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Monday, August 6, 2007
Updated: October 18, 6:08 PM ET
TRUM: Mailbag

Thoughts, Ramblings, Useless Information and Musings for Monday, August 6, 2007

Third time's the charm, right?

This is attempt No. 3 at the Monday TRUM and I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm flying back from my week in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I have a crazy busy Monday, so if I don't get this in before I go to bed, it won't get written. I know it won't. And since I am on the plane and won't get in until 1 a.m. or so, I gotta do it now.

I will say I wish I cared more about Tom Glavine's 300th win or Alex Rodriguez doing anything but I just don't. I know both are impressive accomplishments but neither player is that interesting to me. I hate A-Rod, you guys know that and there's nothing interesting about Glavine.

Anyways, I tend to do two types of mailbags. One is the more "fun" type, where it's a bunch of random emails, usually try to throw some negative ones in there, rarely about any actual fantasy sports.

The other is this one, where I'll answer actual fantasy questions.

Matty's Mailbag

Cody (Philadelphia): TMR, couldn't help but laugh when you mentioned Joe E. Tata, I thought the same thing myself, great minds think alike. I wanted to know what your Defense/Special Teams ranks were, I myself like San Diego this year because of the schedule and you can land them later then Chicago or Baltimore. Thanks for the love and get me a job. Mine sucks.

TMR: Thanks for listening to the podcast. I like San Diego and agree with you, but generally speaking, I won't draft a defense until the second-to-last round. Traditionally, the statistical difference between the No. 3 defense and the No. 12 is negligible. Chicago and Baltimore are worthy of drafting earlier but if I don't get one of them, I am happy to wait until the end.

Chris: Dammit, TMR. Why did you have to mark my words? That was a rhetorical statement … Rickie Weeks got optioned; but hey, he will get hot at Triple-A, right?

This is me, jumping off the bandwagon. You're on your own Chris.

Keith (Pensicola, Fla.): Yes, Matt, I am back again. I so love your column, because only you could love Rickie Weeks. For an entire week you were telling us how he's about to get hot, break out, how we really needed to get him because you love him so much. And I have been e-mailing you with his stats and an armful of reasons why he sucks and should be hated. Well today comes the announcement that he will be back in the minors where he belongs. I just want to hear, "I'm sorry Keith. You were right and I was wrong. You are so much more 'talented' than I am." I will quietly sit back and wait for your apology.

TMR: Keith, my friend, I don't think you do anything quietly.

Jesus (Austin, Texas): Berry, your NFL section is going off. Good job.

TMR: Thanks. We're getting there. Still lots of more great stuff coming down the pike, including even more free content, brand new tools and fun stuff I can't talk about yet. But thanks for noticing.

Mike (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada): Hey TMR, just read your Draft Manifesto, great article. I've got two questions for you. I'm in a 10-team keeper league. Our league allows trades involving draft picks as well. We have to keep three players, and each player has to be at a different position, so I can't keep more then one running back, much as I'd like too. My questions are …

In your view am I better keeping Maurice Jones-Drew, Willie Parker or Laurence Maroney? I also have Deuce McAllister, and I had Reggie Bush, but I traded him for a draft pick this year. I am leaning towards Jones-Drew. My wide receiver keeper is a no-brainer as I have Chad Johnson.

But the third keeper is what brings me to my next question. I have two quarterbacks on my roster right now: Donovan McNabb and Matt Leinart. McNabb has teased me the last three years with his injuries; I've been good enough to make the playoffs three years running, but not good enough to win it all. I can probably get a sixth or seventh-rounder for him, and then keep Leinart. But I'm wondering if that's not enough compensation considering I'd be replacing him with a mini-project in Leinart. What is your opinion?

TMR: My opinion is that you keep Parker over MJD and the other two running backs. He's the guy with the least number of question marks and he has the gig all to himself. But can't you trade them to someone? Those are some valuable keepers and any two of them (running back and quarterback) should net you a pretty sweet guy. Of course, you want to make sure there are some players to draft from, but I would see what I could get. And by the way, you have decent-enough keepers there so if someone will give you a lot for Parker, feel free to deal him as well.

Kellen (Vancouver, Wash.): Love the TRUM. I have been pondering this all season regarding my young outfielders. Please help me. I have Corey Hart, Delmon Young and Nick Markakis. My other outfielder is Jason Bay and he's (finally) hitting like Jason Bay again, so I can only start two of the youngsters. So, basically, what do you see from those three for the rest of the year? Who should I keep and who should I deal? Pretty sure this will never make it into your blog but it was worth a shot.

TMR: I say Hart and Markakis. All four players have been streaky, but Corey and Nick have both power and speed (when was the last time Bay stole a base?) and Delmon is your fourth option there. With streaky players like that, you just gotta stick them in and ride it out. I will say this, however, that if you can get a good deal for one of them, take it, as Bay or Delmon are not huge drop-offs if you can improve elsewhere.

Matt (Secaucus, N.J): Hi. This is my first year in a Fantasy Football league. I've read your manifesto. Do you have any pointers for a first-year guy like me?

TMR: Yes, I do. I have many pointers. And, um … they're all in the Draft Day Manifesto. It's 10,000 words, man. How much more you want?

Nick (San Francisco): TRUM: With the impending call up of two of the best prospects in baseball, who is the better pickup in a non-keeper league, Justin "Baby B.J." Upton or Adam "Not Pacman" Jones?

TMR: Okay, so you're really good at nicknames … except mine. It's "TMR" which stands for Talented Mr. Roto. "TRUM" is the name of this blog, which stands for Thoughts, Ramblings, Useless Information and Musings."

Anyways, I say Upton for this year because he is going to play a lot more than Jones. Jones seems to be more of a fourth-outfielder option. Both have sick minor league numbers but Upton is in a better park and will get more at-bats.

Zeus (Filchendorf, Germany): Wonderful (and helpful) column. I'm keeping track of you as you've become one of my favorite writers.

TMR: Thanks. I've always been huge in Filchendorf.

Zach (Seattle): TMR! I am in a keeper auction league in which we have $100 salary caps and can keep two players not at the same position. Their value from last year counts against our cap. My question is whether or not I should deal Peyton Manning ($28). He is my only real option as a frozen player, or would you recommend trading him for something like Drew Brees ($8) and Cedric Benson ($7) or Thomas Jones ($8). Thank you.

TMR: I make the deal. The difference between Brees and Manning is not 1/5 of your entire budget. And then you get a starting running back as well? Do it and do it for Jones, who I like a lot better than Benson this year. The Jets were top-10 in the NFL in rushing touchdowns last year and that was with guys like Kevan Barlow and Leon Washington. Now with Jones in the house, they should improve on that.

Derek (SoCal): Hi TMR, Love your self-deprecating humor, and the "witty repartee" between you [and] Nate [Ravitz]. What happened to the podcasts [Friday]? That's no way to beat Anderson Cooper! Question: My starters all seem to want to start on the same day. I've got Roy Oswalt, Yovani Gallardo, Mark Buehrle and Chad Billingsley all starting for the second time now. I know this will go away soon, but what should I do if this happens again? Start all four and bench a couple potential saves, or pick and choose my starters? Thanks TMR!

TMR: Yeah, sorry about that on the podcast. We'll explain on today's podcast what happened. Anyways, you're thinking too much. You start your best lineup regardless of what day they happen to start. All of those guys are automatic starts except for Billingsley, who is a spot starter.

Christian (Houston): I just read your Draft Day Manifesto where you state your case for "RB, QB, you schmuck." Then in the list under that you say "RB, RB, always and forever." What's up with that?

TMR: Read it more closely. I'm saying that the two most important positions are quarterback and running back, so that you should basically ignore wide receivers early. I then say that, in the first two rounds, you have to go running back, running back.

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