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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Skateboards Give You Wings

By Mary Buckheit

Skatepark of Austin wins Red Bull Flugtag Texas
Hometown Skatepark's Team Skate and Destroy Bests 27 Contenders

AUSTIN, TX-The results have landed for Red Bull Flugtag '07 held in Austin, Texas at Auditorium Shores on August 25. The first ever American Flugtag event to take place in the twilight hours proved to be a wildly successful night. An American attendance record was set when over 85,000 people reportedly passed through the gates.
Team Skate and Destroy's pilot Jeff Little locks in to a mighty bomb-drop...with wings!
The crowd lined the banks of Lady Bird Lake and the First Street Bridge for a view of the homemade aircrafts plummeting to their aquatic demise. Flugtag (pronounced FLOOG-tog), means "flying day" in German. In a Red Bull Flugtag competition, a team must create and construct an all-human-powered flying machine to be pushed off an elevated dock, with one team member piloting it to it's plunge into a body of water.

Participants are judged on three criteria—distance, creativity and showmanship. Celebrity judges on the Austin panel included rapper Paul Wall, Olympic Gold medalist and Playboy cover girl Amanda Beard and Desparate Housewives star Ricardo Antonio Chavira. The People were also given a popular vote via text messaging to the big ballot box in the sky.
In Austin, 28 teams competed for one of three prizes plus a People's award. The competition was stiff but it was Team Skate and Destroy, backed by the boys from Skatepark of Austin who took home the biggest loot.

Skatepark of Austin opened its doors in August of 2002. It is an indoor 20,000 square foot park, "Texas owned and operated by two brothers (Jamie and Yann Curtis) that skate."
Stance don't really matter when you're flying off a dock...
The Flugtag squad consisted of SPoA's Jeff Little (pilot), Jamie Curtis (team captain), Jon Aultman (construction manager), Yann Curtis and Drew Fontenot.

The premise of the team theme was to re-live the history of skateboarding throughout the decades with each team member representing a period of time starting with the Yann as the 1970s, Drew as the 1980s, Jon as the 1990s, Jamie as the 2000s and Drew as the future.

The team's on-the-runway skit featured choreographed tricks and kicks preceding the thrust of their ginormous winged skateboard over the edge. Congratulations to Skatepark of Austin and especially TEAM Skate and Destory.

Here's the final podium shakeout from Red Bull Flugtag Austin, Texas '07
1st Place —Team Skate and Destroy (pilot Jeff Little)
2nd Place—Superman's Crip-tonite (pilot Mark Zupan)
3rd Place—Billy Ocean's Flying Fish Tacos (pilot Jourdan Adler)
People's Choice Award—Congress Bridge Bats (pilot Andrew Over)

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