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Friday, December 30, 2005
Links of the day

By The Intern
Special to Page 2 -- Been meaning to catch the "South Park" season finale? Looks like you missed the boat. -- Ricky Williams, to the chagrin of agent Leigh Steinberg, publicly announced that his league minimum salary suits him just fine. No Limit representatives seen giving Ricky a confident thumbs up. -- As the feuding continues, it's looking more and more like Stephon Marbury won't quietly be the fall guy in New York. I see this ending with Marbury slaying Brown at halfcourt while shouting to the crowd, "Are you not entertained!" Or he'll be traded out west. It could go either way. -- Sure enough, Camby is officially out several weeks, preparing for an inspired rendition of "Twist and Shout" on a local New Year's float. (registration required) -- Ten years into his career, Tiger turns 30. Pretty cool look back, including an understated quote from childhood golf instructor Rudy Duran that begins, "I didn't know Michelangelo ..." -- Finally, I give the stage to Conan for a 2005 sendoff. Happy New Year.