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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Updated: August 8, 6:29 PM ET
Practice Prose: BMX Vert

By Danny Parks

Three of the top contenders for the BMX Vert crown weren't in attendance today: Jamie Bestwick chose to stay home and slay the ramp at Woodward East. Chad Kagy is broken from a practice crash on the Mega Ramp the day before, and Kevin Robinson decided to take it easy after his few big falls in a Big Air practice session. Vert practice today was laid back, but still offered a glimpse of what's coming up in the live finals, airing Saturday night, 5-7 p.m. PST on a TV screen near you. Check it.

Pink is the new pink. Pass it on. Looks like Zack Warden already got the memo.


"The ramp this year isn't too different than a normal vert ramp, but the side with the mellower tranny and the angles adds a little variety to it. I ride a lot of street so these new obstacles aren't anything totally new, but it's fun. I really enjoy it. I like to have as much practice time as possible on a ramp like this just because of the weird obstacles. Everyone seems to be adapting quick to it."
—Zach Warden

Jay Eggleston doesn't care if you think he looks like a dork. Not when he can do inverts. Can you?


"I'm 35 years old. I'm married. I'm not trying to pick up chicks. I call my tucked-in-shirt style the 'Simon Tuck' because [Simon] Tabron's been doing it. It's so you don't get the bars caught when you're doing turndowns and lookbacks-one less thing to think about. Some people may think [my bright, blue shirt] looks dorky, but I don't care. It's not cotton, so it breathes well. You wear a cotton t-shirt, it gets all sweaty and it's done. You can't wear it the rest of the week."
—Jay Eggleston

Steve McCann has got a plan to win the X with tricks like this tucked no-hander, man.


"It looks like they're going to have a fireworks display. I'm pretty pumped on that. The pyrotechnics, the lights ... I'm excited. Hopefully I don't get hit by a fireball."
—Steve McCann

Simon Tabron is injured, but plans to ride in the finals on Friday.


"Jamie [Bestwick]'s riding really, really well, and he always has a big bag of tricks up his sleeve. Stevie McCann and Francisco ["Coco"] Zurita are looking solid. It's so good to see the progression between them, and this new energy. There's this new incentive for the old guys to change up their riding a little bit, so it's great from that perspective. Obviously, with Coco's triple whip —and I think Stevie might have triple whips as well —either of them are in contention for podium at this X Games."
—Simon Tabron

Thought Kagy was faking?


"It sucks, but I'll be better soon. Dr. Chow is supposed to stop by, look at my x-ray and collarbone and see if it needs to be plated together or not. It's two breaks and I've got a piece of bone about an inch and a half long floatin' around. The bones just keep rubbing up against each other. It hurts so bad. But I'm thinking about how fast I can heal ... Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Yeah, that was good. It just popped! Ah, f**k! That was awesome."
—Chad Kagy