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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Mile high on Colorado sports

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Colorado: No. 15 pro | No. 26 college | No. 30 high school

By Scott Bondy
On Sundays when the Broncos play, I'm torn. Not being from the great state of Colorado, I didn't grow up a fan of the team. So when I watch with my college buddies, I root against Denver -- you know, the whole devil's advocate thing.

But really, I have a good relationship with the Donkeys, one of brotherly love. It's OK for me to rip my brother all I want, but when someone else does it, things get messy.

The Broncos found themselves in a tough hole of late, coach Mike Shanahan in particular. He's a pretty conservative type, but the mounting pressure to play quarterback Jay Cutler finally got to him. It would be one thing if the Broncos were winning -- he wouldn't have had to make a decision.

ESPN's Sean Salisbury put it best: When you have two guys playing like rookies, you might as well start the rookie.

It's funny because before the two losses heading into the Seattle game, when Shanahan made the switch from Jake Plummer, most of the media would criticize Broncos fans for wanting Cutler as the starter. I'm sure even Salisbury was guilty of it.

As Broncos fans, it is our job to want better from our team. If something/someone isn't working, make the appropriate changes.

Telling us not to root for Cutler is like telling us not to do our job as fans. As fans, it is our job to want.

For a nice change of pace and to end things on a positive note, I need to give credit where credit is deserved. In Denver, the Man of the Year is no doubt Javon Walker. He's new to the team and clearly the saving grace of an offense that lacks weapons.

At one point, Walker had more yards than the next five receivers on the team combined. His eight TD catches are great considering Plummer threw only 11. The Broncos finally have a downfield threat who can catch the ball. (Sorry Ashley Lelie, everyone was thinking it.)

Thanks JW for giving this team a little spark, even when there wasn't much fire.

While sorting out his pro loyalties, Colorado State alumnus Scott Bondy sometimes writes for Mile High Sports Magazine.

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