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Thursday, February 1, 2007
Updated: May 3, 10:34 AM ET
SportsNation: Kevin Durant vs. Greg Oden

Tuesday, May 1

Basketball fans in Ohio and Texas were hoping it's just another humdrum selection process, but it turns out their loss will be the NBA's gain this summer.

Ohio State's Greg Oden and Texas' Kevin Durant established themselves as the most dominant players in college basketball this season and both appear capable of instantly revitalizing a moribund NBA franchise.

Long before both players made their NBA plans official after the NCAA Tournament, pro hoops fans in places like Boston and Philadelphia were already dreaming of ping-pong balls and better days. In fact, it wasn't just fans getting overly excited. The Celtics were fined $30,000 for Danny Ainge's excessive contact with Durant's mother during the Big 12 tournament; and Michael Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats and Don Nelson of the Golden State Warriors cost their franchises $15,000 each for making comments about the two young stars.

So what's your take, SportsNation? With both players entering the draft, who goes No. 1?

Vote: Will Durant go No. 1?

Kevin Durant couldn't pull a Carmelo Anthony during March Madness, and it appears that early exit hurt him in the eyes of SportsNation voters. Since entering the spotlight midway through his freshman season at Texas, Durant had moved past Greg Oden as the consensus No. 1 pick among voters, but he tailed off significantly in April.
Vote: Will Oden go No. 1?

Greg Oden and the Buckeyes didn't come away from the Final Four with a championship, but arguably no player benefited more from a stay in Atlanta than the Ohio State big man. On the strength of some dazzling and dominant performances on the game's biggest stage, Oden has reclaimed SportsNation's affections as the consensus No. 1 pick.
April Kevin Durant -- 42.2%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 42% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 29% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 46% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 43% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 50% (Bucks)

"I think the Bobcats are one team that would seriously consider Durant over Oden. There's more star power there (something they really need), he fits more of a basketball need (Gerald Wallace is a free agent and Adam Morrison is looking like a back-up) and I also think Durant is a Michael Jordan type of player. Oden will be too laid back for MJ." -- Chad Ford (April 12)

Greg Oden -- 57.7%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 58% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 71% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 54% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 57% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 50% (Bucks)

"[T]he right team helps their development. If the Grizz hire a great coach and GM, then either [Oden or Durant] would do well there. Philly looks like they are starting to figure it out too. Petrie will right the ship in Sacto." -- David Thorpe (April 18)
March Kevin Durant -- 56.0%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 58% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 41% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 63% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 57% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 64% (Bucks)

"I think they'll both be great, but my money's on Durant [being the better pro]." -- Chad Ford (March 29)

Greg Oden -- 44.0%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 42% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 59% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 37% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 43% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 36% (Bucks)

"Teams always reach for big guys, but most of the time, they don't pan out the way they hope. Just ask the Sonics who have drafted young big guys the last three years. However, I'm not sure that anyone would be making a mistake taking Greg Oden. I do worry about his passion for the game and that will affect him in the pros. But he's good." -- Chad Ford (March 29)
February Kevin Durant -- 54.8%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 57% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 41% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 58% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 54% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 58% (Bucks)

"In the last 18 years, only 3 teams with the worst record won the draft lottery. Overall your team has a 75 percent chance every year of not winning the lottery. I don't like those odds." -- Chad Ford (Feb. 22)

Greg Oden -- 45.1%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 43% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 59% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 42% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 46% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 42% (Bucks)

"Everyone in the NBA I talk to still believes he'll be the No. 1 pick. They all love Durant and many think Durant is the best player of the two ... but at the end of the day, I think just about every team in the league would take Oden No. 1, rightly or wrongly." -- Chad Ford (Feb. 15)
January Kevin Durant -- 41.0%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 40% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 37% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 43% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 40% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 46% (Bucks)

"Kevin Durant is one of the most talented big men on the offensive end of the floor that I've ever seen ... but he's going to give up a ton of points too." -- Chad Ford (Jan. 25)

Greg Oden -- 58.9%

Key Lottery States
Georgia, 60% (Hawks)
Massachusetts, 63% (Celtics)
Tennessee, 57% (Grizzlies)
Washington, 60% (Sonics)
Wisconsin, 54% (Bucks)

"I think it's too early to speculate one way or the other, but history says that Oden comes out. But it's not a given, as Joakim Noah showed last season." -- Chad Ford (Jan. 25)

(Note: The pick currently belonging to the Atlanta Hawks will transfer to the Phoenix Suns if it is not in the top three).