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Friday, November 9, 2007
Updated: February 13, 10:37 AM ET
Rules - Playoffs

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Your league has battled it out throughout the regular season and you're now ready to see who can win when it really matters - in the Playoffs! This page details how the playoff system works in Custom Fantasy Stock Car Head-To-Head Racing Leagues.

NOTE: Playoffs only occur in Custom H2H Scoring Leagues. Standard H2H Scoring League Champions are determined by the winning percentage for the season. Points-Based Scoring League Champions are determined by the team with the highest total points scored for the season. (For more information see RULES: SCORING FORMATS)


To view your league's playoff settings click on the League Settings link in the left column of your League Office page. Then view the "Schedule & Playoffs" section. The Playoff settings were established by your League Manager during the pre-season and describe the basis for how your playoffs will work.

NOTE: The number of Playoff Weeks selected by your League Manager automatically determines the number of Playoff Teams and the duration of each Playoff Round (i.e. One or Two Week Rounds).

Your playoffs begin the week following the number listed. There are 36 weeks in the season, so in order to have Playoffs, 35 is the maximum number of weeks available for a "Regular" season.

This is the total number of weeks your league's playoffs will last. If you add regular-season weeks and playoff weeks together it will equal 36.

This number represents the number of teams the system places in the Winner's Bracket. All remaining teams are placed in the Consolation Ladder. The number also sets the number of matchups in the Winner's Bracket.

This number represents the head-to-head matchups which will need to be won in the Playoff Bracket in order to win the League Championship. Each round is one week/race.

The number of teams which have Byes in the first-round in the Playoff Bracket. A "bye" is essentially a free pass for that particular round. This only occurs in leagues with an unequal number of teams in the playoffs. The top-seeded teams receive the bye.

NOTE: The only settings that can be edited in the Schedule & Playoffs section are Regular Season Weeks and Playoff Weeks; the system will automatically create the brackets based on this input.


Playoffs begin the Tuesday following the final week of the league's regular season. At this time the system looks at the regular season results, determines the league's playoff seeds (breaking ties if necessary - see below) and generates all the first-round playoff matchups. When a league converts into playoff mode the following two pages become available:

  1. VIEW PLAYOFFS: Available from League Office, this is the main Playoff page. It displays each round's matchup (and results) in both the Winner's Bracket and Consolation Ladder. You can also view the Playoff bracket and schedule by selecting the "Playoff Bracket" link on the Scoreboard page.
  2. EDIT PLAYOFFS (League Managers Only): Available from LM Tools this page allows your League Manager to manually edit any matchup (and results) during the playoffs. Important note: This page is the master page for ALL edits to playoff matchups/results. Follow this path to access the edit page: Scoreboard>Playoff Bracket>Winners Bracket>Edit

The system will automatically process the playoffs based on the League Settings described above and specifics listed below - without your League Manager having to edit anything. However the League Manager has the ultimate power to edit each playoff match-up. This said, each League Manager should carefully examine the View Playoffs page and use the Edit Playoffs page (Scoreboard>Playoff Bracket>Winners Bracket>Edit) to make any necessary adjustments before the first-round of the playoffs begin. The playoffs work with the same general league rules and scoring settings used during the regular season.

NOTE: If your League Manager edits any league settings after the league converts into playoff mode, the changes will work retroactively for all previous weeks, including the regular season. As during the regular season, each week is complete at 3 a.m. ET on the Tuesday directly following the race.


All teams continue to compete throughout the duration of the playoffs. The playoffs are split into two parts: The Winner's Bracket and The Consolation Ladder. These parts are exclusive from each other.

After each playoff round, the system will move a team from the Winner's Bracket into the Consolation Ladder (and vice-versa). However, as mentioned above, your League Manager has the option to manually place teams where ever they wish, so you could see a #5 seed in a four team winner's bracket (and the #4 seed in the Consolation Ladder).

The number of teams in the Winner's Bracket corresponds to the "Playoff Teams" setting (described above). Division Winners will gain automatic entry into the Winner's Bracket. Any remaining Winner's Bracket slots are filled by remaining teams based on their seed (see below). Teams in the Winner's Bracket play head-to-head for either one or two weeks, with each match-up's winner advancing to the next round until a League Champion is determined. The losers of games in the Winner's Bracket play other losers of games in the Winner's Bracket until the end of the season.

The Winner's Bracket first-round match-ups are based on the following pairing of seeds:

NOTE: Any bye replaces the seed starting with the highest number and follows in ascending order. Example: Your league has 6 teams in an 8 team bracket. The #1 and #2 seeds each have a first-round Bye.

All remaining teams not in the Winner's Bracket teams are placed in the Consolation Ladder. Games in the Consolation Ladder are played Head-to-Head but work differently than the Winner's Bracket in that each game's winner moves "up", while the loser moves "down". Playing in the Consolation Ladder is a matter of pride; no one wants to finish last.

NOTE: The "top" team in the Consolation Ladder can not move "up" after the win. Likewise, the "bottom" team and can not move "down". Head-to-Head play continues for the duration of the playoffs.

The Consolation Ladder's first-round match-ups pair the seeds in descending order.
Example (10 team league; 4 teams in Winner's Bracket):

NOTE: If there are an odd number of teams in the Consolation Ladder, the lowest ranked team will have a bye.


During the playoffs your league uses the same waiver rules as set during the regular season. If your league uses "Resets Every Tuesday To Inverse Order Of Standings" the waiver order will reset each week, but the system determines this order by the final regular season standings. In other words, it won't change week to week because the regular season is finished and the order is fixed.

NOTE: If you are the League Manager and you want to change this rule, go to your League Settings page and click on the "Edit" link to the right of "LEAGUE RULES". On that page set the Waiver System dropdown to "Move To Last After Claim" and submit. This will adjust your waiver rule for the duration of the season.


When your league converts into playoff mode the system automatically generates a seed for each team in the league based on the regular season results. The seeds determine where the system places each team in the playoffs. The primary factors which determine seeds are:

  1. Division Winner(s)
  2. Winning Percentage
  3. Total Points For

In the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage at the conclusion of the regular season, and have played the same number of head-to-head games between them, the following tie-breaking system determines the seed, based on the original league playoff settings selected at the start of the season by the League Manager:

  1. Overall Record *
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Overall Points Scored
  4. Division Record
  5. Overall Points-Against
  6. Coin Flip

In the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage at the conclusion of the regular season (but have not played the same number of head-to-head games), the following tie-breaking system determines seed:

  1. Overall Record*
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Overall Points Scored
  4. Division Record
  5. Overall Points-Against
  6. Coin Flip

For each tie-breaker case the team that does not win the tie-breaker is eliminated from consideration.

NOTE: If your Custom league's rules do not agree with the system tie-breaker rules described above, the playoff seeds can easily be changed by the League Manager. To edit the playoff seeds/bracket simply go to the Playoff Match-ups page and click on the "Edit" link.


The FSR08 system does not observe your league's regular season tie-breaker rule during the playoffs. Instead, if two teams have the same number of points at the conclusion of their playoff game, the system tiebreaker awards the win to the higher seeded team.

NOTE: As with everything in the playoffs, the League Manager has the ultimate say on which teams advance using the Edit Playoffs page. Each league can establish their own tie-breaker system, with the League Manager advancing the team which wins it. If your league uses its own playoff tie-breakers we highly recommend pre-defining them and posting them prominently on the League Office page.