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Friday, June 17, 2005
Updated: November 14, 11:41 AM ET
Rules: Scoring Settings

Below is a comprehensive list of all scoring categories available in Customizable Leagues. The corresponding values represent ESPN's suggested points for each category. These values can be edited by the league manager to fit your league's custom scoring system. Decimal values are allowed to the nearest tenth of a point (i.e., 1.4 or -6.3, not 2.34) for each full category. You can not assign decimal points to partial scoring categories (i.e each yard in the 'Every 10 rushing yards' category). If your league is already setup, view your "League Settings" page to see how your league scores each category.

Note: Scoring categories and their corresponding point values can be changed by the league manager at any time during the season. If either are changed after the season has begun, the system will automatically change all previous game results to match the changed settings.

Pre-defined scoring settings: Peformance | Other Scoring options

TD Pass 4
Each Interception Thrown -2
2pt Passing Conversion 2
Every 25 passing yards1
40+ yard TD pass bonus*2

TD Rush6
2pt Rushing Conversion2
Every 10 rushing yards1
40+ yard TD rush bonus* 2

TD Reception6
2pt Receiving Conversion 2
Every 10 receiving yards1
40+ yard TD rec bonus*2

* 40+, 50+ Yd TD bonus note: These points will be awarded for any touchdown longer than the yardage specified. Therefore, a 55 yard TD will count as BOTH a 40+ and a 50+ score if both are selected as scoring options. As an example, if you want 40+ yard TDs to count for 3 points and 50+ yard TDs to count for 4 points, you should enter 3 points for 40+ and 1 point for 50+. As a result, a 55 yard TD would garner 3 points for being 40+ yards and 1 additional point for being 50+ yards for a total of 4 points.
** Yards bonus note: The system will only award the bonus if a player's weekly yardage total falls within the listed range.

Punt Return TD 6
Kickoff Return TD 6
Fumble recovered for TD 6
Each Fumble Lost -2

Each PAT Made1
FG Made (1-39 yards) 3
FG Made (40-49 yards) 4
FG Made (50+ yards)5
FG Missed (1-39 yards) -2
FG Missed (40-49 yards) -1

Kickoff Return TD 3
Punt Return TD 3
Fumble or Interception return for TD3
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 3
Each Interception 2
Each Fumble Recovered 2
Each Safety 2
Blocked Punt, PAT, or FG 2
Each Sack 1
0 points allowed 10
2-6 pts allowed7
7-13 pts allowed 4
14-17 pts allowed 1
22-27 pts allowed -1
28-34 pts allowed -4
35-45 pts allowed -7
46+ pts allowed-10

Note: All miscellaneous return touchdowns will be added to your point total for your Defense/Special Teams entry.

Please keep in mind, the rule is team points and any points against will be deducted from the team. This includes touchdowns scored against your selected team's offense. This is standard practice. At this time, we are not able to change the way the system awards points.

While Performance is the default scoring method for all Customizable leagues, the following are alternate scoring options that can be used. Any of these can be edited to your liking.

Traditional Scoring is very similiar to Performance. In Traditional formats, the system will not penalize you for mistakes or reward you for bonuses.
Yardage Only
Yardage Only does not incorporate Touchdowns scored by Offensive and Defensive players. The points are based solely on yards.
Scoring Only
Scoring Only is the complete opposite of Yardage Only. Instead of scoring points by Yards, your players will be accumulating points based on Touchdowns scored and Touchdown bonuses.