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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Rank 'Em: MLB Power Rankings

The baseball season is heading toward the midway point, and it's time to rank the teams based on their performance to date. You've seen's weekly appraisal of the power structure in MLB and it's time for SportsNation to get its own vote.

Forgetting for a moment considerations like leagues and divisions, which has been the best team in the game so far this season? Teams like the Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, and Padres are obvious choices, but who else tops your list?

Check the stats, then use the images below to submit your rankings. Simply drag and drop the numbers onto the photos, click 'Submit' and make your voice heard, SportsNation!

Last Month's SportsNation Top Five
1. Boston Red Sox
2. New York Mets
3. Cleveland Indians
4. Detroit Tigers
5. Los Angeles Angels

You must rank at least 5 teams to submit your ballot.

Records are through June 28.