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Monday, June 20, 2005
Updated: August 4, 4:39 PM ET
Vert On Demand

First came the wheel. Then there was the transistor radio. Shortly after, another landmark for mankind was on the horizon.

It was the commercial break, and it came in the middle of Sandro Dias' 900, which won the Skateboard Vert Best Trick Contest at X Games 10. And if you had On Demand, you wouldn't have missed any of it (short of being a caveman or a fifties-era Bradburian-figure).

This summer, you can watch and rewatch all your favorite vert skaters at your convenience with ESPN On Demand. You can pause them mid-air to take five while you replicate their tricks off your leather couch, watch them in rewind to see them spin frontside where they went backside, and fast forward through those mediocre slams to keep the momentum flowing. This year's X Games 11 Skateboard Vert Best Trick event will be exclusive for viewing on ESPN On Demand.

In support of this event, ESPN is presenting Comcast with a free preview of ESPN On Demand through the Months of July and August. Relaunched in 2004, ESPN On Demand offers over 500 titles with original programming, some of which has never before been seen.

The free preview runs from June 27 to August 31, 2005, with the programming schedule as follows:

In July, you'll see the 2004 Summer X Games Review Show with All Access/Behind the Scenes features including the making of the Summer X Games, Summer X Games Execution Tips and Techniques, 2004 Athlete Features, as well as the 2004 Summer X Games Tease.

Then in August, you'll see time-shifted highlights from the 2005 Summer X Games, in addition to the On Demand-Exclusive Skateboard Vert Best Trick event (also time-shifted).

For more info, or to sign up for the free preview, log in to Comcast or ESPN.