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Monday, January 24, 2005
Updated: January 25, 5:25 PM ET
Winter Product Roundup

By Alyssa Roenigk

Before you head to Aspen to check out the Winter X Games, check out our picks for the best products to tote along with you. Whether you're looking to be the styliest, warmest ... or most frugal rider on the hill, we've got all your must-haves here.

Scroll below to scope out editors' picks for winter hats, goggles, gloves, bags and helmets. Read up, then head on out to your local shop. See you at the Games!

Top Hats: Winter Hat Preview
The hottest hats for the coldest months.

Click here to check out the first installment of our product-review series, where we bring you the best lids the winter world has to offer.

Grab Your Goggles
We check out the latest in goggle tech.

Click here for our picks for the best in vision-shielding, eyeball-protecting tech.

Bag It: Top Picks
We sort the top totes by sport.

Click here to read our pics for the top gear bags by sport, and then check out our four favorite non-sport-specific bags in The Short List.

Review: Helmet Heads
We test this season's toughest toppers.

Click here to find out which brain buckets are best.

Review: Gloves Galore
Our picks to keep your hands toasty and your wallet full.

Before you smash your piggy bank and run off to the nearest shop, click here to check out our picks for the warmest, styliest, most versatile hand heaters around.