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Monday, October 22, 2007
Regulars Take Title In 1st GvR Of Surfing

By Press Release

Sebastian Zietz Takes First and Regular Team MVP

Oceanside, Calif.—The Regular team dominated the etnies GvR of Surf finals in Oceanside today, with offshore winds and consistent head-high surf making the conditions arguably the best SoCal's seen this year! Regular footer Sebastian Zeitz was a barrel magnet throughout the finals earning first place and the team's MVP title.

The Regulars elected Surfing magazine's editor-in-chief, Evan Slater, Team Captain. When the final buzzer sounded, signifying the end of the contest, the Regular riders poured an ice-chest over his head and started throwing some high-fives!

Psyched on taking home $8,000, Sebastian held his giant check up high after Pierre André Senizergues, CEO and owner of etnies, presented it to him.

Wearing the captain's hat for the Goofy's team was TransWorld Surf editor Chris Coté—and he had more pride for his stance than anyone. With a red wetsuit and jacket, Coté wore the Goofy team's color in and out of the water all weekend, hired sign twirlers to campaign for the Goofy team on street corners in Oceanside and stuck "Team Goofy" signs up and down the beach!

GvR Results:

Total Weekend Prize Purse-$50,000

Regular Team:

1. Team MVP Sebastian Zietz-$8,000
2. Jay Thompson -$4,500
3. Austin Ware-$2,000
4. Toby Martin-$1,500
5. * Cheyne Magnusson-$2,500
6. * Ratboy-$2,000
7. * Kieren Horn-$2,000
8. Chris Waring-$1,000
9. Noi Kaulukakui-$1,000
10.* Adam Virs-$2,000
11. Brandon Guilmette-$1,000
12. Jason Bennet-$1,000
13.* Sunny Garcia-$2,000
14.Kyle Knox-$1,000
15.Sean Marceron-$1,000

Goofy Team:

1. * Timmy Curran-$2,000
2. * Cory Arrambide-$2,000
3. * Mike Losness-$2,000
4. * Mike Todd-$2,000
5. * Tonino Benson-$2,000
6. Travis Mellem-$750
7. Eric Snortum-$750
8. Ricky Whitlock-$750
9. Matt Keenan-$750
10. Dylan Slater-$750
11. Josh Buran-$750
12. Jeremy Heit-$750
13. Ryan Carlson-$750
14. Kai Barger-$750
15. Jesse Merle Jones-$750

The * symbolizes the five riders selected by the team captain for the final team. Each of these team riders received an automatic $1,000 going into the finals.

After the etnies GvR of Surf qualifiers on Saturday, MxPx played a free show next to the Oceanside Pier. Surfers and Oceanside locals gathered to hear MxPx's fast-paced punk rock songs.

Check out for additional info, pictures and webcast.