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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Will Manny Ramirez be happy in Boston?


Manny Ramirez

For a guy so seemingly simple that he's summed up by the phrase "Manny being Manny," Manny Ramirez certainly seems to generate some complex problems for the Boston Red Sox. After another winter of discontent (interspersed with periods of content), Ramirez and his MVP-caliber bat are exactly where they finished last season: left field for the Boston Red Sox.

But is Manny happy? And just as importantly, will he still feel the same way tomorrow?

Before last season, you'll recall, the Red Sox essentially offered Ramirez up to any team willing to take on his salary. No team took the bait, and all Ramirez did was hit .292 with 45 home runs and 144 RBI as the Red Sox returned to the playoffs. But rumors swirled all season about possible trades involving the slugger, and after the season, Ramirez requested a fresh start. The Red Sox said they would do their best, but didn't find any suitable deals. And throughout the early days of 2006, various reports have surfaced detailing either Ramirez's newfound peace with returning to Boston or his continued desire to play elsewhere.

What They're Saying
Manny Ramirez: "I get paid to play baseball and no [matter] where I go and play, I've still got to go and perform even if I like it or not."

Jed Hoyer, Red Sox co-general manager: "I think Manny knows that we have made a good faith effort to meet his ... request. We haven't found a deal that works for us."
March 1, 2006
Ramirez arrives for spring training

Sean McAdam: "Interestingly, Ramirez and [agent] Genske seemed intent on making the point that they hadn't requested a deal in the first place, a significant stretching of the truth."
March 1, 2006
Red Sox finally get their Man-ny

David Ortiz: "He seems happy. I read in the news that he wants to stay in Boston. Something like that, right? That's good. Sounds good to me. Having my man around once again. Hopefully, things never change."
Feb. 19, 2006
Ortiz unsure of Manny's whereabouts