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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Fact or Fiction: Super Bowl XXXIX

Everyone has opinions about what will happen during the NFL season. And the predictions will either prove to be true or false.

So we've made four bold statements about Super Bowl XXXIX and asked our ESPN experts -- former NFL players Eric Allen and Mike Golic -- whether or not they believe the statements will eventually become fact or fiction.

On which side of the fence do they sit? Click on the links below for their answers.

The Eagles are in trouble if Brian Westbrook combines for less than 150 yards
The Eagles are in trouble if Corey Dillon runs for 100 or more yards
The Patriots are in trouble if Donovan McNabb throws for 300 or more yards
The Patriots are in trouble if Tom Brady throws for less than 200 yards

The Eagles are in trouble if Brian Westbrook combines for less than 150 yards
Mike Golic
Fact: Brian Westbrook is going to be the offensive weapon that quarterback Donovan McNabb has to rely on for a win. He's had over 100 yards in the past two games, but that won't be enough against this stingy defense. This isn't an easy goal at all for Westbrook to reach because he's going to be the focus of the defense with wide receiver Terrell Owens not near 100 percent. The Eagles are going to have to come up with different ways to get Westbrook the ball. They can't just rely on draws and screens to get him the ball because they are going against one of the best and smartest group of linebackers in the league. They have to line him up in the slot occasionally and find other ways to get him out.

Eric Allen
Fact: Brian Westbrook is the key to everything that the Eagles do now that Terrell Owens is a potential non-factor. The Eagles have to find a way to get him the ball as much as possible because they are going to need it in his hands. He's an excellent player and the most explosive player on the Eagles offense. He also can open up the middle of the field for the Eagles tight ends by taking a linebacker deep, which will give the Eagles more opportunities to win. So his participation in this game isn't going to be more than just when he touches the ball. He'll loom just as large when he doesn't have the ball.