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Thursday, September 2, 1999
Updated: September 7, 9:42 PM ET
Life on FLW Tour

By Daniel and Annie Keyes

July 15 - July 21

We went camping for the weekend with the Manchester Bass Club, the club that Dan started his tournament fishing in. We had a great time; it was good to see people again who we haven't seen since last year. They fished Lake Winnepesaukee, tournament format, on Saturday and Sunday, and Dan entered it for fun.

للل Since it was just for fun, and Dan wanted to learn some new places to fish on this lake, he forced himself on Saturday to not go anywhere he had ever been before. It worked well, he found 3 or 4 good new smallmouth areas, and he brough in a limit of 2 - 2 + lb. fish.

للل Later that night though, he heard two of the guys talking about how the largemouth were biting a Gambler paddle tail worm. This wasn't fair,, Dan felt, since he is the one who introduced these guys to that worm 10 years ago, when he would bring some back from his annual trips to Florida. The competitive juices started flowing in Dan, and he decided he'd learned enough new spots for this weekend. He went out, fished the 5"Gambler paddle tail worm in his largemouth spots, and won on Sunday. It was a nice little ego boost.

للل We also went this week to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park. It was awesome! I had never been to any professional game before, and I had a blast. Chris & I hung around the dugout before the game, getting autographs. We ate Cracker Jacks, hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, all kinds of junk, all night long. It was great. It was a fun family thing to do.

للل We got home from the baseball game at 1 am, and at 8 am Dan was out fishing. He saw a bunch of tournament boats out there, and I guess he was getting itchy. After all, it has been, what, 2 days since he last got a line wet?!

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