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Sunday, March 12, 2006
Updated: March 14, 6:00 PM ET
Mike & Mike's Marriage Madness: Sweetheart 16

Read all about Catherine & Jason and Jennifer & Daniel. Vote in the poll at the bottom!

(#2) Catherine & Jason (#15) Jennifer & Daniel
Catherine & Jason
Jennifer & Daniel

Bride: Catherine
City: Jupiter, FL
Her Team: Florida Gators
Age: 36

Groom: Jason
City: Jupiter, FL
His Team: Florida Gators
Age: 36



Mike and Mike have answered our prayers!! We've been waiting for a sign.

1st down: Fate stepped in to wipe away our tears, as the Gators took a painful Swamp loss to Eli Manning. Of all tailgates, she wandered into mine. Our chemistry, like our sports passion: undeniable. Swapping road-trip tales, it was hard to determine the bigger sports fan. The final test-who inked their zeal forever in a tattoo; It cost her a beer, a kiss, and started our amazing relationship.

2nd down: I in Florida, she in Atlanta. We played the long distance game for 9 months, meeting for any sport possible; Gators, Braves, Falcons, Bucs, Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, Stanley Cup, SEC tourney.

3rd down: We decided to make Florida our home base. Our fervor for each other grew as we traveled; every Gator football game, Super Bowl, Daytona 500, CWS, NFL Hall of Fame, and her birthday -- Philly/NY/Boston for baseball. Throughout our courtship, Catherine battled the toughest opponent -- breast cancer. This obstacle did not deter her spirit. Surgeries were planned around our sports schedule.

4th down: Engaged on the anniversary of her 1st surgery. In Gainesville, minutes before the UF/FSU game, my proposal flew above the Swamp.

False Start: Plans to marry during UF-spring-scrimmage fell through.

Touchdown: The greatest victory; Catherine's triumph over breast cancer. What better day to be married than May 26thCatherine's 37th birthday. Destiny!

Extra Point: We fall asleep to Sportscenter, her ringtone-ESPN, mine-Gator fight song, Gator Club Co-Presidents, and our dog's name: Meyer!

Fun Facts:
Her nickname is "Gatorcat" -- and his nickname is "Free"

Favorite ESPN Personalities
Bride: Dan Patrick
Groom: Suzy Kolber

Proposal: On a Friday night Jason proposed next to a chapel on a lake, the next day at the tailgate for the Florida/FSU football game, he hired a plane to fly a banner overhead that read, "Marry Me Catherine -- I Love You Jason -- GO GATORS!"

Bride: Jennifer
City: Byron Center, MI
Her Team: Detroit Lions
Age: 23

Groom: Daniel
City: Byron Center, MI
His Team: Notre Dame Football
Age: 23



All through my dating years I had many things I looked for in a girl. One odd ball test I would give them is what I called "The SportsCenter Test." I would simply sit a girl down in front of SportsCenter and she would have to sit through an entire episode without complaining or trying to change the channel.

Not only did Jen sit through an entire episode, but she was the one that turned it on. I was wowed when she started telling me facts about the Pistons and our college's basketball team.

Jen was on our college's dance team and I played on the club baseball team. Obviously with us supporting each other our lives have revolved around sports.

Now that we're alumni, Jen is the one suggesting we drive to our alma mater to watch a football or basketball game, we rush home from church every Sunday to plop down in front of the Lions game (even though they'll lose), and we fall asleep every summer night with Baseball Tonight on TV.

We deserve Marriage Madness because now that we're graduated and on to the "real world" we need to find things to still do together. The golf lessons would be a blessing for Jen and me. A ceremony on the campus of ESPN would be fitting for us due to the love we have for ESPN.

Finally, I think it would be sweet to have Golic and Greeny at my bachelor party!

Fun Facts:
Before this contest, Daniel was not aware of how obsessed Jennifer is with Kirk Herbstreit. Apparently, now she can't stop talking about how "hot" he is.

Favorite ESPN Personalities
Bride: Kirk Herbstreit
Groom: Peter Gammons

Proposal: Daniel was planning for an Easter Morning proposal, but couldn't wait. The night before at halftime of the NCAA tournament game they were watching he gave her a giant jewelry box filled with chocolate and a diamond ring.