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Monday, September 18, 2006

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Contact Customer Service: This FAQ page was created to provide you with an immediate answer to your question. If you are unable to find an answer to your question on either of these two pages please click here to contact us.


Q: How do I join a league?
A: You can join a league by clicking on the link in the invitation email that was sent to you by the League Manager of the league. Note this is the ONLY way to join a league. If you want to start a new league, click here.

Q: I do not see my league's scoring options in your list. How do I get those added?
A: Scoring options are finalized for the 2004 season. If you are not finding a particular scoring option let us know and we will appropriately forward your request for consideration in 2005.

Q: How do I change my team name?
A: You can change your team name by clicking on the 'Change Team Name' link on your team page.

Q: How do I cancel a team?
A: Obsolete leagues will be removed from the Fantasy Football (and Fantasy Games) frontpage a couple of weeks into the season. We do not charge for leagues that have been customized and drafted. If you are concerned about the purchase of your league, please contact our billing department at 1-888-549-ESPN(3776).

Q: How can I change my draft date, scoring option, or league settings?
A: League Managers can edit these by going to the 'League Settings' linked in the left column on the League Office page and clicking the '(edit)' link by each area. To view the graph that shows when particular league settings are locked and can not be edited see the Locktimes on League Settings page.

Q: How can I change a team owner in my league?
A: Go to the 'LM Tools' page and click the 'Delete Owners' link. Find and select the owner you wish you remove from your league. Now go back to the 'LM Tools' page and click on the 'Edit Owners and Send Invitations' page. The owner you deleted should no longer be listed on the page and in his/her place add the info of the new owner you wish to add. Click 'Submit' to send the invitation. NOTE: If you are looking to remove an owner that has not joined the league yet, go 'LM Tools' and click on 'Edit Owners and Send Invitations'. Find the team you want to assign a different owner to and replace the 'Owner Name' and 'Email Address' text boxes with the new person's information. Check the 'Re-Invite' box and click 'Submit'. This will not allow the un-joined owner to join your league and will send a new invitation to the owner you just entered the information for.

Q: How can I change the email of a team owner in my league?
A: You can change owner emails until an owner has joined via the email invitations. Personal information cannot be changed then. However, if an owner has joined already, you can change the e-mail by deleting him using the LM Delete Owner tool described above.

Q: What can I do about people not receiving my email invite?
A: Certain web-based email accounts are automatically discarding LM emails. If you are encountering errors receiving/sending email invitations, we suggest you put "Yes" for the Invite Option of "Send me a copy of each invite." If you send invites to yourself, you can forward the invites to your invited league mates. You can also submit alternative email addresses for the owners in your league. Please make sure you are check-marking the boxes next to each team you intend to email before clicking the submit button.

Q: I'm the LM and am going to be away from my computer for a few days and want to give another person in my league the ability to veto trades. Can I do this?
A: Yes. Go to the 'LM Tools' page and click on the 'Assign League Manager Powers' link. On that page set the pulldown to 'Yes' for the team owner(s) you want to assign the power to.


Q: How do I set my league's draft order?
A: Go to the 'LM Tools' page and click on the 'Edit Draft Order' page. Returning leagues' draft order will default to the reverse of the previous year's final standings. The draft order for newly formed leagues will be randomly set. To manually select a draft order, or enter in a draft order established offline, enter in the draft position of all the teams in the "NEW" column and click the "Change Draft Order" button.

Q: How long before my league's live draft can we enter the draft warroom?
A: All live draft leagues will convert into live draft mode one hour before the scheduled draft time. At this time you can access the draft warroom page and view what pick you have.

Q: What do I need in order for the live draft to work on my computer?
A: You will need to have an updated version of Macromedia's Flash Player V_7. You can download this from Macromedia's website by clicking here.

Q: My league is set to use the Offline Draft and I clicked the "Enter Offline Draft Results" page and now realize I want to add another team to my league. How do I do this?
A: When you are in 'Offline Draft Mode' you can not add teams to your league (or edit league settings). If you wish to do this on the bottom of your main "Enter Offline Draft Results" page there is a "Click here to reset your draft" link. Click on this. Note if you choose to reset your draft, you will lose all your offline draft results.

Q: Can I remove a roster slot after the draft is completed?
A: The League Manager can increase the roster slot maximums but can not decrease or remove roster slots after the draft is completed.


Q: What happens if a player is listed on the wrong team? Will I still get his points?
A: Yes, you'll still get the points associated with that player. Most of the time, these errors are display inaccuracies, which are noticed by our staff and corrected immediately. If you notice one of these errors, please send the information to our Customer Service department for League Manager.

Q: I saw a blocked punt in a game, but it didn't count in my box score. For instance, I saw Tampa Bay blocking punt on Opening Day of MNF last year.
A: Actually that play was not a block. By rule, a blocked punt must not cross the line of scrimmage. In this case the punt was deflected, not blocked, thus Tampa Bay did not get credit for it.

Q: Do punters get credit for field goals? For instance, I had Craig Hentrich in my punter (P) slot and he kicked a FG last year. Do I get points for this?
A: No. Players only get credit for points scored in their relative scoring categories. Players listed in STARTERS: PUNTING slots are not eligible for STARTERS: KICKING stats, hence Hentrich does not get stats for the FGs he kicked Week 1. Likewise individual defensive players (like Warren Sapp) listed in STARTERS: DEFENSE are not eligible for STARTERS: OFFENSE points. A general rule to know what stats players are eligible for points is to look at the Box Score page and view the stat columns listed.

Q: Is the defense responsible for the points scored by the opposing teams' defense?
A: A defense will be responsible for all of the points the other team scores, regardless of how they score them.

Q: How long after a week's games could scores changes?
A: We receive official stat changes for a week's games until the following Saturday at noon ET. Since these changes could affect LM games that occurred in the previous week, please do not consider your results 'official' until the following Saturday at noon ET.


Q: When does my roster lock?
A: Depending on the selection your LM made for your league settings, your players will lock on your roster either at their individually scheduled game time, or at the scheduled game time of the first game of the week. You can view your roster lock time on the "League Settings" page to the right of the "Roster Locktime" description.

Q: All the players in my league are listed as "Locked". When do they unlock?
A: Currently each week's period unlocks at 3AM ET on Tuesday's. At that time you will be able to edit your team's roster and your league's WAIVER PERIOD rule will go into effect (you can view yours league's on the LEAGUE SETTINGS page).

  • If your league is set to use 'No Waivers' ALL available players in your league will be selectable at the unlock time.
  • If your league is set to use '1 Day' all available players will be on waivers until early Wednesday morning.
  • If your league is set to use '2 Days' all available players will be on waivers until early Thursday morning.
  • If your league is set to use '3 Days' all available players will be on waivers until early Friday morning.

    All waiver claims will be processed in according to your waiver order.

    NOTE: Your league's LM can edit the WAIVER rules at any time during the season but it will only affect transactions moving forward.

    Q: Can I still make scoring system changes to my league?
    A: The league manager can make scoring adjustments to the league (ie, changing a TD pass from 6 to 4 points) up until the game's final drafts run, which is currently scheduled for September 19. Once they are entered they will appear in your league's Box Score pages but not in the Standings page until they are picked up by the scheduled stat load. At this time your league's Standings will reflect your edited scoring system.

    Q: I set up my league to have players clear waivers in 2 days. That means they will clear tomorrow. If I change the option to 1 day, will any pending claims be run immediately?
    A: If you change it now it will only affect transactions moving forward. So the players currently on waivers will remain two days, but all future weekly waiver locks and player drops will use 1 day instead of 2 days. Hope this helps.

    Q: I need to edit two teams lineups for the upcoming weekend's game because they did not have access to there computers. But the lineups show that they are locked. Can I do this? If so, how?
    A: Yes you can. Use the LM Tools > Roster Transactions page to manually edit their lineups for the upcoming weekend's games. Note this can not be done after players' games have begun for the week.

    Q: How can I view when a player has a future BYE week so I can plan ahead with Trades and Add/Drop?
    A: Click on the player's name to view his player card. On that page it lists when the team has a BYE.

    Q: How do I add positional slots or adjust our rosters sizes during the season? We don't currently have all of our roster positions.
    A: The only way you'll be able to make changes to your roster options in your league settings is by resetting your draft. You can find the 'Reset Draft' tool on the 'LM Tools' page. IMPORTANT: Please be certain that you want to do this, because it will erase nearly all that you've created - as well as any previously played games - up to this point. Once you've reset your draft, please proceed to the league settings to ensure you have your league's desired setup, and then reselect your preferred draft option, whether it be offline, list, or live.

    Q: In my league I want to switch two head-to-head games this upcoming weekend. Can I edit the schedule manually?
    A: Yes. Click on the "Full League Schedule" page linked in the left column of your League Office page. On it click the "(Edit)" button and follow the instructions listed on the page to manually adjust them yourself.

    Q: What's the tiebreaker for waiver claims given 2 equal records? Points scored I assume?
    A: Yes that is correct. In the case teams have the same record the first waiver order tiebreaker goes to the team who has the fewest points scored. The second tiebreaker goes to the team who has the most points allowed. Note: This is only applicable to league's which use the "Resets every Tuesday to inverse order of standings" waiver rule.

    Q: I'm the LM and want to manually trade Ahman Green for Jamal Lewis and the Philly D for two teams in my league. Can i do that?
    A: Yes you can. To do this you must drop and add the players from one team to the other. Go to the 'LM Tools' page and click on the 'Roster Transactions' link. Select the team Ahman Green is on and in the 'Action' pulldown select 'Drop player'. Drop Ahman to waivers. Note if you get the 'Error: Ahman Green is undroppable' message go to your 'League Settings' page and select 'NO' for 'Observe Undroppable Players List' (you can change that back after you're done with the transaction if you wish). After you've dropped Ahman go to the team with Jamal and Phi D and do the same thing. After the players involved in the trade are dropped use the same tool to 'Add Players' to the teams. A few things to note when doing this: 1) Moves made via the 'Roster Transactions' tool will bypass any league waiver setting. So even if Ahman Green is listed as 'Thr' [claim], you will be able to add him without going through waivers. 2) You can not use the tool during the weekly locktime. 3) Using the tool will NOT bypass your league's roster maximum rules.

    Q: Only the LM can make roster adds and drops in my league, but when I use the LM Add / Drop tool, I get an error. How can I add and drop players from teams in my league?
    A: In order to do this, you need to go to the "League Settings" -> Rules page and change the "Free Agent/Waiver Acquisition Limit" from "None Allowed" to "No Limit". You will then be able to use the LM Tool to make your roster adds and drops. When you are done, change the "Free Agent/Waiver Acquisition Limit" back to "None Allowed". Note that when the FA/Waiver Acquisition Limit is set to "No Limit", owners in your league will be able to add and drop players.

    Q: I want a player to have eligibility at another position. How do I change that?
    Football is not setup to have multi-positional eligibility. For instance, let's say if you want Player A, who's listed as a WR but is now a TE, play at TE. If you absolutely want to have a team in your league put Player A (WR) at TE you can do this workaround. Before each game confirm with the team owner of Player A that he wants to start him at TE (and post a note on your league's Message Board about it). After the weekly Standings update is processed (Tues AM), view the bench scoring from him team with Player A and use the 'Adjust Scoring' page to either add or reduce points accordingly. After submitting any adjusted totals the Box Score and Standings page will fully reflect Player A's points as if he was actually started in the TE slot.


    Q: Why does my browser crash when I try to access fantasy games?
    A: Make sure you have the latest version of Flash (Flash 7.0) on your computer. To download this version, click on "Install Now" from Macromedia's Download Center.

    Q: Why do I get the Critical Error: Null Element?
    A: If you are trying to join a league and getting a null error, please make sure to sign into ESPN Fantasy Football front page and then click on the link that was sent to you in the email invite from your league manager.

    Q: Why do I get an error that states that I am not a member of my league?
    A: First make sure you've already accepted the invite to join the league. If you have not have the LM re-invite you to join it. If you're sure you are a member of the league make sure you are trying to access your team with the correct account. Have the LM (or other member of the league) go to the "League Members" page and mouse over (or click on) the "Send Email" link. This will detail the account the league was joined with. If that's the not problem make sure you are signed into the Fantasy Football Frontpage before trying to access your team. If you've bookmarked your League Office page in your browser, you will still need to log into our system in order to be recognized as a league member. If you continue to have problems, please make sure your temporary internet files and cookies have been deleted from your internet options or preferences in your web browser.