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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Page 2 Quickie: August 17, 2005

The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Three things you shouldn't expect T.O. to have said to Andy Reid when they met this morning, clearing the way for his return:

"I'm sorry."

"The money's fine."

"I'll be good."

But after T.O.'s PR debacle last week, there's a sure-fire strategy to stay out of trouble and maintain his enormous ego:

The Silent Treatment.

Shut up, and catch passes.

Shut up, and do the drills.

Shut up, and sidestep media.

Fans will respond to a get-to-work ethic. Coaches and teammates will appreciate the lack of distraction. The media will simply be that much more attentive.

It won't be easy: To bray is core to T.O.'s very being. But he knows his toughest August rehab is his image. That can only happen on the practice field.

He doesn't need to apologize to his coach, his QB or anyone else. In fact, he shouldn't. It's asking too much.

But in exchange for letting him off the hook for his tirade last week, he better not say anything else, either.

Bonds: September?!
Oh, Barry: Why do you tease?

"Two weeks ago things didn't look too promising, but the past 10 days my rehab has taken a turn for the better."

You can be sure that MLB execs would be thrilled with that September "call-up," sparking interest in otherwise meaningless Giants games.

MLB Tues Wrap
ChiSox lose in 16: 4th L in row, precisely the number of L's they'll take in the ALCS before being exposed as a regular-season mirage.

D-Rays still own Yanks: Most impressively, they forced Mo Rivera into a rare blown save (Eduardo Perez homered in 9th), ruining the return of Randy Johnson.

David Ortiz is sick: Not health-wise, but performance-wise. Game-tying HR in 9th, game-exploding HR in 10th to carry Boston over Detroit.

Kerry Wood Watch: Seems to take to relief work. Pitches another scoreless inning, and the Cubs beat the Astros. He's the anti-Schilling!

Thome has his elbow surgery. Is he done in Philly? Phenom Ryan Howard is installed. (Next stop: Swap to Boston for Manny in the offseason?)

KC Loss Streak: Now 17 games!
(Only 5 more to top '88 O's)

NCAA, NIT Settle
NCAA to buy NIT? Lawsuit settlement could bring college hoops closer to my dream scenario: Expanding the NCAA Tournament.

"Bye" the best 48 teams into the NCAA Tournament, then have another 64 battle it out in an expanded NIT for placement in final 16 Big Dance spots?

NBA: Finley Watch
Which team should Michael Finley sign with?

Pro: A-list teammates, $$$
Con: Where are his shots?

Pro: History with MVP Nash
Con: Money is pretty small
(But $50 mil richer, so?)

Pro: Best chance at a title
Con: It's still in Texas

Mascot H.O.F.
Congrats to inaugural class:
The San Diego Chicken!
The Philly Phanatic!
The Phoenix Gorilla!

No qualms with the inductees, but where are the college mascots? Uh, don't expect Chief Osceola (Fla. St.) or Chief Illiniwek (Illinois) anytime soon.

Quickie 50/50: TX
Impressions of Texas:

Football: High school football, college football, pro football, pee wee football (OK, maybe Hakeem, the Spurs and Clemens, too).

Vote Best of Texas here!