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Friday, February 2, 2007
Fans: Ecstatic that Favre is returning

Quarterback Brett Favre said Friday he will play football in 2007, much to the delight of fans.

SportsNation was unabashed in its love for the current face of the Packers franchise when we asked for comments after the season-ending game in Chicago.

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they finished on a four game winning streak. their defense stopped giving up big plays. their offensiveline has come together. they have a good GM who knows how to draft. they have money to spend on a quality CB or WR. the packers have been play-off contenders in this century, for four straight years (01-04). their divison being crappy is only going to increase their chances.

why dont you go ask the saints how they went 3-13 to 10-6 or the chargers when they went 4-12 to 12-4.
-- abusedroyalty

In my opinion, Favre has the ability to come back and have some big games. Anyone whose watched him though would agree he can play absolutely horrific as well and slings a lot of bad passes.

The question is whether he can take them all the way NEXT season or whether they should make the long-term decision to bring new blood into the system and build the franchise for the future. I think they are holding on past hoping for a glimmer of glory that in this league gets stomped.
-- NE_Fan088

In a league that adds more prima donnas every year, it would be great to see a guy like Favre stick around. Setting blocks downfield, headbutting guys twice his size, ALWAYS getting up when he gets hit, and completing passes that most guys couldn't and wouldn't even try to. There is no QB I've enjoyed watching more than Brett Favre.
-- Matt, Corvalis, Ore.

Favre MVP

My best memory of Favre came in 1995. For my 12th birthday, I got to go to my first Packers regular-season game. The game was on my birthday, Dec. 24, and the Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, and won the division championship for the first time in my life. During the game, Brett was knocked to the sidelines briefly when he was hit in the midsection. I could see him behind the team's bench "getting sick." During the game, I held up a sign that proved to be prophetic: F+A+V+R+E = MVP. My dad and I got on NBC with that sign, and it remains my fondest birthday ever. To me, Brett is the toughest athlete ever, mentally and physically.
-- Michael Hanson, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

If Steve Young could sit behind Joe Montana and learn by watching, someone can sit behind Favre. Next year the receiving core will be more experienced and better, the offensive line will be better, thus the running game will be better as well, assuming [Ahman] Green and [Vernand] Morency stay healthy, all resulting in Favre not having to take as many risks to win games.
-- Brian, Chicago

[John] Elway won super bowls in his final years when he was old (relatively), knowledgeable, wise and surrounded with talent; Brett could too. With enthusiasm, wit, wile, cleverness and Brett's physical talents, he could carry Green Bay a long way.
-- Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Derek and Mike Montgomery and Brett Favre
Courtesy of Derek Montgomery
Brett Favre had time to tell Derek Montgomery, left, and his dad, Mike, a joke the day before a win against the Dolphins in 1997.

Brett and the '95-96 Packers made my golden birthday one I'll remember forever. Jan. 26, 1996, I turned 26 and was in Green Bay watching them win the Super Bowl on the Jumbotron across the street from Lambeau Field. We celebrated with the whole city for two days. We welcomed the team back and went to the celebration at Lambeau Field the next day. I am a converted Vikings fan since 1992 and Brett is the reason.
-- Katie Conley, Forest Lake, Minn.

It was very difficult growing up in the '70s and '80s as a Packer fan. Every year would start out with a little hope and end in the same fashion: a major disappointment. That was until 1992 when Mr. Favre arrived to save the day. You ask for one memory and I say that is impossible. Here are a few of my favorites: Stealing him from the Atlanta Falcons, watching him complete his very first pass to himself, the fun he had with defenders (Warren Sapp), his presence luring Reggie White to title town, his Super Bowl sprint with his helmet held high in the air, watching him lay a block for Ahman Green, his fireman carry of Donald Driver and his one and only Lambeau Leap this past year. It has been an absolute pleasure watching him play the game as we all did when we were kids -- with a smile on his face and dirt on his uniform. I only hope that there are a few more years of watching him play! Thanks for setting the example that all of the other players in the NFL should follow (Mr. Owens please take note).
-- Steve Sturgill, Elgin, Ill.

I think Favre's legacy will be of toughness, and of how he changed the game. People aren't sure where to rate him, maybe top five quarterback all-time, but I think this will be answered when he enters the Hall Of Fame. Guaranteed he'll have the largest draw of all time. ... We've seen him dislocate his finger, run off the field to get it popped into place, and come back to throw a TD on the next play; seen him thread needles better than Rex Grossman's grandma on National Knitting Day; and had the pleasure of watching him run down the field on Super Bowl Sunday, helmet high in the sky, returning the Lombardi Trophy to Green Bay.
-- Nick Wilk, Taipei, Taiwan

His courage, tenacity, and love of the game are unparalleled. He is the Michael Jordan of football; when he hangs up his jersey for good, a part of the game will go with him, and nothing will ever be the same again.
-- Dave, Marshfield, Wis.

I am 15 and when I think of the Packers I think of Brett Favre. He has been playing since before I was born. I have no idea how weird it will be to watch a Packers game and not see No. 4 on the quarterback's back. Favre, Packers, Packers, Favre, the words are interchangeable. A Favre-less Packers is unimaginable. He's so exciting because he takes risks. I hope he never retires.
-- Isaac Alzen, Roberts, Wis.

My kids are just starting to watch football and I even got them both to know when Brett Favre" is on TV. It's cool when they get all excited when they see you. They are 2 and 3 by the way, so I will have to tell them a lot about what I have witnessed as a fan. ... It's a cool feeling that I will be able to tell my children and grandchildren of the great Brett Favre years down the road. Now I know what my father and grandparents felt like, telling stories of those great players. Now I will be able to share in the joy that it brought to their faces and lives.
-- Andy Knurowski of Butte de Morts, Wis.

Thanks Brett for making football exciting again for the faithful Packer fans!!! It has been one heck of a ride, especially living in MN. and with me being a diehard Packer fan!!!!! We Love You Brett Favre!!!!!
-- Julie, Minnesota