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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Knight School starts Feb. 19: Bob talks ESPN show

Associated Press

LUBBOCK, Texas -- "Knight School" will be in session soon.

The first episode of the reality show in which Texas Tech coach Bob Knight gives one Tech student the chance to play on his team will air Feb. 19 on ESPN.

"This was just like we had it when I coached the Pan American team or the Olympics," Knight said. "We had to cut from 70 to 12 for those teams, and here, we worked from 32 down to one. We had 140 applicants and we tested them in various ways."

Camera crews spent months in Lubbock shooting footage for six one-hour episodes.

"The taping went remarkably well," said Rob Lundgren, chief operating officer of RIVR Media and one of the executive producers of the show. "We've been gone the last three months and the post process has been a major undertaking because we've got such good stuff."

"We put these kids through a lot," Lundgren said. "We wanted to test their overall conditioning, but we also wanted to test their mental toughness, how they handle themselves in the community, how they handle themselves with teammates."

Knight, who said he enjoyed working with the students, said that he had a hard time not only choosing the winner, but narrowing down the field.

"They worked hard, they hustled and they were enthused about getting the opportunity to make it," he said.