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Monday, January 17, 2005
Updated: January 25, 3:42 PM ET
Product Preview: Gloves Galore

By By Alyssa Roenigk, Glove Guru

Snow season is well under way (well, unless you live on the east coast), which means it's just about time to make a mid-season equipment switch.

But before you smash your piggy bank and run off to the nearest shop, check out our picks for the warmest, styliest, most versatile hand heaters around.
Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere
(All-Condition Gloves)

[Editor's Pick]
  • Dakine Cobra GT (men) and Comet GT (women) — - $69.95 / $59.95

    Available in both men's and women's styles, the GT line is our pick for best all-around snowboard glove. These stylish under-gloves are made of Gore Tex and well insulated for season-long riding. Their affordable price make them a must-have for any snowboarder.

    [The Rest of the Best]
  • GMC Knight Rider glove — - $79.95
  • Burton Ronin R.P.M. all-leather glove — $69.95
  • Defcon Sentinal Glove/Mitt — - $89.95
  • Grenade Operative glove — - $59.95
    Hike and Destroy
    (Pipe Gloves)

    [Editor's Picks]
  • GMC Jackson leather glove with Thriller liner — -$59.95

    Designed in honor of The Gloved One himself, these all-leather pipe gloves look goooood. But pipe shreds beware: fall wrong and slice your mug to shreds on the three metal zippers. Perfect for the pipe ... before you drop in.

  • Grenade Floyd glove — - $39.95

    Designed in honor of the Pink band by the same name, these moderately priced under-gloves can be spotted from space, so bring your A-game if you're daring enough to drop in wearing these flare-a-plenty pair.

    [The Rest of the Best]
  • Bonfire Optic all-leather gloves — - $89.95
  • Scott Neo Glove — - $45
    No Wrist Wreckers
    (Built-In Protection)

    [Editor's Pick]
  • Level Fly mitt (men) — - $79.95

    Level has the distinction of being the only glove company on the market with Biomex Plus, a.k.a. built-in wrist guards, and we prefer the fit of the mitts to the gloves. Finally. No more trying to stuff rollerblade wrist guards under your gloves. Woo hoo!

    [The Rest of the Best]
  • Level Butterfly glove (women) — - $84.95
    Waaaaay Back
    (Extreme-Condition Gloves)

    [Editor's Pick]
  • Black Diamond Mercury Mit — - $79.95

    Seriously the warmest gloves we tried ... and we tested a lot of gloves. The Black Diamonds are not only the warmest and most comfortable mittens of the bunch—they're the cheapest. Go figure.

    [The Rest of the Best]
  • Burton Continuum Fuse mittens — - $149.95
  • The North Face Jupiter Glove — - $95