kim Peterson: "Best Grinds"

Isabelle Caudle: "Best Mom/Teacher Skater"

Mimi Knoop: "Best Invert"

Amber Cangliose: "Best Style"

Cnaan Omer: "Best Front-side Carve"

Elissa Steamer: "Best Fakie Rock in Pool"

Heidi Fitzgerald: "Best Hits on the Pool"

Jessica Starkweather: "Best Most Powerful Ripper"