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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Updated: February 28, 5:41 PM ET
2005 NFL Prospects: A Closer Look

The 2005 NFL Draft is fast approaching. We've hosted a number of big names from the experts' big boards. Take a closer look, you may be rooting for one of these guys very soon!

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Darryl Blackstock
 Darryl Blackstock
Virginia OLB Darryl Blackstock
Virginia OLB
Ht/Wt: 6'2", 247 lb
Scouts, Inc. Grade: 87

Chad (Angus, MN): Darryl, do you view yourself as strictly a 3-4 outside linebacker or can you develop in any scheme?

Darryl Blackstock: I think I could play outside, to the middle, to the other outside. A lineback is a lineback. It's just different schemes of protection. I think you can either do it or you can't. I think I can do it.

Brian (Chicago, IL): Darryl, the Bears are in need of an OLB next to Urlacher and Briggs. Have you been in contact with Chicago?

Darryl Blackstock: Ohhh no. I haven't heard anything from the Bears. I have no idea where I'll end up. I mean, I'll probably end up with one of the 3-4 teams, but maybe somebody -- a 4-3 -- will take a chance on me. But, it doesn't really matter to me. I'd be very happy in Chicago. I'll be very happy anywhere.

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    Ronnie Brown
     Ronnie Brown
    Auburn RB Ronnie Brown
    Auburn RB
    Ht/Wt: 6'0" 233 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 98

    Joe (Iowa): How do you think that you and Cadillac were able to get along so well in the same backfield for four years, sharing carries? Most running backs would be put off by that.

    Ronnie Brown: Just because of our relationship off the field. We really respected each other and talked about everything. It just carried over to the field. We knew we had to work together to be successful.

    Mike J. (Florence, MS): Ronnie, did you have any second thoughts about not participating in the Senior Bowl, especially when Cadillac was there?

    Ronnie Brown: Not at all.

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    Jammal Brown
     Jammal Brown
    Oklahoma OT Jammal Brown
    Oklahoma OT
    Ht/Wt: 6'5", 316 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 90

    Jerry (Montreal, QC): If you are chosen as projected by Kiper as pick 19 in the first round, what kind of contract do you expect? How will that change your life?

    Jammal Brown:If I go 19th to the Rams -- who are in need of a right tackle -- that would be great for me to go there and play right away. I don't know much about how much money I'm going to make but I hope to get a 5-year contract instead of a 6-year. I'll just be blessed to go anywhere in the first round. That would work for me!

    Shaun (Texas): Jammal, thanks for finally leaving OU. Now maybe my Horns can win the Red River Shootout next year. What was it like playing in the rivalry?

    Jammal Brown: OU vs. Texas is -- I mean -- that is the most exciting weekend! It's a real big deal in Oklahoma and I'm sure in Texas, too ... but being able to win it five years in a row was amazing. Oklahoma has Texas' number right now, but you're right Shaun, it should be pretty close for you guys next year.

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    Jonathan Clinkscale
     Jonathan Clinkscale
    Wisconsin OG J. Clinkscale
    Wisconsin OG
    Ht/Wt: 6'2 1/4", 315 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 56

    Mike (Detroit): Have the Detroit Lions called? We need a guard.

    Jonathan Clinkscale: I did a workout for them before Pro Day. I know you guys are looking. I hope you pick me up. I need a job.

    Aja (Altadena): Have any of the teams that have shown interest in you talked about the possibility of you playing center?

    Jonathan Clinkscale: Some teams have. They ask me if I have played center and I have. I came to Wisconsin as a center and then my red shirt year a guard position opened. That's how I ended up playing guard. I can definitely play center though.

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    Mark Clayton
     Mark Clayton
    Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton
    Oklahoma WR
    Ht/Wt: 5'10", 193 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 91

    J.D. Bolick (Greenville, NC): If you had to compare yourself to another receiver, who would it be?

    Mark Clayton: Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt. I really like those guys.

    John NC: Carlos Rogers said that you were the toughest WR he had gone up against. Who has been the toughest DB that you have gone up against?

    Mark Clayton: Carlos was really tough. It would be between him and Darrent Williams from Oklahoma State.

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    Thomas Davis
     Thomas Davis
    Georgia S Thomas Davis
    Georgia S
    Ht/Wt: 6'1", 230 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 91

    Jon (Charlotte, NC): I am a huge UGA fan. Why did you decide to opt for the pros and not stay for another year at Georgia?

    Thomas Davis: The biggest factor was my one-year-old son that I need to take care of. I couldn't put him on hold because I wanted to stay in Athens. I had to provide for him.

    Arthur (Atlanta, GA): Thomas, agree or disagree: Tennessee sucks.

    Thomas Davis: I definitely agree with that.

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    Atiyyah Ellison
     Atiyyah Ellison
    Missouri DT Atiyyah Ellison
    Missouri DT
    Ht/Wt: 6'4 1/4", 305 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 64

    Heath (Marshfield): Hey Atiyyah, I've only seen you play in some limited action on TV. What pro lineman in the league right now would you compare yourself to?

    Atiyyah Ellison: I don't think I have particularly patterned my style after everybody. I guess I'm a collection of a lot of people. I do greatly admire Warren Sapp.

    Kev (NYC): Would you ever consider an Eli Manning type holdout? For the sake of more money or a team of preference?

    Atiyyah Ellison: Nah. I'm not that kind of a player ... and, I don't think my character would let me do that either.

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    Fred Gibson
     Fred Gibson
    Georgia WR Fred Gibson
    Georgia WR
    Ht/Wt: 6'4", 196 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 81

    Jeff (IA): Hey Fred, I watched you several times on TV. I think that you are a great receiver and would fit in well with the Vikings. What would you think if drafted by them?

    Fred Gibson: I would LOVE it. I'm Randy Moss without the attitude! I met with them at the combine. Mike Tice is a real cool person. I would love to play for them.

    Mike IL: Fred, if you were stranded on an island and could bring one type of food, and one celebrity female with you, what, and who would they be? Thanks.

    Fred Gibson: I would love to have some pork chops with rice and some beef stew. Also, a Sunkist to drink. And probably Alicia Keys.

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    Marlin Jackson
     Marlin Jackson
    Michigan CB Marlin Jackson
    Michigan CB
    Ht/Wt: 6'1", 198 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 90

    Schlay (Detroit): I know that you are excited just to be a potential first round draft pick, but I personally think you are way higher than where all the draft experts have you. What do you think?

    Marlin Jackson: I feel like I'm being a bit underrated. The draft is just people's opinion though. I don't agree that those other guys are better. I think I am the most complete DB in the draft.

    Tim (Rochester, NY): If you get drafted by the Falcons, will you avoid eating lunch with Buckeye Micheal Jenkins?

    Marlin Jackson: Nah! If we are teammates, it might be alright. I don't think he would put anything in my food.

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    Derrick Johnson
     Derrick Johnson
    Texas LB Derrick Johnson
    Texas LB
    Ht/Wt: 6'3", 242 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 96

    Matt (Phx, AZ): You've had to tackle (Cedric) Benson quite often before. Is he the hardest running back to bring down, or is it someone else?

    Derrick Johnson:He is by far the hardest. He is just so explosive. As soon as he gets the ball he can run or juke you out.

    Dave (Austin, TX):: Do you think you're gonna be drafted before Cedric?

    Derrick Johnson: I've always said no, but I guess there is a chance. I've always put him in front of me, though. RBs are a little more needed than LBs. Either way, we'll both get drafted high.

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    Brodney Pool
     Brodney Pool
    Oklahoma S Brodney Pool
    Oklahoma S
    Ht/Wt: 6'1", 207 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 90

    Matt C (Atlanta, Georgia): Brodney, a few draft sites have the Atlana Falcons selecting you with the 27th pick. How would it feel to be selected on a team with such great coaching and players, especially to be on the same team as Mike Vick, and my boys Rod Coleman and Ed Hartwell. I feel you could be the threat in the secondary that we really need.

    Brodney Pool: Oh, man. That team will win a championship sooner than later so that would be great. You can't look too much into those draft sites though because you never really know what the front office is thinking. One team told me they laugh at some of those sites because of who they say they are going to take.

    Rudy (Ottawa, ON Canada): What does a typical visit include?

    Brodney Pool: You get there and go talk to the position coach who takes you around. You meet with the head coach, scouts, GM. After that, they get your weight again. Then you do a mini-physical. Then you go home and go to the next one!

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    Antrel Rolle
     Antrel Rolle
    Miami CB Antrel Rolle
    Miami CB
    Ht/Wt: 66'0", 201 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 96

    Jumbo (Grand Gorks, ND): : Do you think you'll be drafted higher than where you would have been last year? And are you glad you stayed at the U for your senior season?

    Antrel Rolle: Absolutely, I've accomplished a lot in my senior year -- in addition to graduation. I think this year really helped me and I am much better off than if I had left last year.

    Mike (New York City): What is the highest pick you think you should go? The lowest?

    Antrel Rolle: I'd say between -- I mean, the draft is a crazy thing, but as far as what I can bring to a team -- I feel I should be the first pick. ... now, do I actually think that is going to happen? Not sure -- anything can happen. The lowest I should possibly go is 6th.

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    Carlos Rogers
     Carlos Rogers
    Auburn CB Carlos Rogers
    Auburn CB
    Ht/Wt: 6'0 3/8", 196 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 93

    Joe from Gainesville, FL: Who is tougher to tackle, Ronnie Brown or Carnell Williams?

    Carlos Rogers: I think it depends on who is trying to tackle them. They both can bring the power and knock you off balance. You have to be a great tackler to get to either one of them.

    vontez (princeton, New Jersey): Hey Carlos, there is lots of hype surrounding your teammates Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. How does it effect you? Does it overshadow you?

    Carlos Rogers: I think with them bringing all the attention to Auburn, it can only help me. The offensive guys will always get more attention. That's what the fans want to see. I don't worry about it. After Auburn, I'm threw with playing with them though. But they will always be best friends of mine. I'm sure the teams they go to, the QBs will get more attention. So they'll get used to it as well.

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    Alex Smith
     Alex Smith
    Utah QB Alex Smith
    Utah QB
    Ht/Wt: 6'4", 217 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 98

    Kris (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada): With both you and Aaron Rodgers being considered very equal in terms of skills, what specifically do you think sets you above Aaron? Do you think Aaron has an advantage to being picked by the 49ers considering his Bay Area background?

    Alex Smith:I think there are two things -- first, on the mental side of things, I have the ability to check plays on the line and then, second on the athletic side of things, I have the ability to run the ball and really make plays happen on my feet. I've heard that a lot about Aaron's Bay Area connection, but I don't think that's a factor. I think that when it comes down to it, the Niners will draft the best QB available.

    Lance Barnett (Austin, Texas): Do you feel that you're the best QB in college?

    Alex Smith:Absolutely. I think that when you look at the complete package and NFL potential, yes, I am the best in this draft.

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    Justin Tuck
     Justin Tuck
    Notre Dame DE Justin Tuck
    Notre Dame DE
    Ht/Wt: 6'4", 265 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 87

    Kyle (Columbus, Ohio): Dallas needs your type of pass rushing ability, would you enjoy playing for such a hard-nosed coach like Bill Parcells?

    Justin Tuck:I would LOVE to play for coach Parcells.

    Matt (Lancaster, PA): Have you talked to Julius Jones about what it is like playing for the Dallas Cowboys and coach Parcells? And, how would Justin Tuck look with a Blue Star on his helmet?

    Justin Tuck:Talking to Julius Jones, he only raves about what a great coach Parcells is. I'd feel damn near honored to play for him. With a blue star on my helmet, I'd look like a beast! ... A sexy beast! ... Haha. I'm only playing.

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    Carnell ''Cadillac'' Williams
     Cadillac Williams
    Auburn RB Carnell Williams
    Auburn RB
    Ht/Wt: 5'10", 217 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 97

    Casey (Grand Prairie, Tx): Did preparing for the combine change how you would normally prepare for an upcoming football season?

    Cadillac Williams: It was a lot different. You are doing it for money now. You are trying to make people like you and want to draft you. It was a whole new experience.

    Jkenned (St. Louis, MO): How important do you think that your performance at the Senior Bowl was in jockeying for position with Brown and Benson, and what is your take on Coach Gruden following your experiences in Mobile?

    Cadillac Williams: I was real happy with my performance. I was able to show that I can catch the ball and do all the little things. Just being around Gruden was amazing. He is so passionate about the game.

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    Darrent Williams
     Darrent Williams
    OSU CB Darrent Williams
    Oklahoma State DC
    Ht/Wt: 5'8", 176 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 75

    Rich (Morgantown, W.V.): How about Pac Man Jones? Do you feel you are better than him?

    Darrent Williams: I'm saying I'm better than everybody. Just look at the stats. Break it down, play by play, game by game. I never even heard of this dude until the draft. He's probably never heard of me either.

    Kyle Levy (Palm Harbor): What WR would you like to hit so hard that his helmet flies off?

    Darrent Williams: Keyshawn Johnson! He does a lot of talking. The Cowboys are my favorite team though. Maybe he if didn't talk so much he'd be a better player.

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    Troy Williamson
     Troy Williamson
    South Carolina WR Troy Williamson
    South Carolina WR
    Ht/Wt: 6'1", 203 lb
    Scouts, Inc. Grade: 94

    Willie (Pittsburgh): Len Pasquarelli wrote an article stating that big numbers shouldn't be expected from rookie WRs. Do you agree with his assessment?

    Troy Williamson: Anybody can have an opinion, but when it's gametime it's gametime! I was talking to Braylon [Edwards] about this same thing yesterday. But don't worry, we'll have something for Len when the season is said and done.

    Justin Miller (Clemson): Hey Troy buddy, how do you feel you will match up against me in the NFL? Will I shut you down like I did in college, or will you get lucky and make me toast?

    Troy Williamson: Justin never shut me down! Get it straight. If we had a QB who would have given me the ball, it wouldn't have been a problem.

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