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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Updated: April 23, 11:57 AM ET's 2007 mock draft's 11th annual interactive mock draft is over.

For a more in-depth look at the entire draft, check out the latest mock from Todd McShay, which starts at pick No. 1 and goes all the way to No. 255. For more from McShay, Mel Kiper, Pasquarelli, Clayton and others, check out our complete draft coverage.

Moderator: The first pick will be coming up. Lets start with a question from Steve in New York ... Is the top of the draft sort of muddled this year because it's the Raiders at No. 1? Or is it just that type of year?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Over the last several years, the top part of the draft has been uncertain, but clearly that is magnified this year by the presence of the Raiders at the top of the order. Anyone who suggests they know precisely what Oakland is going to do is either lying or is named Al Davis. The one clear-cut thing seems to be that the top 4-5 players, barring trades, figure to be on the offensive side of the ball.

Moderator: OK, one more Raiders question. Hey, they have the first pick, the deserve two questions. We'll take one from Bill in New Haven before we get to their pick ... Hey John, assuming the Raiders do take Russell, what are the odds that he'll actually be in training camp on time?

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: That's the best question right now. It would help if they could work out a pre-draft signing, but that doesn't appear likely right now. There is a good chance of a holdout. Mario Williams received a six-year, $54 million contract with $26.5 million of guarantees and he's not a quarterback, a position that comes with a premium. The Raiders may have to give Russell $30 million in guarantees to get this done.

1. Raiders
TexansJaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: With no other quarterback solution available through a trade or free agency, Al Davis has no choice but to take Russell, the strong armed quarterback from LSU. Davis would love to take Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, but he has admitted that he made a mistake by skipping on a quarterback last year. Barring a last minute Daunte Culpepper trade, Russell is their guy.

Moderator: Tons of interest in the No. 2 pick and what the Lions are going to do, so we'll take a couple of questions. Brandon in Omaha asks ... I am a huge Lions fan, and have seen the Lions struggles at QB for the past 20 years. Why on earth would they not take Brady Quinn with the No. 2 pick?

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: I think they might be making a mistake passing on Quinn. Last year, they passed on a quarterback and now they are picking No. 2 in the draft. But they don't like Quinn. They like JaMarcus Russell or the prospect of taking Trent Edwards, John Beck or another quarterback later. Expect them to get Edwards or Beck in the later rounds.

Moderator: This one isn't just a Lions question, but it is focused on the No. 2 and Calvin Johnson. Rich in Atlanta asks ... Len, starting to hear some buzz about Falcons and Calvin Johnson. What do you think the chances are they can move up to the Lions' spot at No. 2 and grab him? Also, if Johnson is this good, why wouldn't Detroit just stay at No. 2 and take him?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: All the buzz about Johnson and the Falcons is just, buzz, with very little substance. According to the points chart most teams use, Atlanta would have to give up its first-round pick, both second-rounders and something else to move up to the No. 2 slot. Johnson is a special player, but this is a team, even though Falcons fans don't want to believe it, with a lot of needs. With three of the top 44 choices, Atlanta should, if it chooses wisely, get three guys who can contribute quickly. Take a look at their roster, they need it. As for why the Lions wouldn't take Johnson themselves, just look at their track record. No explaining what they do.

2. Lions
LionsCalvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: The Lions want to trade down to take defensive end Gaines Adams or linebacker Patrick Willis, but they have to get the right value. If they can't get what they want from the Bucs, who want to move up for Johnson, they can take Johnson and still spend time trying to trade him or just decide to keep him. It makes sense. What's wrong with keeping the best player in the draft if you can't get the right value? He may be a Lion for 30 minutes until the Bucs make the right trade offer or he might be a Lion at the end of the day.

Moderator: We'll take a question on the Browns, where Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage are both under pressure to win. Kurt from Maria Stein, Ohio asks ... What are the possibilities the Browns can trade down a few spots (possibly down to No. 5 or No. 7) and still grab either Quinn or Peterson?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: They could, especially in light of reports that there are medical concerns about Adrian Peterson's collarbone, but I doubt they will. It takes two to tango, and I don't know if any team wants to move up badly enough to the No. 3 slot.

3. Browns
BrownsAdrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: With no mandate by owner Randy Lerner to take quarterback Brady Quinn, general manager Phil Savage has his choice of either Peterson or left tackle Joe Thomas. Peterson is a rare running back who could help Romeo Crennel through a September in which the Browns have three AFC North home games.

Moderator: Bucs are on the clock in another spot that is the focus of a lot of speculation. Don in Tampa asks ... Would you agree that it would be better for the Bucs to trade out of their pick at No. 4 if Johnson is off the board ?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Yeah, makes sense. The Bucs seem to have deluded themselves into thinking they're still a playoff-caliber team and just a player or two shy. Not so. They need bodies and dealing back for more picks would be one way to collect some more young talent.

4. Buccaneers
BucsJoe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: The Bucs might work out a deal with the Lions to move up to No. 2, but they would be happy if Thomas falls to them at No. 4. He would be their most talented left tackle since Paul Gruber. If the Browns take Thomas, expect the Bucs to get on the phone and intensify trade discussions with the Lions to get Calvin Johnson. The cost is a swap of firsts and maybe a second- and a third-rounder. Offering cornerback Brian Kelly could replace one of the draft choices.

Moderator: The Cardinals are up next and we're going to get right to their pick.

5. Cardinals
CardinalsJamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Wouldn't mind trading back a bit and taking Penn State tackle Levi Brown, although the position isn't as big a need as it was at the start of the offseason. Gaines Adams is a possibility, but the Cards want to mix in some 3-4 and Anderson is a little bigger end.

Moderator: The Redskins are up and James from Alexandria asks ... How badly do the Redskins want to trade out of the No. 6 spot? What would they be looking for?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: They've talked to teams about moving up and moving back. Hard to see how they can move up, since, as usual, they don't have enough ammunition, having traded away draft picks. They could move back, and if Quinn starts slipping down the board, they might get some action for the No. 6 slot.

6. Redskins
RedskinsAmobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Could move up or down, and Adams will be tempting here, as will safety LaRon Landry. But Okoye will give them an inside presence they haven't had in a long time. Also hearing that LaRon Landry could be the pick here.

Moderator: The Vikings are up and we have a question from Brian ... Do you see the Vikings possibly trading up to one of the top spots to be in the mix of getting Calvin Johnson? If so, how much will they have to give up in order to get that pick?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: There's no scenario I've heard in which the Vikings move up for Calvin Johnson, even though they have a crying need for a big-time wide receiver. According to the points chart used by most teams, Minnesota would have to put together a package of picks totaling 1,100 points to jump from No. 7 to No. 2, and that's just too pricey.

7. Vikings
VikingsBrady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Another team that could take Adams, because the Vikings definitely need a pass rusher. If Peterson somehow falls this far, they snatch him. But Quinn solves the quarterback problem.

Moderator: The Falcons are now up.

8. Falcons
falconsLaRon Landry, S, LSU
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Possibly the best defensive player in the entire draft, and the Falcons need a playmaker in the middle of their secondary. Okoye would be tempting if he was here, as would Levi Brown.

Moderator: The Dolphins are up and we have a question from Scott in New York ... In your opinion what is the best case scenario for Miami in this years draft? As a fan I would love to see them land Quinn, but am not optimistic about it. Thanks for your time, and I enjoy both of your work.

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: Ideally they could trade from No. 9 to No. 6 for a third-round choice and a throw-in pick to get Quinn. They then can get Trent Green as the starter sometime in June without having to give up a draft choice. If they don't do that, they need some luck to get Levi Brown past the Falcons. They are looking for two new starters along the offensive line and Brown would be the ideal left tackle. After that, they might look at a cornerback, which wouldn't be great at this stage of the draft.

9. Dolphins
DolphinsLevi Brown, OT, Penn State
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: The Dolphins might consider a trade to No. 6 with the Redskins in order to get Quinn, but Cam Cameron won't be able to pass on Brown if he's there at No. 9. The Dolphins are looking for two starters on their offensive line and locking up a top left tackle is a great start.

Moderator: The Texans, who won't have as many eyes on them this year without the No. 1 pick, are up.

10. Texans
TexansGaines Adams, DE, Clemson
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: At least Texans fans can't complain about their team taking this pass rusher over a running back. Getting Adams here would be a dream scenario for Gary Kubiak and a steal. Despite drafting Mario Williams over Reggie Bush last season, the Texans wanted to add another pass rusher in order to put Anthony Weaver at tackle.

Moderator: The 49ers, who finished last strong, are up and we have a question from Eric in Saratoga, Calif. ... What would the Niners have to give up in order to trade up to the second pick and get Calvin Johnson?

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: In addition to this year's No. 1, they'd have to give up next year's No. 1, this year's No. 2 and maybe this year's No. 3 and another pick next year. That's not happening.

11. 49ers
49ersPatrick Willis, LB, Mississippi
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: Willis was the team captain for 49ers coach Mike Nolan at the Senior Bowl. Now, he can develop into one of the leaders of the 49ers' revamped 3-4 defense. While many think the 49ers would take a defensive lineman at this spot, Willis is type of playmaker the 49ers can't pass up.

Moderator: the Bills are up and we have a question from Katelyn in Syracuse, N.Y. on one of the hot pre-draft rumors ... Larry Johnson in a Bills uniform would be a pretty sight. He will cost a ton of money, but since the Bills won't have to give too much up to get him (probobly a swap of firsts and a second) wouldn't it be worth it?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: LJ is a terrific player, but we're not buying too much into the reports that the Chiefs are trying to trade him. They've floated his name, but that's about it. If they were really serious, they'd give his agent permission to seek a deal, because then he could negotiate a new contract, which any team dealing for him is going to demand. You're right, it's gong to take a lot of money to sign him to a contract extension. I don't see the Bills doing it.

12. Bills
billsLeon Hall, CB, Michigan
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: Where's Marshawn Lynch? He'll go a little later. Dick Jauron would prefer Willis here, but he's gone. Jauron believes enough in Anthony Thomas to pass on Lynch and get a running back in the second round. They lost Nate Clements to free agnecy, so Hall fills a need at cornerback.

Moderator: The Rams are up next.

13. Rams
ramsDarrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: The Rams would like a defensive end but Revis is their top cornerback. They might consider wide receiver Robert Meachem, but Revis will pair with last year's first-round pick, Tye Hill, to give the Rams a solid secondary for years to come.

Moderator: The Panthers are on the clock.

14. Panthers
panthersReggie Nelson, S, Florida
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The Panthers would love to get a speed receiver and TE Greg Olsen is a possibility, too. But the team's safety depth chart is perilously thin and Mike Minter is retiring after this season. Maybe a tad high for Nelson, but a lot of teams really like him.

Moderator: The Steelers, who stumbled to an 8-8 record after winning the Super Bowl, are on the clock. Here's a question from John in State College, Pa. ... The Steelers have been successful drafting 3-4 OLBs in the later rounds. Why do so many analysts suggest that they now all of the sudden need to reach for one in the first round?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Simple. Everyone believes they need one. Problem is, there doesn't seem to be a good 3-4 type of guy where their slot falls. Too high for most of the projected 3-4 guys. I won't be surprised if they fall back. Their interest in Revis is legitimate, and they like Carriker, too. Don't rule out Auburn OG Ben Grubbs. Alan Faneca could be traded and Kendall Simmons is in the final year of his contract.

15. Steelers
SteelersAdam Carriker, DE, Nebraska
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: A big, run-anchor end who can slide inside on occasion and play some tackle. Can play in the 3-4 or the 4-3, so he allows new coach Mike Tomlin some flexibility. Revis would be tempting if he's still on the board and an outside linebacker is also possible.

Moderator: The Packers are up. Help at running back is an obvious need, but Jeff for Des Plaines, Ill. wants to know about Greg Olsen ... Guys, If Greg Olsen does not fall to Green Bay at 16, should they try and move up to the 13th spot just in front of Carolina to get him? If they stay at 16 and Olsen isn't there, I think they should grab Kenny Irons over Marshawn Lynch, what do you guys think?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: I do hear that Green Bay likes Olsen, in part because the Packers have soured some on Bubba Franks, and because Olsen fits their offense well. A lot of people have him going to Carolina, and there are some rumors flying about that, but that's not what I'm hearing. The Packers might not have to move at all to get Olsen. As for Kenny Irons in the first round, no way.

16. Packers
PackersMarshawn Lynch, RB, Cal
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Packers have checked out his character and his alleged back problems and seem satisfied with both.

Moderator: The Jaguars are on the clock.

17. Jaguars
JaguarsAaron Ross, CB, Texas
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: With Reggie Nelson already taken, the Jaguars will have to go with Plan B and take a cornerback. Ross is the next cornerback and the Jaguars aren't taking receivers or tight ends for a change.

Moderator: The Bengals are on the clock.

18. Bengals
BengalsJon Beason, LB, Miami
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: This is clearly going to be a defensive pick, leaning toward linebacker and the secondary. Defensive tackle Alan Branch of Michigan might be a temptation but Beason is an outside linebacker who fits nicely into Marvin Lewis' scheme.

Moderator: The Titans are on the clock and we have a question from Zack in Bowling Green, Ken. ... Thanks for taking my question. This offseason, the Titans lost of a lot people, including Pacman. Where should they start in the first round, and where will they go after that?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Lots of needs, starting at cornerback. But it also seems like they've got to get a wideout, too, Someone to provide Vince Young a deep threat. They've used a lot of non-first-round picks lately on wideouts and signed David Givens as a free agent last year. Maybe it's time to get a big-time guy.

19. Titans
TitansRobert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Getting a player like Aaron Ross would have been perfect, because he could replace Pacman Jones as a corner and return man. With him off the board, the Titans turn to offense, and Ted Ginn Jr. could be a possibility, but the Titans can't gamble on his foot.

Moderator: The Giants are on the clock.

20. Giants
GiantsLawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The Giants would love to get a top-shelf corner and could roll the dice on a character-risk guy like Eric Wright, who they like a lot, but this is probably too high for him. Defensive tackle Alan Branch is also possible here.

Moderator: The Broncos are on the clock and we have a question from Matt in Orlando ... What are the chances of the Denver Broncos throwing a curve ball and either trading way up or way down and drafting an offensive lineman or linebacker? Shanahan has been known for doing the unexpected.

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Don't know about trading way down, but they've definitely made contact with teams in recent days about trying to move up. One guy they seem to have in their crosshairs is LB Patrick Willis, and that makes sense, with Al Wilson gone. You can usually count on the Broncos to be active on draft day.

21. Broncos
BroncosAlan Branch, DT, Michigan
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Lots of issues, like motivation and health, but too good to pass at this point. New coordinator Jim Bates like big bodies.

Moderator: The Cowboys are on the clock and we're going to take a question from Martin in Middletown, Conn. ... Since Jerry Jones said the Cowboys can line up tomorrow to play, is the best move to either trade down or even out of the first and get picks for next year?

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: I'd stay right there. Moving down would be getting too cute. If they take a wide receiver, it's probably not going to make TO happy, so trading up for a receiver would cause too many problems. Trading down lessens what they will get at cornerback or safety. Sit there at No. 22 and either take Robert Meachem, Dwayne Bowe or Dwayne Jarrett or grab a safety.

22. Cowboys
CowboysTed Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: As much as Jerry Jones would love to take a cornerback or safety, how can he pass up a receiver who entered the college season as a top 10 prospect. The only reason he fell to 22 is because of the foot sprain he suffered during the BSC championship game. It's not out of the question for the Cowboys to take Dwayne Jarrett. The Cowboys aren't concerned about his 4.62 time. Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin made the Hall of Fame with slow 40 times.

Moderator: The Chiefs are on the clock.

23. Chiefs
ChiefsJoe Staley, LT, Central Michigan
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: After losing the left side of their offensive line with the retirements of Willie Roaf and Will Shields over the past 12 months, the Chiefs can start to restock here. Staley started college as a 230-pound tight end. He developed into the No. 3 tackle in this draft.

Moderator: The Patriots are on the clock and we have a question from Ben in Roxbury, Mass. ... Will Patrick Willis be available for the Patriots at #24 and if so, is he the best fit for New England as a must needed young linebacker?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Willis would be a great fit for the Patriots, but no way is he still on the board when they pick, and I doubt New England will try to move up to get him. Willis is going to be off the board somewhere around 11-18.

24. Patriots
PatriotsMichael Griffin, S, Texas
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The kind of versatile defensive back the Patriots like, and Rodney Harrison isn't getting any younger. Can play some safety, nickel corner, help on special teams. S Brandon Meriweather is also a possibility here.

Moderator: The Jets, coming off a surprising 10-6 finish last season, are on the clock and we have a question from Eric ... The Jets seem to be very in tune with character so why would then consider anybody other than Paul Posluszny?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Well, there are a lot of high-character guys besides Posluszny in the draft, but your point is an excellent one. Plus, doesn't he just seem like an Eric Mangini type of guy? And he definitely fits a need, particularly with the Jets shopping veteran LB Eric Barton in trade talks. There's some question as to where Posluszny fits best, inside or weakside, and the Jets have to consider that. They've already got one undersized inside 'backer in Jonathan Vilma, albeit a terrific player, and might need to bulk up a little.

25. Jets
JetsGreg Olsen, TE, Miami
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: It seems like the Jets have been trying to fill the hole at tight end forever. Olsen finally addresses the void.

Moderator: The Eagles are up and we have a question from Deron in New Brunswick, N.J. ... I don't understand why Brian Leonard is not considered a first-rounder. Do you agree that he will catch 60-plus balls and rush for 500-plus yards next year. That seems like a playmaker to me and someone who is different from other players late in the 1st. Wouldn't the Pats or Eagles really take a hard look at him?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Yeah, there aren't many guys who have produced like Leonard, and he's a special kid from a character and leadership standpoint, too. The problem is, most teams see him as a fullback, a position a lot of offenses don't even use anymore, or a single back in an "ace" formation. He might be a bit of a luxury in the first round, but he's got first-round talent, I agree.

26. Eagles
EaglesBrandon Meriweather, S, Miami
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: The Eagles usually restrict their first-round selections to defensive and offensive linemen, corners and wide receivers. But drafting Meriweather fills a need and also looks to the future. With Michael Lewis gone and Brian Dawkins getting older, the Eagles can groom Meriweather to be one of their safeties of the future.

Moderator: The Saints are on the clock.

27. Saints
SaintsDwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: With the addition of cornerback Jason David from the Colts, the Saints can take the best available player. They lost Joe Horn this offseason and Bowe is also a local star coming from LSU.

Moderator: The Patriots are back on the clock with their second first-round pick.

28. Patriots
PatriotsDavid Harris, LB, Michigan
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The Michigan standout has been moving up Pats' board of late and he's the eventual successor to Tedy Bruschi.

Moderator: The Ravens are on the clock, but first we have a question from Pete in Iowa City ... Hey Len, just a general question. Overall, is this considered a strong draft, weak, somewhere in the middle?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Pretty much in the middle, pete. There is some depth at certain positions, but it's not generally viewed as a great draft.

29. Ravens
RavensArron Sears, OG, Tennessee
John Clayton, senior NFL writer: With Jonathan Ogden considering retirement and Tony Pashos lost to Jacksonville, the Ravens can start to rebuild their line with a versatile blocker. They will also look at Ben Grubbs, Ryan Kalil and other blockers.

Moderator: The Chargers are on the clock.

30. Chargers
ChargersSteve Smith, WR, USC
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The Chargers are so deep and talented that they can afford to make a little bit of a reach to address a position of need. Smith is quicker than former USC teammate Dwayne Jarrett and gives Philip Rivers a deep threat.

Moderator: The Bears are on the clock and we have a question from Zach in Pittsburgh ... What do you think about the Bears trading up to 15 to draft a replacement for Briggs?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: The price is too steep. I think they're better moving back into the second round, where the value is better.

31. Bears
BearsJarvis Moss, DE/LB, Florida
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Probably better suited for a 3-4 front, but too good to still be on the board, and no team can overlook such a talented pass rusher at this point.

Moderator: The Colts are on the clock with the final pick of our mock draft. We'll take one more question from Wilson in Indianapolis ... Despite the Colts woeful run defense, if a top-tier WR (Jarrett, Smith, Bowe) would be available, do you think they'd go offense over defense in the 1st round?

Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer:They could, with a guy like Ohio State slot wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez, or a running back. But the guess is they go defense, either a lineman or a corner.

32. Colts
coltsJustin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
Len Pasquarelli, senior NFL writer: Colts need to bulk up interior line. Lost starting cornerbacks Nick Harper and Jason David, so a guy like Chris Houston would give them another young cover guy to challenge for playing time. Linebacker and defensive tackle are possibilities as is a hybrid-type edge defender like Anthony Spencer of Purdue.

Moderator: Ok, that's it for another interactive mock draft. Thanks for all the question and sorry we couldn't get to more. Tune in Saturday starting at 11 a.m. ET on ESPN for complete coverage of the draft.