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Friday, January 26, 2007
Updated: May 1, 2:22 PM ET
5 Minutes With ... Simon Dumont

By Jeff Foss

Give us an intro.
Simon Dumont, 20 years old and counting, originally from Bethel, Maine, but I live in Florida now ... Sarasota, actually.

I hear it's beautiful this time of year.
Oh yeah, it's great. Beaches, old people, all that stuff.

Right. So what's your slopestyle strategy this year?
Well, even before I get to check out the course, I usually have a few tricks in mind that I want to throw. I'll have something I want to do in the middle of the course, some kind of rail variation, and then a big final trick I want to do off the last jump. Beyond that I pretty much improvise and try to work with the terrain. Today it's been a little slow, but I think we'll figure it out by Sunday. I'm just here to get some momentum and hopefully carry it through.

It's early. Are you a big breakfast guy?
Not really, because I like to get out here pretty soon after the course opens up to start working and getting it down. It helps to learn your line and figure out what you want to do and how you can get it to work for you.

Who's the guy to watch this year?
I'd say Jon Olsson. The last couple years at X Games he hasn't done as well as he could just because he makes everything he does look so easy. This may be his year, and I know for a fact he wants it bad.

The Superbowl is next weekend. Who's your money on?
I'm not really going to watch it but I did hear that New England got knocked out. That's weak sauce, man. The Pats are my team.

You look a little beaten up, too.

Yeah, I caught a ski pole to the eyebrow. Didn't hurt to bad but I definitely have a mark.

Your own pole, right?
Yeah, my own pole. I didn't fall or anything like that.