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Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Updated: December 12, 11:25 AM ET
Frequently Asked Questions

If there's a part of the ESPN/Bluff Magazine Fantasy Poker Challenge you find confusing, it's probably bewildered someone else as well. Following are the questions most commonly asked by our entrants.

Q: How do I change my entry name?
A: You can change your entry name by clicking on the "Edit Game Settings" link on your entry page. You'll automatically be brought through this page when you first create your entry in the game. You can change your entry name as often as you like.

Q: How do I create an entry?
A: From the game's frontpage click on the "create entry" button. You will next be asked to optionally edit your game settings such as entry name. After you are done editing these options, click the submit button at the bottom. You have now created an entry. From your entry page, you now can make your selections for the upcoming week and create or join a group.

Q: What does the All-In player do?
A: The All-In player will earn double the points for your team during that selected tournament. The All-In player must be re-selected prior to every tournament.

Q: When do game selections lock for the week?
A: Selections lock at 9 AM ET during the first day of the tournament. Selections submitted after the deadlines are considered invalid. Sponsor's computer is the official time keeping device for this game.